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My Hair is Gone by A Recruit

It was the night before our graduation from college. My roommate was on a kick about what it would be like to have his head shaved. Wether or not he was serious or not, some others took him seriously. Let me tell you Keith was not one who you expected to see with short hair.

Several of us went out to celebrate our graduation. I had gone out with some friends of mine and Keith went out with some of his friends. When I returned to our room, Keith was sound asleep. I was astonished to see him laying there. His head shaven totally Bald! I did not want to wake him but I had to ask him about it. I gently shook him.

He awoke with a start. I asked him "What happened to your hair?" I assumed he knew he was bald. You could say he was a shocked as I was. He screamed "My HAIR IS GONE! Those guys really did it!"

As it turned out, Keith had been joking around after a few beers about shaving his head. They took him seriously and after coming back to the dorm decided to shave his head once he fell into a deep sleep. He had had no idea of what happened until I awoke him. Certainly, Keith was not pleased.

He looked so strange bald. He was furious and really wanted revenge. But it was not feasible. Poor Keith I really felt bad for him.

What could I do? And yet I could not see him on graduation day being the only one with a shaven head. I made a decision right there. I decided I would shave my head as well. But I did not tell Keith. I went into the bathroom and taking a pair of scissors I began chopping off my own brown hair. I let it tumble into the basin, then flushed it down the toilet.

Next, I lathered up my remaining hair and slowly and carefully shaved it off. Then I re-shaved it until my head was smooth. When Keith saw me he laughed "Why did you do that?" I answered "I felt sorry for what they did to you and I did not want you to be the only bald head at graduation

" Keith could only chuckle. The next day at graduation there were the two of the only ones shaven bald. We really got razzed. For this was in the Seventies and short hair had not really come into wide acceptance and shaven heads were far and between.

It created a bound between us over the years. Yes, Keith and I grew back our hair. We recently had our 25th reunion. And the two of us decided to shave each other bald once again. But this time in front of everyone. What a thrill because many of our classmates had less hair then us or were bald. But cheers went up as we shaved our heads. We decided now we are going to keep the bald look.

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