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My Haircut From My Pop by Elliot

When I was 12, my mom and dad went on vacation and I stayed with my pop.

My pop and I made a deal that I would have to work every morning with him.
Every morning, he had me where a uniform. It was work jeans, a military
shirt, a vest, a hat, and work boots. I had to stand still as he checked to
see if I was properly dressed. He said I looked good but my hair was too
long. He pulled out a pair of clippers, set me on a stool, and put a cape
around my neck. He said that he is going to turn me into a man. He said he
is going to cut my hair instead of going to a barber. I was told that he
picks what style my hair should look like. He ran the clippers up my head
and then ran them to the back of my head. Then my pop`s father came down to
the garage, sat down, and watched. My pop had a phone call. He told my
grandfather to shave my head bald. My grandfather put a #2 guard on the
clippers and ran them up my head. My pop returned and my grandfather asked
him if he can borrow a tool kit. Then he left. I still had some hair on me
so my pop picked up the clippers and said, `This might hurt so sit still.`
He dug the clippers by my skin and it did not hurt at all. Then he covered
my head in shaving cream and ran the razor straight up my head. Then I was
done. He said it looked as if I had a moustache and facial hair so he put
shaving cream on my head and shaved my face! I looked great so now my pop
cuts my hair now! I had a uniform check and everything was write then I
worked. Every night my pop shaves my face and still cuts my hair

I went this summer to work again for my pop. My parents went on one more
vacation. They asked if I wanted to go. I said, `No. I will stay at pops.`
I went to stay. He said before you start to work, we need to get you
jeans, a vest, and boots and a military shirt and a hat. Then he went down
to the garage and took out the clippers. He said, `What is this mess?` He
said it looks like a mop. He shaved my head with a razor then he shaved my
face. I still work for my pop and get haircuts from him.

I still work for my pop. I did not get a haircut for 3 months.

My pop saw my hair. He gave me a punishment. I had to do 100 push ups and
54 sit ups. He set me down. He ran the clippers hard through my hair

He got tougher. He treated me as if I was in the military. I had to say,
`Sir, yes sir.`

He made me wear Army cammies. I had to stand at attention. He was very
tough and I like the discipline.

The End

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