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Chance of a Lifetime by Jerrod

Have you ever wanted to see somebody get their head shaved, you thought never would? I have this buddy of mine Keith. He has thick curly blonde hair that falls to his shoulders. Actaully I should say had long blonde hair. For now he has none. And this is how it came to be that he no longer has hair.

It all began a couple of years ago. Keith found it difficult to understand why I would let my hair grow than shave it all off, or why even some our friends kept their hair ultra short or shaved at times. There was little I could say except that I just preferred it. Not that I was losing my hair. Quite the opposite. If I let it grow my hair would come in very thick and red.

There were times I had thought to myself how Keith would look without hair on his head. But never expressed it until one night when we were out with three of our close friends Jason, Mike and Adam. I had had my head shaved earlier that day, after letting it grow for a few months. Keith,Jason and I were having a couple of beers while waiting for Mike and Adam.

Adam and Mike walked in. The three of us were speechless and Keith`s mouth dropped wide open. For , Mike was competely bald. We all asked at once why the shaved head. This was not Mike`s style. We had last seen him with a good head of curly black hair.But here he was hairless.

Mike seemed to be very nervous about his bald head;when asked why he did it. Mike through his head back and said the guys on the baseball team decided to shave their heads for the start of the season. Mike told us he was apprehensive about it but went along with the rest of the team since everyone did it.

Keith could not help but laugh as we all did for awhile. But he went on and on making snide remarks. Jason then piped up I think it looks great you should shave yours Keith. That is not what any of us expected to hear from Jason let alone Keith. The two of them began to banter back and forth and Keith bluntly said to Jason. You should talk you are on your way to being bald. Now in part this was true for Jason was well aware his red hair had begun to thin but not to any great extent. And it did not bother him.

Jason snickered I know and I am not afraid to go bald, and will probably shave it all off. Mike responded with I think you should, you probably would look great with a bald head. Andy was not so sure but I agreed with Mike. Keith than had to put in the comment I bet you won`t shave your head. Jason retorted okay I bet all my hair against the hair on your head. Keith came back with are you saying you are willing to shave all the hair on your body.

Jason was silent as were us. Then he answered yes I will shave all my body hair if you shave your head,Keith. We did not expect ot to go any furthur figuring the two were just egging each other on. We were almost certain that Jason would not submit himself to shaving all his body hair let alone the hair on his head. And as for Keith his hair was too important to him.

But that was not the end of it.Jason came back with yes everything even my eyebrows. We all piped in you have to be joking. Jason said I am serious if Keith has his head shaved I will have my head,body and eyebrows shaved. We asked are you willing Keith? His answer did not surprise when he said It would be worth it to see you Jason without eyebrows and hairless.

Before we knew it we were head to Jason`s where the rest of the scene would be played out. On the way we stopped at a Walmart and picked up an inexpensive pair of clippers,shave cream a razors.Jason and Keith had gone in to get the equipment and came back out.They told us the clerk who waited on them had a shaved head and asked what it was all for. Jason told us he and Keith had told him they were going to shave their heads like him. The clerk rang up the sale and responed wish I could be there. We got a good chuckle out of it.

Then we were at Jason`s place. And we were surprised how eager Keith was to get going and see Jason without hair. But first things first. Keith had to submit himself to having his head shaved. Boy what desperation can do along with a few beers.

Keith calmly sat in a kithcen chair. Jason plugged in the clippers and each one of us took turns buzzing down Keith`s golden hair. Since, I am what you could say an experienced head shaver by virtue of the fact I do shave my own head, I was given the honors of doing the rest.

As I began lathering Keith`s head Jason was having his head buzzed. I began to shave Keith bald and Jason was being defrocked of the hair on his chest and back.I had finished Keith leaving his head as clean and smooth as mine and Mike`s, well we now were showing stubble.

Next I shaved Jason smooth as well leaving him bald as a cue ball. He did not look that great bald, his head just did not seem right to be bald. Then with his eyebrows shaved off, he did that he looked realy wierd. On the other hand Keith looked awesome bald. And he seemed to admire the new Keith.

There was one more matter to attend to. And that was my head and Mike`s. We both were feeling sandpapery. So first I shaved off his stubble and then cleaned myself up. You are proably wondering where Adam was during all this. Well, Adam got disgusted with us. And had left the three of us while at the bar.

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