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Slick shiny bald by Ky

I'm a 22 year old male college student. I'm about to graduate in a year. Every year we have a buzzathon event on campus. I have signed up this year.

I hear my name get called on the loud speaker. I get scared, I knew I shouldn't have signed up for this. The shortest my hair has ever been was I'm the 4th grade I had a number 3 guard buzzcut. I always detested the idea of having a shaved head but secretly it always turned me on. I was just always too afraid too actually do it.

I walk up and sit in the chair. I know there is no way of getting out of this one. Most people legitimately just get nice haircuts. They don't even cut their hair short. Women I up and get their long hair trimmed! But I signed up for a totally smooth slick shiny bald head. People actually donated money for my head to be completely bald. I didn't realize this would be so embrassessing

The women says into the microphone," this brave young man is donatin his hair to childhood cancer, he isn't just getting a short buzzcut! He is going COMPLETELY SLICK SHINY TURTLE WAX BALD!" The crowd begins to cheer. I realize I'm on camera and hundreds of people are watching me. My dick is starting to get hard and I'm getting nervous.

My barberettes brings the no guard balding clippers to the center of my head and my beautiful 3 inch long hair starts to rain down around me. I am thoroughly embrassessed. In the matter of 5 minutes I have an almost completely bald head with barely any stubble. She put the mirror on front of me and says "how do you like it?" I can't believe what I see starting back at me. I'm practically bald and I look horrible. I am completely humiliated but I say, " I love it, but you really need to finish the job!" My dick is as hard as rock now and I can hardly contain myself.

She begins to run shaving cream all over my head and then Proceeds to take a straight razor and drags it over the center of my head. I'm about to explode. Everyone in the crowd is staring at me and laughing because I almost completely bald and my head is the shape of an egg.

She relathered up my head and continued to shave just to make sure I was completely hairless. When she finished, she rubs a towel all over my head and then proceeds to rub shining lotion all over my completely bald head. It feels weird. I feel like an alien and I feel ugly. My barberette is so damn sexy though, the feeling of her fingers on my completely bald head is turning me. She then begins to buff my head and ican tell just by the reaction the crowd had that I looked absolutely horrible. They began to laug once she stopped buffing my head. I heard a couple people shout baldy.

Then she put a mirror in front of my face and I finally saw the final product. I looked really ugly. My head was so slick and so shiny looking. I looked like I never had a hair on my head in my entire life. As I stares at myself the barberette rubbed my head and her long finger nails over my smooth bald head. I almost orgasmed right there . She whispered in my ear, "I had so much fun shaving you bald, I plan to keep you bald. I slipped my number in your pocket. Call me tonight, we can har fun cue ball" that did it, I orgasmed right there. The crowd was truly amused with how bald I was. A few people came up and rubbed my head. A few people slaped it. Everyone knew I looked horrible and I felt very humiliated. Despite that, I did plan to call her tonight, this was way to much fun. I think I might keep my slick shiny bald head ;)

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