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It Had to Happen by Jerrod

I really liked my long reddish brown hair. I kept it neatly trimmed on a regular basis. Dan had been my barber since high school. He always gave me just the right cut. Generally during the summer I would have him take it to a flattop or short buzz. Then I would let it grow again until warmer weather.

After high school I moved away and tended to let my hair get out of hand. I tried different barbers but none could compare to Dan. I tried different styles with them. Yet they just did not set right with me. There was one particular time when I went to a barber who really gave me a really gross flattop. Boy was I angry with him.

I gave him a piece of my mind telling him to take it all off. Before I knew what was happening he was buzzing my head closer than I ever had it before. I really began to protest and complain about his terrible cut. And ended up saying why not just shave me bald. Now I had no intention of ever shaving my head. But the cut was so bad he left me no choice. He took lather and rubbed it roughly all over my head and proceeded to shave my head clean. Boy, did I hate the look. I reluctantly paid and vowed never to go to him again, nor any barber for that matter. I decided I would return to Dan when I got the chance to return home.

Time passed close to three years and I really had not had a haircut. By this time my hair was half way down my back. Finally, the day came when I returned back home for a friend`s wedding. I knew a haircut was in order. After all, I had to make a decent appearance.I sought out Dan. He was gald to see me after so many years and was appauled at my hair. I could not help but notice that Dan no longer had the flattop he had always worn. Instead, there was Dan before now with his head completely bald.

I asked why the big change with the shaved head. Dan proceeded to tell me his hair had begun to thin significantly and he decided to just shave his head one day and stayed with it. I told him I could never take that step if I started losing my hair. He laughed saying only time will tell.Then I told him about the barber who ended up shaving my head because a blotched job. After that vowed to let my hair grow.

Dan asked me if I would like him to clean me up. I said sure deciding upon a flattop. Dan took the clippers a proceeded to give a really great flat. At one point he gasped do you realize you are quite bald on top. Sure enough I saw the truth in the mirror. Indeed, I had thinned significantly, I was unaware of any hairloss. But then my hair was so long I did not even notice until he gave me the flattop.

It looked okay, not the way it used to but it would do. I paid him and thanked him telling him I would return after the wedding. As I left he said perhaps you might try this pointing to his shaved head. The wedding was fantastic and I was able to see many of my old school friends.

I could not help but notice how bald most of them were. Some even had their heads shaved. Evidently my own hair loss was more noticeable to them then it had been to me. Surely the flattop accenuated the fact I was losing my hair. A couple even had the nerve to suggest I just shave my head.

I had never given it much thought since that time of the lousy haircut. After the wedding I had a few days to look up old friends both male and female. It seemed the focus always turned to how much hair I had lost. Well, why me I was not alone. I still had a pretty good head of hair or at least I thought so. I found myself thinking more and more about my hair and what I should do. I could let it grow back long and try to conceal the loss. Or just keep it short.

I could well see the bareness on top. What was a man to do. I began to think over the course of the next few days I should give in a face facts I was losing hair. And inevitably would lose more in the future. I decided to return to Dan for one last cut. Again he was pleased to see me. Before, I could say anyting he asked are you ready to take the plunge. I had cold feet about him shaving my head. I had mixed feelings I liked the bald look on him but recalled how much I hated the bald head earlier. But then I had a dfull head of hair. Whereas, now there was much less on top.I agreed to have him do it. Soon he was buzzing off all my hair and putting warm lather on my head. Then it was done.I was completely bald. I could not get over how different I looked.

Seeing my bald head in the mirror just did not look like me. I told Dan I did not think I could get used to a bald head. He chuckled ot may just grow on you. I paid him and gave him a good tip telling him I would consider it. Of course I had to leave and return back to work.

Back at work the first thing everyone noticed was my hair or lack of hair. By this time I had a few days of growth. They liked it and suggested I keep it short or shaved. I still felt uncomfortable with such short hair let alone keping my head shaved. As the months rolled on I allowed my hair to grow. Others kept asking when I was going to get a haircut. I just was not sure. By the time warmer weather came I was ready for a haircut. Yes, something shorter but to a baldy.

One day a work a buddy of mine Tim who had been losing his hair asked me to join him at his barbershop. I agreed to go knowing I needed one. Tim took my by surprise when he told me he was thinking about having his head shaved. He admitted he really liked seeing mine almost shaved and wanted to do it but not alone. Tim asked if I would get mine shaved with him. At first I said no. But then found myself really wanting to have mine shaved as well.

We got to the shop took the two empty chairs for nobody else was there. Without a blink of the eye or a flinch we both requested to have our heads shaved. Our requests were soon met and we both we shaved bald. I guess Dan was right a shaved head can grow on you. And it is right for me as it is for Tim. Yes, I guess I am living with and accepting bald is okay.

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