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Always say what you want! by Caped Crusader

I had been out of work for some time, so when I got the chance of an interview my wife said that I had better tidy myself up, and the first thing I needed was a good haircut. I think that this was an chance for her to get what she has wanted me to have for a while, she recently has been saying that I looked like a hippy She comes from an army family, and I think has always been a bit embarassed when we visited her mum and dad, because my hair tickled the top of my ears and fell over the collar. This was in contrast to her father who regularly had his hair clipped very short, shaved high up the back and sides and not much on top.

I always remember my mother taking me to the local barber every 3 weeks on a Saturday, when it was boys morning, everybody getting an extremely short back and sides and hair and the top brylcreemed and given a severe parting. So I was reluctant to get a haircut, but did see the sense in it. But where to go. In the High street there where any number of umisex places should I go there? Then my wife came home one lunch time and said have you tried the little place just down the road from where she worked, right in the centre of the next town. I said no, and she said that I could come back to work with her and she would show me where it was.

She dropped me off and said she was finishing early and was looking forward to seeing a nice and tidy me. Then she wemt off to work. Outside the shop I took a deep breath, it was at first glance a tobacconist, but with a barbers pole sticking out of the top. I opened the door and went in. An elderly lady said good afternoon and what could she do for me, I said I am not a smoker, but have come in for a haircut. She said just go down the little passage and her husband was in there. I did this and went into almost a back room, with a big barbers chair, mirror and clippers,scissors and lotions. Over the back of the chair was a stripey cape and the smell was very oldy worldy. An oldish lokking man in an old fashioned barbers coat stood up from one of the waiting area chairs. he had a very short haircut indeed, and asked me to get into the chair.

I sat down and he put the cape around me, and while doing this asked how I wanted it, I said something not very short, just a good tidy up. After caping me he put a strip of tissue around my neck and then turned to the tools of his trade, he took a pair of clippers, but I wasn't really looking, and walked round behind me. Putting his hand on the top of my head, he made me bow it down, turned the clippers on and gently began to run the up the bach, taking it quite high up, but not having been since I was a boy, I had no idea if this was OK or not. He did this all round the back of my head and then came around to the right side. I then noticed that the clippers had no guard on them! Too late! he pushed the clippers high up the side, leaving a naked swathe of skin, then he pulled my ear down and ran the clippers around that, again taking the skinned area high uup the side. I was in shock and speechless, but knew that it was too late, I may as well sit back and take it like a man,in fact enjoying the sensation. Having quikly skinned the right side he then made short work of the left. he then went around everything he had already cut, there were to be no stray long hairs left here!

Finishing, he put the clippers down, and began combing the hair that was left on top, and with the now familiar looking thinning shears began to take great clumps of my hair off, and pretty soon my hair was reduced to a fairly short manageable length. He then took up anonother pair of clippers and fadef the hair into the shaved back and sides. having finished he asked me if it was short enough, I said yes, and he asked me again, I then realised he was quite deaf, he must have thought I said very shotr, missing out the NOT. I now looked like the little boy on a Saturday morning from long ago. When he asked if I wanted cream I said yes, and he then plastered it on and gave me a severe parting, ah well at leastn the wife would be happy!!!

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