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Off by Jerrod

I was watching the Superbowl with three of my buddies Justin,Keith and Ryan.The three of them had been trying to convince me to shave my head again. I had the intention of letting my hair grow. I could see that I no longer had the hair I used to have. I used to have thick curly red hair. But over the years I had off and on either kept it buzzed close or just plain shaved. Now there was very obvious hairloss on top. And yet I was intending to see how much would grow in.

Well Superbowl Sunday changed all that for me. Keith and Ryan were staunch Steeler`s fans. And Justin and I favored the Seahawks.We had all gotten together at Keith`s place to watch the game. The four of us had plenty to eat and plenty of beer. Before the game started Keith suggested a little wager. What he suggested surprised Justin, Ryan and myself. He suggested that the losers submit to a full head shave by the winners. Keith had long shoulder length blonde hair. Ryan had his brown hair in a flattop. Justin`s reddish blonde hair was almost as long as Keith`s. Justin agreed to the wager if I would agree. I had wanted to keep my hair for awhile longer. More or less to see how much hair would grow back. But when Ryan also agreed it seems I was out numbered so with reluctance I accepted.

Both Justin and I knew our team was the underdog and yet hoped for the win. To make it a bit more interesting I suggested whosever team led at the half the others would buzz their hair. Ryan was willing but not so for Justin or Keith. Finally. Justin and Keith agreed. The four of hoped are team would lead in the first half. Knowing that one way or another two of us would end up with a buzz at halftime. But who it would be only time would tell.

Justin and I breathed a sigh of relief when the Seahwks led at the half. Keith and Ryan were not so pleased to realize their heads were going to be buzzed. Ryan had brought his personal clippers he used to cut his own hair. So we used them. Justin quickly made short work of Ryan`s flat. Then I took them but first without Keith knowing it, I removed the guard. I gave him a skin close buzz. He yelped you balded me. We all laughed and I said not quite but maybe at the end.

We continued to watch the game and had a few more beers. Keith was noticeably irked throughout. Both Justin and I soon realized that it would be the two of us who would be bald. Very very bald. The game was over Ryan took the clippers and buzzed down Justin. As for me I got the full treatment from Keith shaving cream and my Shick Extreme. He took his time and had me shaved bald once again. Then Ryan lathered and shaved Justin bald like me. He looked strange without hair on his head. As for me I had to admit I looked better without hair.

Keith then really surprised all of us when he said, since you I am almost bald might as well go all the way. Keith went into the bathroom and returned soon after. His head now shaven smooth. We asked how he liked the bald head. His answer took us back a bit. I really like it, I am going to keep it shaved for awhile, maybe I will decide to keep my head shaved. We applauded go for it keep it for awhile. Justin was well aware he looked better with hair. And Ryan said he would go back to his flattop. As for myself I know my lack of hair growth only cements the fact bald is best for me. So for now I am bald again because of the Super Bowl. I do like my head bald better, I realize I can never grow a full head of hair. We will see what the next Super Bowl brings. In the meantime I am hoping Keith decides to keep hgis head shaved. He looks awesome bald and to that we all are in agreement.

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