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headshave bymistake by karan

hii,myself karan studying in pharmacy final doing in ahmedabad ,i have 11cm long,black hair with thick mustace....i like to tell you about headshave of mine.
yesterday night when i saw my hair it become irregularly grown bysides so i decided to have good trim.after college i decided to have a my haircut before reaching home as i wandering in roadside i saw a salon which was at 3rd floor so i climbed through staircase as through somebody was coming,i reached to salon suddenly the man grabbed me and he told me to shut mouth and sit quietly on the barberseat,for a second i felt confused what he is telling and what happen to him?
as i came out rapidly soon another consoled me and asked for apology,and told me to sit on barberchair and qsked me what haircut do i want? soon i told him that i want to just trim my hair just he said "ok".
after that he napped me with pure white cloth and asked to have a touch my hair ,bit i still remain in confuse y he say like that, i asked him y ask me such type question he just told that after haircut u have a goood hairstyle so i cannot remember my previous haircut...
i told him to have a haircut faster as soon as it already become too much late for me to reach house.
he took a mug of warm water and rubbed on my hair he massaged for moe than 5 min, as i was in unrest his masssage took me to sleep i asked him could i have eye belt such that i can have some rest,he smiled he told yaa ....
i felt in half sleep after 15 min he waked up me and said that i had a haircut as i opened the eye belt i cannot recognize me in mirroe for a minute i got astonizedand soon i got up a gave a fine slap to him all his co barber came and consoled me they told that my father had come before a second befoer my arrival and he told to shave his son head though he refuse so we shaved.
i told him i dont have any father here in ahmedabad ,soon aman arrived to salon alll barber saw him and told that take ur son that man told that his son ran away so he came to tell that.
in this way i lost my hair the barber finelly shaved my head too my mustace there were no hair except brow in my face ,i loked like laughing buddha with no hair i got shamed and covered my head with handkerchief and ran frm there.

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