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Justin's Haircut by Ron

Justin had amazing hair. Long, curly, ringlets that spanned out from his beautiful face. And he knew he was beautiful. He was a singer and when he sang, girls swooned - and he knew that, too.

To say Justin was vain would be a giant understatement. He was vain about all his qualities, but especially about his long curly hair. He spent hours on it, pampering it, shampooing it, conditioning it, basically giving it all the special treatment it needed and it deserved according to him.

He spent hours and hours admiring himself in the mirror, turning his head this way and that, admiring his long locks and his proud muscled arms - thin but fine tuned - and his chiselled ass in his skin-tight jeans. His jeans were so tight they left nothing to the imagination. Although he was very vain, he was also quite easily embarrassed and the tightness of his jeans and the response he had when people talked about his long hair often embarrassed him. He was so vain about his long curls and ringlets that he got hot in his restricting pants every time someone even mentioned his hair. If someone mentioned cutting off his pride and joy - he often had to leave the room to make adjustments and to take care of business. Justin always chose style over comfort thought, he knew he was a sexy punk and he wasn’t going to let anyone forget it.

When he sang, he always came to the front of the stage and spread his skin-tight jeaned legs letting everyone have a good clear view of his bulging crotch. He would run his slender fingers through his massive head of awesome curls and look at the audience with smouldering eyes, lowering his voice and crooning to those in front. He would then strut away in his leather boots, heels making him seem taller than he really was. His fingers still caught in the ridiculously lucious mane of long hair. He would turn and spread his long, lean legs again slipping his hand over the left side of his skintight jeans drawing attention to the shaft drawn up and to the left. And he would pout - POUT ! This tough punk was not beyond using his pouting lips to attract attention.

He was meticulous about his hair and would freak if anyone damaged the “look” of his mop of long hair. He did, however, love to have it touched and fondled lovingly.

Justin gave the impression that he was a very loving very caring person on stage. But at home, he was a nasty brother who didn’t treat his little sister with anywhere near the care he took for his studly curls as he sometimes called them. He was always teasing her and taking advantage of his popularity. She and her girlfriends knew the “real” Justin and they were not as impressed with his awesome tight jeans clinging to his legs, ass, and crotch like a second skin. Nor were they as impressed by his extra-long, extra-curly hair. They had seen him come out of the shower with his totally fantastic long hair streaming down his back. When the hair was wet the ringlets and curls were straight and extended halfway down the dudes back. With his fine features and slender body, he looked an awful lot like a girl !

They had watched him pamper and treat his hair with an enormous number of hair care products to keep the curls and ringlets in perfect shape. They even knew that sometimes he had to use a curling iron to keep all the ringlets matched up on both sides because sometimes they didn’t turn out naturally even.

His sister had seen him scream like a girl and through things when his hair didn’t cooperate and he had to start all over to get the long locks of long boy’s hair in order. She’d seen him almost in tears when dad opened the car window and the fast moving air blew apart some of Justin’s carefully styled long, long rebel’s hair.

One day he came home and his sister had a lot of her friends over. They were still dressed in their girl guide uniforms. He scoffed at them as he always did. “Get off the f***ing couch,” he scowled. After a couple of the girls moved, he flopped himself down on the couch, stretching his long lean legs taking up the whole couch. He carefully pulled the long, long curly hair over the arm of the couch so that his nap didn’t mess up the perfectly coiffed long hair - god forbid !

“Hey, we’re having a party in here, you can go to your room to sleep,” his sister complained.

Justin waved her away with his hand. He had been “entertaining” all night and was compeltely exhausted. He was wearing only a skimpy pair of shorts and even at this point it was clear that he was freeballing. Remember, he was vain and a bit of a showoff, but he was easily embarrased, too - so he had to be careful. Still, he was so tired he didn’t really care. And, frankly, girls didn’t often get him that excited, so he didn’t think his slinky, loose-fitting shorts would cause any problem.

“Get out of here,” his sister screeched at him.

“F*** off and let me sleep,” he moaned. “I can’t go to bed. It’ll wreck my stud’s long hair and I have another concert to do later today,” he pouted his lips pursing perfectly. “You girls just behave and be quiet. Find yourselves something interesting to do.” He gently pulled the long curls of hair over his eyes and nose, making sure they concealed the top half of his face - COOL long hair.

His sister was livid, but what could she do. She returned to talking with her friends. They were doing makeovers and giggling about all sorts of rumours and stories. After about 20 minutes, everyone realized that the proud Justin dude was fast asleep. He was a very heavy sleeper and, once asleep, almost nothing would wake him up.

