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Making a Return by Jerrod

It had been awhile since I had attempted to let my hair grow long. I usually wear a short buzz or just have my head shaved. I decided to allow it to grow in from a buzz. I was doing some travelling for work. So, I let it grow while on the road. Over the course of the month and half my hair I found grew in fast.

On my return my associates and friends were surprised to see me with so much hair on my head. Most of them had never seen me with long hair. They were used to seeing me with either my head shaved or my hair cut very short. I had been giving thought to keeping itlonger. I had some ask me if I was to go back to my usual style. I considered it and yet having hair on my head again was a different experience. I felt I wanted to try it for awhile longer. But had to admit I missed my old look.

It did require more maitenance and it was time to get at least a trim. When I showed up at my barber he was surprised to see me with so much hair. He had not seen me with long hair for a few years. Infact, he asked me if I was planning on keeping it long.I told him I was at least for awhile. He just could not get over the amount of hair I had.

I had just gotten into the chai when an associate I had not seen since my return walked in. Brett who worked in another department wore his hair as long as mine was now. Now he had his cut in a flattop. He was amazed at how long my hair was and asked if I was wearing it longer now. I answered yes,I was considering it. But was not sure for how long. Brett said I got tired of the long hair and decided to get this flattop, you should try it or just shave it off again. My barber then said I agree you look better with shorter hair, if not completely bald.

Then Brett piped in I think you should just have it all shaved off again, I am having my head shaved today, to see what it is like. As he took the seat with the other barber I thought he was joking. Then he said just shave it all off for a change. My barber in the meantime had been working on mine giving me a flat. He asked are sure you do not want me to shave your head. My reply was no I don`t think so. My mind began to ander as I saw Brett`s barber denude him of his hair.

I began having second thoughts of returning to my old style-shaved! Seeing Brett now without hair was the persuasion I needed. Before, I knew it I was telling my barber to go for it. He made short work of the flattop. Boy I thought it looked good but it did not last long. Here I was going back to my shaved head again. And then it was done. My head once again was free of hair. Once again I was my old self with my head shaven bald.

And there was Brett completely bald with his head shaved as well. I told him I liked him better with hair. He laughed well I like you better without hair. I asked him how he liked not having hair. His answer did surprise me. He responded with actually I like the look over having to deal with grooming it everyday, I will be keeping mine shaved for awhile and you? I could not deny it, I did prefer my head shaved. And do not plan to return to growing my hair back out anytime soon. Neither does Brett from what he said.

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