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Maybe by Jerrod

Where I work this one guy,Andy, had the longest hair on the place. The rest of us wear our hair short. For some of us short business cuts, but for most buzzes or shaved heads, like mine are more common.

Andy just seemed out of place with his longer, shoulder length blonde hair. He kept it well maintained by going to a stylist. What a waste of money having his hair done every week. It was not our place to make any comments, every man makes his own choice of style.

He rarely said much to the rest of us about our hair styles. On an occassion one of would ask Andy if he planned on trying a shorter hair style. His answer always was the same maybe. Of course we all figured he probably neverwould cut his hair short. We were used to his choice of the longer style.

One weekend Andy had myself and two others, Simon and Chuck from work over to watch a baseball game. The four of us watched the game and had a few beers. We all were very much involved in the game. Then out of the blue Andy asked Chuck and me what is was like to shave our heads. We were so taken by his question neither of us knew how to respond.

instead it was Simon who had a short business cut who responded asking-Andy are you thinking about shaving your head. The response was maybe. Both Chuck and I then said why not give it a try. Andy responded with maybe. Yeah, MAYBE always maybe when the subject of hair came up. Then Simon spoke, come on Andy, how about shaving your head. Even I will get mine sahved as well. Again, Andy`s answer came back MayBE.

After another beer Chuck offered to shave Andy`s head if he wanted to. Andy answered once again the same way MAYBE, adding if Simon gets his shaved. Before we knew it Simon was up and ready to have his head shaved. Andy directed him the a kitchen chair and left the room. We wondered why. Then he returned with an old pair of clippers. We asked where did you get those. Andy told us they were clippers his mother used to give him short haircuts. We were not sure if they were in working condition. After some oiling we plugged them in and began to buzz off Simon`s black hair. His hair tumbled to the floor. ThenI lathered up his head. And Chuck and I took turns shaving his head as bald as ours.

All the while we were buzzing and shaving Simon, Andy was silent his eyes glued to what was going on. Then I asked Andy are you maybe ready for your turn. We waited his response. Andy answered again with maybe, I should give it a try. Simon was out of the chair with a bound and Andy bolted into it.

Well, Chuck, Simon and I made quick work of the long blonde hair and buzzed him down. Andy began carrying on hurry up-hurry up,I want to be bald like you all are. Chuck lathered his head and both of took turns shaving off the remaining hair. There he was bald like us, and his blonde hair now on the floor with Simon`s.

It was amazing how different Andy looked without hair. He looked like a different person. Andy could not keep his hands off his shaved head saying this really feels good. That following Monday Andy showed up with his head freshly shaved. He had shaved it before coming to work. Everyone is in awe at the new Andy-the bald Andy. Simon had not shaved his again unlike Chuck and myself and of course Andy who were smooth. Now Simon decided he would let it grow into a buzz.

Everyone wanted to know if he was going to keep his head shaved, telling he looked great bald. We all waited for his old familiar phrase `MAYBE`. Andy answered I like my head shaved and maybe I will keep it shaved. To this day Andy has been keeping his head shaved. Simon has grown his hair back in. But Andy has reformed himself and is now one us bald guys. Maybe, as Andy says others will join us.

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