Some of the girls mentioned jokingly that they should give Justin a makeover while he was asleep.

“Except that he is perfect,” one of the girls joked.

“He thinks he is,” another said and fluffed out her hair, running her fingers through it as if it were Justin fondling his own long hair and vain curls. “I just LOVE my hair. Isn’t it Beeeauuuuuuuuuutiful,” she laughed. “I just have to let everyone see how pretty my long hair is even though I’m a boy with loooooong, long, long, hair.” By now all the girls are quietly giggling. She pushed the hair from in front of her face as if it were Justin’s curls. “OOps, I can’t see where I’m going because my awesome stud’s hair is in the way.” Although she was joking, all the girls had actually heard Justin make such ridiculous claims. He thought is was being studly and cool to have to admit his long hair created these problems. He thought it was SEXY.

His sister was still very angry at his arrogance.

“I think we should give him a makeover,” she announced. “A REAL makeover.” The others knew she was serious. They moved over to the couch and one of the girls pulled back his long curls, gently moving them over the arm of the couch. As she ran her fingers through the curls, pulling a few out of their ringlets, everyone could see just how LONG the hair really was. It was astounding to see how much hair was caught up in the boy’s ringlets and curls.

“Wow, look at the length of this hair!” “What should we do with all of this long hair,” someone said. “He has quite a mop to work with.”

“I think we should give him the haircut he had when he was younger,” his sister piped up. “We’ve got a picture of him in one of the albums.” She went searching and soon brought back a picture of her brother. When the other girl guides saw the picture they nearly squealed with delight. Here was Justin - a lot younger, but still the Justin in front of them - with almost no hair. He had a brush cut with just the tiniest of fringes in front. The hair was so short it was stiff and he looked like the hair was glued to his head.

“He’s so cute in this picture,” one of the girls said.

“I’d love to see him like this again, he’s darling.”

“Well, let’s do it,” his sister said. All their mouths fell open at the same time.

“You’re kidding !” “You’ve got to be joking.”

“He’d die,” one of the girls said. “He loves his precious long hair and his beautiful ringlets and all this stud’s hair in front of his eyes and over his nose.” She lifted some of his curls that hung over his pretty face. Just for a moment, she saw some acne on his nose and some pimples on his forehead. She thought he was probably smart to hide it with his pretty hair - nobody knew.

“I’m serious,” his sister said. “We can do a nice job, a few of us have taken beauty classes at school.”

“I’ve worked on boys hair at school,” one of the girls admitted. “I learned how to do a cut just about like that one. A few weeks ago we had to practice and I did a good job.”

“Great,” Justin’s gleeful sister said, “We will give him the haircut of his life to bring back the little boy who used to be my brother.”

Within minutes the girls had gathered the necessary supplies. They weren’t sure he would sleep through it, but his sister said that would not be a problem. As she began to manipulate his hair, he kind of woke up a little. His sister knelt by his ear and told him that they were going to make sure all his ringlets stayed in order and didn’t fall out of place. He grinned and said “Okay.” He loved having his hair pampered and he’d forgotten that all her friends were there. She put some earphones in his ears and told him to listen to the music and relax as she pampered his hair and gave it the complete treatment. He sneered but accepted the exciting prospect of having his hair fondled by someone else. As she continued to stroke his long locks of precious hair waiting for him to fall back into a deeper sleep, the girls noticed the response in his slinky shorts. Without underwear, it was obvious that this young dude LOVED to have his hair touched in a loving and caring way. The shorts hid nothing - They laughed at his weakness, looking at his standard, pointing, and making comments that would have embarrased him had he heard “Look, how cute.” “It’s so small and skinny.” “It’s darling.” “He’s so weak right now.” “He’s a vulnerable little boy.”

To prolong the procedure and to enjoy every moment and to give each girl a chance at the young stud’s long hair, they began with scissors. Each girl took a good long hank of proud boy’s long hair with curl and ringlet and slid the shiny blades of the scissors along the strands. Then with cool determination, the closed the sharp blades of the scissors and watched as each strand clipped away from the dude’s head. With the last clap of the scissors each girl began a collection of Justin’s long, long hair.

