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To Each His Own by Jerrod

My neighbor`s grandson, Mike, came to visit his grandparents during his college break. The last time I saw him was after his high school graduation. That was two years ago. Since then he had been attending college on the West coast. Mike had changed since high school putting on several inches and was now six foot four.

The most significant change was his hair,or perhaps lack of hair. After high school he had hair down to his shoulders. But now he was showing obvious signs of severe hairloss. He had what was a ceasar cut. I assumed was to cover his obvious thinning. Mike took his going bald in stride. And did not seem to be the least bit concerned about going bald at nineteen.

Mike surprised me when he said he was planning to get it all shaved off while he was visiting. He even asked if I knew of a barber who was willing to do head shaves. I told him my barber shaved heads. He asked if I could give him directions to the shop. I offered to take him since, I was due for my annual head shave. I have my head shaved in the spring every year and keep it shaved until fall. Mike was surprised since at the time I had an ivy league.

We went to the shop and I introduced him to Ben my barber. Mike told him right off that he wanted his head shaved. Ben had him take the chair and told him that this would be the third head shave today. I waited to have mine done and watched as Mike was first buzzed. His hair tumbled to the floor and cape. Next, Ben put shaving cream on Mike`s head and shaved him clean. Mike was really taken by his smooth shaven scalp.

I was surprised as was Ben when Mike asked if their was a treatment to remain bald. Ben told him there was a lotion developed in New Zealand, which has been used by swimmers and body builders who want to remove their body hair on a more permanent basis. And also for men who desire to remove a fringe. Mike requested he wanted it to be done on his head. Ben was reluctant at first. Telling him he had never had anybody who wanted almost a full head of hair removed. Even if that person was showing some thinning like Mike. However, Mike insisted. So Ben rub the lotion on Mike`s head. Then he took me while the solution did it job. Ben did not have to ask what I wanted. He proceed to rid me of my hair and had me smooth once agian. He did ask if I wanted to try what Mike had decided. I replied NO WAY! I prefer growing what hair I have back in.

Mike returned to the chair and Ben rinsed off the lotion. This left Mike`s head completely free of hair. Mike purchased two bottles of the lotion eventhough it was expensive. He told Ben he was going to use it to remove his body hair as well. Ben warned him that once he decided to progress with the lotion that there would be no going back.Because, the very hair follicles would be destroyed. This did not bother Mike, for it is what he wanted to do and be bald forever.

After we left I could not help but ask Mike why he would want to be bald permanantly. He answered I cannot seemyself shaving my head every day or end up with a fringe. I replied I can understand wanting remove your body hair but the hair on your head is another thing. Mike was certain it was what he wanted to do.

On our return his grandparents were not pleased seeing him bald. But went along since it was his decision. However, when he told them about the lotion they were very upset. Asking what will your parents say and how about your girlfriend. Mike replied with my parents already know I was going to shave my head and my girlfriend has been wanting me to do it. As far as wanting to go bald permanently that is my decision. No more was said. Mike got a great tan on his head and looked really good bald. He returned to college.

I cannot wait to see him again. I will be wondering how effective the lotion really is. I cannot believe such a thing really works. And besides, I wonder if he really follow through with his initial plan to want to be bald forever. I would not use it myself, preffering to let what little hair I have to grow in. At least for now. Maybe, if I see it does work for Mike I might consider it when I have only a fringe of hair left. Only time will tell and I will see the results on Mike the next time he comes for a visit.

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