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How Ironic by Jerrod

Lately, I am seing more and more men who are going ultra short with their hair. Clipper shaved and shaven heads appear tobe much more common today, than a few years ago. Among my friends most have gone shorter. Either adopting close buzzes or shaving their heads completely.

As for myself shaving my head or having my head is now routine. I find I am not able to go much longer than a week without shaving my head. Usually, I do not even make it to a week.

A couple of months ago three of my friends Jeff,Rob, Joe and I met for lunch. Jeff is a stockbroker, Rob a banker and Joe owns his own retail store. Me I own an upscale restaurant. The three often stop in for lunch at my place. And ordinarily this day would have been the same.

However, it was not. I knew they were coming. But I was not prepared for what confronted me when I greeted them. Both Jeff and Rob had their heads shaved as clean as mine and Joe was sporting a freshly cut buzz. I had no idea that I would be seeing Jeff or Rob bald let alone Joe with a buzzcut. Joe for one had for the longest time gone with the formidable combover. As for Jeff and Rob they had always had full heads of hair as long as I had known them. To see the two of them completely shaved bald was a real corker.

Jeff and Rob were always poking fun at me about my shaved head. Now here they both were with heads shaved as clean as my own. I of course asked what persuaded them to do it. Jeff then admitted that he had been wanting to shave his head for the past two years. Then yesterday Rob dared him to shave his head. The two of them went to a local barber just before they came to lunch and got their heads shaved. Joe was there to their surprise and decided to get a buzz. He would not relent to shaving his head.

I had to admit the shaved head on Jeff suited him well. Rob on the other hand did not carry it so well, since his hair is coal black. Jeff plans to keep his head shaved for awhile. Rob will just keep it short. As for Joe we began working on him to shave his head. Maybe, in time.

It is ironic how things turn out.You never know who you will see with a full head of hair one day like Jeff and Rob and the next it is gone. Jeff has been shaving his as I do on a daily basis and is intent on never going back to hair again. Rob`s has now gone to a short buzzcut. As for Joe the three of us are working him. Jeff and I feel it will not be much longer and Joe too will submit and join us and shave is head as well.

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