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All the same by Chris

My friend Jason got married recently and his bride Susan was determined to make sure that all the men in the wedding party looked the same (as with the women) so that the photos would be nicer.
All the guys arrived wearing the same nice suit that had been picked up, but there was one problem: their hair.
Some guys had shaggy hair; some guys had no hair. Some guys had facial hair; some were clean shaven.
That just wouldn't do, in Susan's opinion, and she had a plan. She had told all teh guys who agreed to be in the wedding party that they had to look the same. They agreed, perhaps thinking it was just with the clothes, but she had more in mind.
One of the first things on the agenda was a limo ride to the nice fountain in a nearby park for pictures, but Susan had arranged for one other stop.
Her grandpa owns a barbershop near the park, and the there would be a stop there to get the guys looking the same.
The shop closes early on Saturday, but grandpa had arranged for five of his colleagues to be there and take care of the guys.
Since some guys had no facial hair, all would be clean shaven. And since the groom had MPB and was shaved bald, all the guys would have their heads shaved, too.
Thirty minutes after arriving at the barber shop, all the guys walked out with no hair. That made for some very sharp wedding pictures, with their heads shining in the sun.

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