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My first Client and an unexpected buzz by Jeff

This is a true story.....It happened last two days ago.

He got home from a long trip out west. We have not seen each other for almost a year so he wanted to come over to my place and have a couple beers. My cousin James is a military man but not hardcore or anything. Is not the type to wear skin tight flat tops or have a ripped body. He just wanted to serve so he enlisted in the guard and served his four years. He had one tour in Afghanistan and when he got out, he took his trip out west.
I have had a haircut fetish now for as long as I can remember. I used to sit in my bathroom in my parents’ house with my dad’s beard trimmer on the counter in front of the mirror with a towel wrapped around my neck. I never trimmed my hair with it but I would sit there and imagine it running over my head while I masturbated. I guess I was like 13 or 14. Since then, I have buzzed my head and had a couple barbershop head shaves but I never cut anyone else’s hair until the other night.
James and I sat there watching the NCAA tournament and drinking beer when he told me he needed to get a haircut. I immediately froze and brushed it off with a yeah, me too. He dropped it with some hesitance and we continued to watch the game. About an hour later, he mentioned it again. “Jeff, do you still have your clippers?” he asked. “Yeah, you can borrow them if you want, I don’t use them anymore. I have been going to the barber again for a year now” I replied.
He told me ok, and he dropped it again. Another hour passed and between games, he told me, “maybe you could cut my hair Jeff.” My stomach lunged into my throat. “Ummmmm…….ok……but I have never cut hair before.” “It’s ok, it’s alright, I am not picky” he replied. I agreed and begin to assemble my tools. I went to the closet and got out my clippers and cape. I was so nervous I was shaking.
I walked back into the kitchen and he already had a chair sitting there. He had rolled my low back office chair into the middle of the room. As he finished his beer, I set out my tools and prepared the area. “Alright James, I guess I am ready if you are.” He came into the kitchen and sat in the chair with confidence. “Are you sure you want me to do this, it is Saturday and my barber is open until 3 and we can make it.” “I don’t want to leave here in the middle of the games, let’s do this.” With that, I very nervously flicked the cape over his shoulders and fastened it.
“How do you want me to cut it today?” I asked. His hair was about 2” on top and 1” on the back and sides. He said he did not care, just make it shorter than what it is now. I had no idea what I was doing. I picked up clippers and snapped on the #1 attachment. I flicked them on and started in front of his right ear. I cautiously and nervously moved them up around his ear. A lot of hair fell off onto his lap. He yelled “How short are you going in a shocked voice?” I panicked and he told me he was just joking. In a weird way, that kind of put me at ease.
I removed all the hair on the sides and back of his head and though about the top. I did not want to do scissors so picked up the #4 guard and clicked it on the clipper. With confidence this time, I ran the clipper right down the middle of his head. Oh NO, I took off a lot of hair. His hair had been about 2” long on top and I am reducing it down to a ½ in. He did not flinch. So I continued and removed the bulk and turned my focus on blending. I switched to an # 2 because it is between the two other clips. I did a terrible job tapering the #1 into the #4. His hair looked horrible.
When I was done, he looked in the mirror and claimed he liked it but I knew he couldn’t because it looked bad. As I was sweeping up his hair, he walked into the kitchen, grabbed the cape and patted the chair for me to sit. I said “oh no, I will go the barber Monday”. I have been working on growing my hair and finally have been getting it cut to 2” on top and a # 2 on the back and sides. Right now, my hair was about 2 ½” on top and like a #4 on the back and sides. “Non-sense” said James. Let me return the favor. He guilted me into sitting down and now I was more nervous than when I cut his hair. “Just trim the sides a little to like a #3” I told him. I figured he could not make too much of a mess with that. He said “yeah, don’t worry, I got this. I cut hair in Afghanistan.” That made me a little less nervous.
He flicked the cape over me and fastened it. He picked up the clipper and flicked it on. I did not realize he did not switch the clip from the #2 I had used before. He began running the clipper up the back of head very fast. He went high. He worked all over the back and sides over and over again until he was satisfied. He removed a lot of hair but I was not sure how much. He took the clip off and lined the back of neck which is usually tapered. I did not know if he was going to taper the top to the sides. I figured he could do a #3 to the top easily but remember he had not initially switched the clip and actually did a # 2 on the back and sides.
He put another clip on which I thought would be longer then the #2 to taper but no, he put the # 2 back on and I had no idea. Suddenly, he started going higher. I thought he was tapering. Then I felt it. He ran the clipper over the top of my head at the very back and continued to move forward going sideways over my head. It was then that I noticed the bulk of my hair falling onto the cape. “Umm…James, are you buzzing my head?” “Well yeah, I am no barber; this is all I can do.”
Oh man………I am done for. He reduced my head to a #2 all over. I had no idea this was his plan. He must not have listened to me when I told him to use the #3 and just do the back and sides. I walked into the bathroom after he removed the cape. I could not believe it. All my self-control growing my hair; it’s all gone. So I made a decision. I walked into the kitchen where James had swept all my hair up and I sat back down. “What are you doing asked James?” “Finish it off, let’s have fun,” I told him. With no hesitation and no cape, he removed the #2 guard, reduced the taper lever to 0 and removed the rest of my hair.
We joked about it when he got done as cleaned saying I did not even want a haircut in the first place and now I am practically bald. I expected he would let me finish his off but he seemed to like his botched cut. We finished the six pack and watched more basketball. When the night came to an end, he rubbed my head as he left. I could not help but be exhausted from giving my first haircut to getting my hair I worked so hard for reduced to stubble. I was defiantly time for bed.

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