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Let me see some by Dave

My dad is a salesman. He is on the road for weeks on end. He always calls mother each night. He is very disciplined. Of course you would expect that from someone who spent 30 years in the MARINES! Dad expects me to become a MARINE as soon as I graduate this year. I love to see how dedicated he is to the MARINES. Dad expects to see me looking as close to a MARINE as possible and that applies to my hair. While dad is on the road, I do not get a haircut. I like to hear him say, “Son! Have a seat! We have something to talk about and then he goes on and on about the advantages and disadvantages of having short hair AT ALL TIMES!

This time was no exception. Dad had been gone for over a month. I really needed a haircut in the worst way. I couldn’t go to see Zach, our barber, not just yet. I was sure I would get the full treatment when dad got home. I came home from football practice and there was dad! He took one look at me and said, “Son! Have a seat!” What followed was not in the script as we had rehearsed it each and every time he came home. “Son! You are lucky! The barbershops are closed now. Tomorrow, the first thing after breakfast, you will go and visit Zach. I am sure that you and Zach will be able to figure something out. I want to see some skin.” Not one portion of the usual speech came out except for “Son! Have a Seat!” I really didn’t mind the ‘talks’ we had when he would come home.

The following morning, I showered and shampooed my hair. In a way it was great having some hair to shampoo. I didn’t bother to comb it. I figured it would dry on its own and besides I knew I would lose some of it before 9 O’Clock. I purposely made sure it looked really terrible. I had breakfast. Dad didn’t say a word. He did look up when I came to the table. Mother was busy in the kitchen and asked, “What are my two men going to do today?” Dad said, “I am going to read the paper and then it will be dry enough for Troy and I to get some yard work in. Mother came to the table and said, “And what are you going to be doing while my sweetie reads the paper? It won’t be dry until after 10 O’Clock.” I told mom I would be going to see Zach! She ran her fingers through my wet hair and said, “That’ s a good idea. You need to let Zach make you look sharp!” Did I just hear “look sharp” from mother? The MARINE in dad is rubbing off on mom! I had to smile.

After breakfast I walked to Zach’s Barbershop. It is only a mile or so away and I need to get in as much exercise as possible. When Zach saw me, he said, “Hi Seth! I guess your dad is coming home.” As I sat down to wait, I said, “No! Dad IS home!” Then I laughed and so did Zach.

In no time it was my turn! Zach put the cape on me and said, “The usual?” I said, “No Zach!” Before I could finish the sentence, Zach said, “Don’t tell me. You dad finally gave in! I don’t believe it. I just don’t believe it! How are we going to cut it this time?” Zach couldn’t wait to hear what I was going to say. I looked up at Zach and said, “I want to surprise dad. He thinks I am going to get my usual cut. This time, let’s just take it all off!” Zach looked surprised and said, “All Off? As in shaved?” I laughed and said, “Neat! Yes?”

I couldn’t wait to see dad’s face. In about a half hour, I was getting up from the chair with a really neat haircut - A BALDY! It really shone. I paid Zach and thanked him and out I went. I went straight back home. I was enjoying the walk. The sensation was awesome. When I got home, dad was just finishing the paper. He looked up and instantly there was this great big smile on his face! He got up and walked over to me and shook my hand. He said, “Son! That is one awesome cut! I am so proud of you!” and with that he hugged me. Then he said, “You are making your old man look pretty scruffy. I guess the dew hasn’t dried up yet.” He sat back down and put the paper back in order. I went up stairs to change cloths and take another look at my shiny dome. I couldn’t keep from rubbing the head.

I came back down and dad was gone. So was the car. I thought it strange, but didn’t think anything about it. I was out back getting ready to trim with the weed eater when dad came out and said, “Well! I guess we can get started now.” I looked up and saw dad’s shaved head for the first time. I gave dad the ‘thumbs up.’ He came over to me and said, “Son! You brought lots of pleasant memories back to me when I saw your shaved head. I thank you for that. I’m Proud of you. I couldn’t let you outshine your old dad now, could I?” I laughed! The next time dad came home from on the road, he came in to see me shining like never before. I had a good tan on the noggin and he wasn’t too far behind me. Yep! We both were still sporting the Head Shave.

I still didn’t tell dad that I had signed the papers to enter the MARINES! I looked forward to his “talks” each time he came home. I couldn’t spoil that for him. I knew he looked forward to seizing every opportunity to give me the “talk.”

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