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Scavenger Hunt by Dave

I have a great group of friends. We have a lot of fun when we are together. We always have something planned for each weekend. It turns out that each of us tries to outdo the others when it comes to activities. I must say, I for one, look forward to the weekend adventure.

One weekend Bud, one of our group, planned a trip to the barber for all of us. We all had relatively long hair. His idea was for each of us to get a trim! They all decided to go quite short and I was the lone holdout. I like my long hair and kept it. I was proud of myself for not giving into something that I wasn’t sure of. The guys didn’t say anything about me not going short. After the haircuts, we went to a baseball game. I was surprised as were the others since the game was sold out, but Bud had gotten the tickets ahead of time. What a ballgame. Our team lost, but still a great game.

The next few weeks, they tried to talk me into getting rid of my “mop” as they called it. I held fast and finally they stopped trying to get me to go short - so I thought. I didn’t think any more about it. I did notice that each of them kept going shorter and shorter each time they got their hair cut. I have to admit it did look great. In fact, I found myself thinking about their short hair and began to weaken.

One Friday evening we met and it was Justin’s turn for some activity for the weekend. Knowing Justin as I do, I was convinced he had come up with something different. It turned out that we were going to spend the entire Saturday involved with a Scavenger Hunt. We divided up into two groups. We agreed that the winning group would be treated to a dinner at our favorite restaurant. We were told that we had to follow the instructions to the letter as we went along.

Now you can imagine how much work Justin put into this. I told our group that this was going to be wild. I couldn’t wait to get started. At 7 AM on that eventful Saturday morning we were off. We had no idea as to how the other team was doing. All I remember was we were going full speed ahead - I could taste the delicious meal awaiting me.

We were doing quite well in the hunt. The more success we had, the more we all got into the hunt. One of the clues lead us to our barber. We went in and began looking for the clue as to what we were to bring back. We looked and looked and finally someone suggested maybe the clue was in one of the magazines. We divided the magazines into equal piles and we began looking. Wouldn’t you know it, I was the one who found it. I opened the envelope and it said, “Whoever finds this clue, has to get a FREE HEAD SHAVE!

Everyone wanted to read it and then they all looked at me. I could feel all of their eyes focused on my long, blonde, curly hair. I said, “No Way!” Everyone looked at me and began to move towards me. I knew if I didn’t think of something really fast, I would be bald in no time. Just as I decided to make a break to the door, I noticed that three of my ‘pals?’ had moved to the door. There was not escape. I was escorted to the chair and Anthony, the barber was standing there with clippers in one hand and the straight razor in the other. When I saw him, he was grinning from ear to ear.

I was helped into the chair and Sam put the cape on me. I protested, but they all gathered round Sam and me & said, “You’re not going to keep us from having a free meal.” With that the clippers sprang to life and the hair began to fall. I found my heart racing. I didn’t know what to think at the time. When the clippers made their first pass on the top of my head, not only did really long strands of hair slide down to the floor like a light feather, I found chills racing down my spine. After the second trip had begun, I noted activity under the cape. The more the clippers raced across the top of my head, the more difficult it was for me to hold it. I couldn’t believe I was really enjoying my head shave as it progressed.

I thought I had it made by the time the clipping stopped, but then I suddenly came back to reality when really warm shaving cream was placed on my head. I could feel the pressure down below building like it had never been before. Anthony took a new Mach 3 TURBO razor and slid it back across the top of my head. The feeling sent me into ‘heaven’. I didn’t know anything could feel that good. Just then an explosion happened. I found myself letting out a loud “OH! AH!” All of the guys smiled and clapped. Before long, I was slowly turned around to face the mirror. There I sat, with the smoothest and shiny head anyone could imagine. Of course I had to reach up and feel it. Just as I did, I found myself once again repeating, “OH! AH!” The feeling was AWESOME!

I got up from the chair and went to pay Anthony, but he refused. I even offered him a great tip, but he refused that also. Off we went to find the next item. It seems that the envelope not only had the FREE HEAD SHAVE in it, but the next clue.

Early in the afternoon, we returned with all of our items. It turned out one of the items was my BALD HEAD! We had won. I was so excited. Of course the other team wanted to know what happened to my hair. When they heard about the clue and the barbershop, they all began to laugh. I told them, “It was my dumb luck to find it.” We all had a great laugh and left. We were all to meet at the restaurant for dinner that night.

As I was getting ready for dinner, I began to think….could this have been a set up? I thought, was it by chance that I got the magazine with the clue in it? The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that the entire hunt was a set up. As I was shaving my head for the evening, I found myself grinning. Whatever the situation was, I had gotten rid of my long hair and I found myself totally enjoying the shave and the smooth head. Right then and there I knew I would remain BALD and would do everything I could to convince the others to go BALD! They didn’t know what they were missing.

When I got to the restaurant, I was in for a shock. The rest of the guys were there! Talk about a great group of guys. Each one was sporting a shiny HEAD SHAVE! When I sat down, I found each of them smiling. I told them all how great they looked and then I asked if indeed, today’s activity was a set up. Justin, smiled and said, “You will never know, will you?” Of course after seeing their bald heads, I knew it was. I told them how much I am enjoying the bald head and wished someone had come up with this idea before. I thanked them all for getting me past the ‘sea of doubt.’

Just as we were about to order, in walked Anthony. YEP! He too was totally Bald! He walked over and rubbed my head and wanted to know how I liked it. It old him he may well have lost a loyal customer….Anthony’s smile left him like he had just been hit by a big MAC Truck. Then I told him I would be in each week for him to scrape me clean. That seemed to bring back the smile in his face. We had a most enjoyable evening.

When I got home, I found the phone ringing. It was Justin. He wanted to know if I was mad at the gang and I told him, “Heavens NO!” I loved the way they got me to lose that long hair. Justin then told me that indeed they were all in on the plan. He said, “We all knew you needed a push and once you went short, you would love it.” YES! The magazine was a plant - they made sure that I got the one magazine with the clue. I guess I didn’t stand a chance with the ‘cards stacked against me.’ What a great group of guys.

When I hung up the phone, I found myself rubbing my smooth head and loving it. I then thought about the next activity someone would think up. Yes! We do have a lot of FUN! Of all of the activities we have been involved in, the Scavenger Hunt was the best….after all I ended up with a FREE HAIRCUT! and a FREE MEAL! Now what could be better than that? Oh! I know! A BALD HEAD!

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