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History Repeated by Dave (UK)

Comments: Bald and beautiful since 18 years old. I may live in London, England and the climate might not help, but a bald head is becoming more and more fashonable here! Here is my story on how I became a head shavee:

My father - Pete Wood is a hard core Egyptologyist. He earns a living studying in Ancient Engypt. It is thanks to him that he is married to an Egyptian woman (my mum)! I can understand though, when he met my mum in the 1980's, he was hot. I am no gay (but i respect gays) but he had a shaven head , to beat the Egyptian heat. But now it is 2004 and that shiny dome of his has gone- he my be in his 50's, but that hair on his head is real, belive me, I once pulled it in anger.

But enough about my dad and on the my slap-head. The year is 1999 and I studied in the London College of Arts. The college was doing a big play- not about a new Millennium but a previous one. The one which lasted from 2000BC to 1000BC. The main focus was the ancient world. I auditoned for a part, and I ended be someone in- shock horror!- Ancient Egypt! I had the part of being that pharoah at the time Moses lived. When I told my dad that I got a part in the play. He was very jolly and decided to celebrate that night. I went to get ready, but when I came into the kicthen, I saw my dad prepare the clippers, shaving cream and an odd sharp object shaped like an axe. I asked 'What are you preparing? Is it a head shave we are going to and if it is, who is the victim?!' Pete simlpy replied 'that victim will be you!'.

I was pooing in my pants out, so I tried to talk him out of it. He simply said that the British Mueseum (which is were he works at the moment) asked him to do a project on Ancient Egyptian cosemtics. He told me that the ancient Eygptians thougt hair was unclean, so most of them cut their hair short or completly shaved it off with big razor blades. This described that big sharp object. I asked him where did he get the ancient razor blade. My dad told me he asked a blacksmith friend of his to make an exact replica of the blade.

Having founding out that tonight I was going to be a big science experiment, I sadly agreed to let my dad shave my head Egyptian stlye. Dad told me taht a felow worker would be taking pictures of the head shave- for historical reserch, but if i felt uncomfortable with him shaving with a big razor then he'll shave the rest of my head like some 21st century guy would do. I imagined a head stone for my hair saying:


So he proceeded with the head shave. He started at my right side of my head. He shaved about a quarter of my head with the razor until I told him to stop. I couldn't cope with the big razor axe devoring my hair. He said goodbye to his work collegue and proccede on with the head shave- this time with the clippers. I had fairly long hair at the time, so he put a number 1 grade on the clippers and used it to knaw my hair. After the shearring, he shortened my hair more without the grade on the clippers. Whilst he was doing this, he was telling me that the pharoahs and Egyptian priets were so disgusted at hair that they shaved severel times a day.

When he turned of the clippers. He put shaving cream all over my shorn head. He then got a Mach 3 razor and started shaving. I love this website, and some of the stories I read on this website make me feel quite horny. I am not gay as I said earlier on, but when my father was shaving my head with the Mach 3 razor, the sentation was so arousing that I wet my pants. When he finshed shaving my head, he repeated again. When the shaving was all over, I went to the shower and showered. It felt weird for the first time. My head was so bare that when I showered, I treaded it like any part of my body- I washed it with soap and etc. When I finished showering, I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time since the shave. I looked OK, but I don't think a white dome goes well with my olive skin. My main concern was what will my mum think when she arrives home from London, because she was in Cario at the time I was shaved.

I got dressed for bed and went down stairs. When I was in the lounge I saw my dad looking at pictures of himself when he was bald during the 70's and 80's. 'My you look handsome', he said,'Just like me when I was young in the 70's and 80's. I loved my shaven head. Long hair was the height of fashion back then but it was a hangover that caused me to be bald, and I was very greatful for that.' I felt so touched, I asked him 'Why don't I shave your head?' He rejected the offer, saying that he stoped shaving his head in 1985 since I was born, but shaved it again during my gap year in Italy in 1997- which I never knew of. He told my the experience wasn't the same so he has had a full head of hair since then. I felt sorry and yet happy for him, but just before I went to bed, dad shouted 'I be shaving your head every day!' That I was shocked about.

I had to go college the next day, as It was the start of the rehersals. The director and my friend noticed me with my white dome on my head and were shocked! The director was kind of glad that I was bald, as he told me I has to wear a bald cap during the actual play which was goin to air by December. But anyway, the rehersals went on alright, but I was the talk of the school! After college finshed for the day, my buddy- Mike-brought me to a tanning shop. 'What are we doing here?' I asked. 'Why we are getting rid of that white dome of yours!' Mike replied. I only went through a 10 minute tanning session, but I didn't know what I looked like exept the reaction of Mike, who thought I looked great. As I went home, I felt my head feel the cold British winter. I flet my head and I noticed the smoothness was gone. I ran home and told my dad to shave my head. I went to the bathroom, looked and the mirror and stared. I was looking sharp, as my head was the same color with the rest of my body.

3 months later, with a smooth head and learning the art of self-head shaving by my dad, it was the night of the play. I shaved my head 5 times on that day, Just like the pharoahs did I shaved a few times during the day and once before the play started. I shined my head for the occassion. The Play was called Millennium 1000 BC and their were banners saying like '3000 years till the year 2000 AD!' It was my part at around 7:00pm. I was playing the pharoah in a scne envolving Moses, and yes it had that 'Let My People Go!' song! But before my scene was over, I threw my crown in an act of rage (written in the script) and my head was shining the light- literally. A roar of claps we done when i left and the show went on and became a success.

My dad was in the audience and saw my part. When I got changed in modern clothes dad and myself took the London Underground home. Whilst we were on the train my dad was telling how great I was, and the part when I acted the bit were I threw my crown in rage. Plus he told my mum was home and was waitning to see my new hairdo (or hairgone!). When we arrived home my mum saw my bald head. She loved it; 'Just like your father when he was young' she said. Before I wnet to bed, I had a chat with my dad. 'So, are you going to keep your head shaved then?' he asked. 'Without being bald, I wouldn't of had this great time, so yes dad, I am going to be bald for quite a long time!' I replied. He then chuckled. 'Why are you laughing?' I asked. 'I did do a project on Egyptian Hygiene, but no such experiment on head shaving existed! I tricked you into shaving your head so you would have something to keep from me for a long time. You mother knew this even before she went to Ciaro!' I was shocked, but before I became angry, da

I celebrated the millennium with a shaved head, and I was bald when dad left for Egypt for a year. When he came back in 2001, he was shocked to see that I converted my friend Mike to become bald. The last time I had hair was in 2002, where I shaved my head into a mohican.

Now it is 2004. I am working as an Actor in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London and working for a degree in Economics. My head is as bald as ever, and I enjoy the love of head shaving like most over guys who go to this website. I might keep my head shaved till I am thirtysometing, but I'll see. I am now engaged to a lovely woman and I thank my dad for making me bald for the start of this Century. I don't know what would of happened to me if I kept my hair.

So there is my (long) story of my head shaving. I couldn't decide what to name this story, so I just gave it the title History Repeated/From Father to Son, the title doesn't matter. Tis is my head shaving experience.

Shaven Heads Rule!!!

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