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One Year Since I Shaved My Head by Dean

Ah, yes! Sunday 16th March 2003, the day I shaved my head! What a great feeling it was.

Me being 15 now and with fairly long hair, I will be looking foward to the next day I will be bald again, but this is how my story goes...

I am a male teenage Londoner. The day is 16 March 2003 and my hair is so long that it was long enough to tie a big pony tail! My mum nagged and nagged into cutting my hai, but I don't fancy paying £20 ($40) for one lousy haircut. Yes, I was dying to cut it, but I was saving money for a cell phone!

I can remember the days that my mum used to get the hair clippers and give me a no.2 all over, but back then being young, I hated having short hair; I wanted it to be styled.

Then on that Sunday evening, I got really ticked off about my long locks and a went to my mum and shouted 'I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. MUM, SHAVE ME HEAD!' Whoops! Big mistake!

My mum got the hair clippers for her and Dad's bedroom (she shaves my dad's head) and a pair off siccors. She a put a chair in the kitchen and told me to sit in it. I was still in my clothes while she started snipping away my locks with the scissors. When it was at a resonable length, she turned on the hair clippers and started shaving away. I started shaking, becuse I could feel the cold toching my head. But I enjoyed the vibration of the hair clippers moving past my head. 'All done!' she said,'now go to Dad and he'll shave yer head with a razor.' Now I'm done for.

I went to the bathroom and my crop-haired dad was happily waiting for me with a razor in his hand. He gave me a bottle of shaving cream and put the stuff on my head at no accord. I bent down infront of the sink and my dad put the razor on my and started shaving. 'Keep still!' was all he said. When the shaving was complete, I looked into the mirror and saw a hairless guy- the older version of me. I shined it with baby oil. I loved it, and so did my dad. I guess you can say that me and him, like father and son, where bald and beautiful! He even taught how to self-shave my head with a razor. That night, I went to bed and felt the texture of my pillow on my freshly shaven head.

The next day was school. Me being quite a hairy person, I started shaving at 13. So I went to the bathroom and stared in the mirror again. I decided not to shave. I put my school uniform and went to High School (Secondary School in Britain). I take the train to school; when i went into a train, I was with the crowd, I was one of the 10 or-so bald people, and no one stared at me like they did before I had my long locks. I arrived at school and my friends thought it was great; they said it suited me. But I got into trouble by the Head Teacher (Principal). He was talking to me about school uniform in the school. You see, no one is allowed to be shaven headed in the school; the shortest you can have is a number 2 haircut. He asked me why I shaved my head. And it being when the USA and UK went to war in Iraq, which back then I was against, my excuse was:
'I shaved my to protest against the war in Iraq!'
The Head belived me, and I came home bald and proud!

I continued shaving my head by myself (and dad's when he broke his arm) until August. Ever since I have style

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