As the scissors changed hands and the clipping continued, poor Justin’s head began to look awful spotty. His sister reserved all the facial curls for herself. She slid the sharp blades into the proud long hair and snip, snip, snipped her was across his crown. The hair she gathered in one hand as the other sheared the sexy dude’s long hair, his pride and joy, his studf***ing long hair as he sometiems called it. All the girls wathced, stunned as she pulled away the remaiing long ringlets from his face, revealing his nose, eyes, and forehead. Here was a boy - a pimply boy - his face was pretty, but he had definitely been hiding some faults behind his lucious, luxurious long hair. The girls giggled at his face. He looked more like one of their friends now, not the ultra-cool, studly, sexy, tight-jeaned, longhaired dude he strutted around and claimed to be.

Sister handed the clippers to the girl who claimed she knew how to cut hair like his was when he was a little boy. She asked the sister if she was sure.

“Well, we can hardly leave him like that,” sister pointed at the boy’s mess of hair. All the curls and ringlets were gone and there were practically bald patches in between patches of hair.

The girl guide started the clippers and applied them to the back of Justin’s head. With a steady and smooth motion she slid them up his head and sheared what was left of his long hair. The studly dude didn’t wake up as she had feared, but he must have sensed the clippers on his head because the vibrations awoke the serpent in his sexy shorts again and all the girls giggled and began making comments about it again.

She continued to slide the clippers over the top of his head to his crown, careful to leave a little hair to gel up there to give him that tiny fringe he had when he was a little boy.

After she had made several passes, the lad’s head began to look very much like it did when he was younger. In fact, without all his long hair, his head looked a lot smaller. His ears stuck out kind of far, and his long, aquiline nose was more noticeable. A great deal of the sex-appeal image he had portrayed for so long was reduced to a little boy image. He looked much younger and kind of innocent and even a little geeky !

Of course, the girls thought he looke “DARLING!” Something that would have made young Justin puke had he known they were shearing all off his pride and joy of his studly head and reducing him to a pre-puberty look.

The girl made some final clipper cuts to perfect the hairdo. Then, his sister applied the gel and lifted the little fringe in front. He looked about ten years old when they were done.

They all laughed and congratulated one another. The girl guides gathered their collection of Justin’s curls and ringlets and left for home. Sister swept up the remainder. She couldn’t wait for her sexy, studly brother to wake up and see their makeover, so she took one of the long curly locks of hair and pushed it between his constantly pouty lips. It wasn’t the first time he’d sucked on his own long hair, but it was the first time he’d brushed the soggy long hair from his mouth and the hair stayed in his hand !!

It took a few more seconds before he opened his eyes. He raised his hand in front of him, looking at it without recognition at first. Then he saw the long hair dangling from his fingers and the palm of his hand. His long HAIR !

He began to sit up, careful not to mess the long, luxurious curls he’d pulled out over the arm of the couch - not knowing they were gone and distributed now.

He looked down at his shorts and pulled a pillow over his crotch, his face turning beet red as he saw the wet patch and the flagpole raised at attention. Finally, he reached for his head to pull the long delicate curls down over his eyes because for some reason they weren’t concealing his face. NO HAIR !

He stroked his head and found only a stubble where the once long, glorious, studly, studf***ing long hair had resided. He began to panic and felt his head furiously looking for the familiar tug of his lucious pride and joy, his boy’s long hair, rebel’s hair - GONE.

Tears welled up into his eyes as he realized that someone had stolen his beautiful, vain hair. He got up off the couch and looked into the mirror above the couch, letting the pillow drop, his pole reduced from fear. His naked head stared back - a kid - a f***ing little kid was looking back at him, with pimples on his forehead and acne along his nose - and no f***ing long hair. He couldn’t believe his eyes and he began to pee his shorts he was in such shock. One hand went to his crotch the other to wipe away the tears. He was shuddering from crying and snot ran from the kid’s nose. He wiped his nose with the back of his hand and the snot mixed with the long curl still clenched in his fingers, he looked at his precious long lock of sexy hair covered in slime now, and he cried harder.

Here he was, the tough, skin-tight jeaned, leathered, high-heeled booted, sexy, studly, dude looking like a geek - shorn, gelled, clean-cut. His head looked tiny with big jug ears sticking out. He was standing in slinky shorts that were now soaked, darkened, and dropping. It was a disaster and he knew it. He’d been shorn by a bunch of girl guides ! How could he ever explain or complain about it - he’d be the laughing stock of everyone !! Then he remembered tonight’s performance.

His sister felt kind of sorry for him, but then she remembered his cocky attitude and his mean treatment. He deserved what he got. Anyway, the hair would grow back

But that’s another story.

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