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Football forced headshave by Christopher

Antonio woke up in pitch blackness. He could hear people and he felt that he was tied up in a chair. Then all of the sudden the lights went on. He was sitting in the football locker room and he was surrounded by one of his fellow teammates. One real big beefy guy said abruptly "Antonio we are sick of your long hair blocking your vision during games and costing us wins. Antonio was in shock as to what was even happening. He had long locks about just touching his shoulders. He was tied up real good. He said back "okay and what do you want me to do about it?! Don't expect much I'm not getting a haircut. So let me go. This is stupid. How did you even get me here?!". Anouther big muscled jock said "enough with the questions. We don't need you to do anything. We told you to get a haircut and you refused so this is what has to happen."

"You better not think about touching my hair. YOUR NOT GOING TO EVEN SNIP A LOCK FROM MY NEAD. LET ME GO YOU FOOLS SO I CAN BEAT YOUR ASSES!!" The five teammates just laughed "that's right were not going to take a snip. We're not going to waste time with that. Mikey get the clippers. NOW. kiss that hair goodbye. We're leaving you with none boy" the big jock named mikey went over to a bag and pulled out a pair of whal 000 balding clippers. He walked over behind Antonio and plugged them in. Mikey said "I hope your ready. I hope your ready to be bald. Bare. Smooth headed. Your going to be the new Antonio. Ready or not your hair is history." He flicked the switch on the clippers and they roared to life. Mikey set them to the shortest setting.

Antonio's heart was beating so fast and he shouted and squirmed, but the other guys told him to take it like a man and how his hair was history the second he came in here. Then mikey placed the clippers in the middle of Antonio's forehead and held them there for a second and then pulled them strait back. Hair rained down leaving nothing but bare skin. Mikey went into sped mode and scalped all the hair from Antonio's head in minutes. The hair fell to the floor, the long tresses once on his head were forcefully removed with a machine built to eat heir. Nothing was left on his head, shaved down to the skin. Antonio was a cue ball and his head was white compare to the rest of his face. Antonio was in shock. The teammates surrounding him laughed so hard and rubbed his smooth head.

After laughing one of the jocks got in Antonio's face and said "listen boy, you keep that head SHAVED. BALD. the rest of the season. OR WE WILL DO IT. understood? Good." Antonio was in shock. His hair was all around him and nothing was left on his head. He felt humiliated. When they untied him he went to the mirror and couldn't believe that it was him.

He kept his head razor shaved the whole season and then some.

(Hope this story was more forcefull than the last, I will mark what story has gay men in it in the title for the future.)

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