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When Dylan Met Bieber by longhairboy

There he was, standing proudly in front of his full length mirror, pulling a brush through the long long strands of silky blond hair that cascaded like a waterfall over his shoulders and down to the middle of his back.
"Eighteen inches,” he whispered to himself, "F***ing eighteen inches of glory.” He smirked into the mirror, admiring the sheen on the long blond strands as the brush increased their bulk and glory ever more.
As he continued to admire himself and draw the brush through the long blondness, he felt a familiar tug at his underwear. He smiled. The snake was aroused.

"Time to control this long puppy,” he said to himself. With practised hands he began to pull the awesome hair back into a tail. Tail didn't even seem a strong enough word for this magnificent bulk of long locks that would barely be controlled except for Dylan's magic hands that knew what to do with such abundance.
The long strands did, in fact, begin to behave and he got the ties into the hair, segmenting it all the way down the eighteen inches.
He flung the tail back and forth, admiring how the thick rope slapped against his chest and then on his back, chest, back, chest, back!
What a lovely rope of invincible hair! He thought this and his boner jumped - but quickly the fear in him thought "invincible” well it is just HAIR and there were those who suggested c…cu….cut…cutting it !!
Now his underwear were standing at attention for sure and he felt a bit embarrassed standing there with the huge hotrod poking toward the mirror.

"No time for this,” he thought. "I gots me a party to go to,” he chuckled, "And I wanna be as horny as I can to enjoy the whole thing.” He reached for his new jeans - new but nice and tight and threadbare because he'd found them at a thrift shop. These were really going to show off his goods.

He took his time stretching them over his slender legs and then even more time getting them up over his boner. He had to be especially careful, sliding it to one side and up to let the soft cloth cling to him and reveal.
He smirked again in the mirror admiring himself and realizing just how very vain he was.
And proud of it!
I am soooo f***ing beautiful with this mop of long hair, he thought.

The boy knew that he was taking somewhat of a risk going to this party. There would be a bunch of wankers there that didn't really like his long hair. He had been showing it off all year at college and a number of the lads didn't like the "hairboy.” Sometimes called "hairball” "kid with the long hair” "faggot hair dude” etc.

Dylan didn't care. Sure he got embarrassed sometimes, but the excitement of having dudes talk about his hair - even if it was negative, was very attractive. He could hardly pass up the chance to have a pack of them both admiring and scoffing at his pride and joy long precious blondness.

He pulled on his grey t-shirt with the Star on it - "cause I'm a star,” he chuckled to himself.
Over this, he pulled on his black "grownup” coat, flinging the massive tail out over the blackness of the coat gave an excellent contrast.
The grownup coat with the punk long locks charging down the back, eighteen inches of a f*** finger to the world, like he was flipping everyone off with his massive blond locks of undulating hair.

The boy went to leave the house but his mother stopped him.
"Have a nice time, sweetie,” she said.

He cringed.

"Okay, thanks,” he tried to sound sincere.

"Are you sure you want to wear those jeans? They seem a little too tight for you. I don't remember seeing them before.”


"Okay, okay, I know you are all grown up now. Behave.”

Dylan smirked at this, but his mother thought it was a smile.

"I always do,” he replied and flung his tail of proud stud's hair.

He practically strutted to the party. It wasn't far, so he decided to walk. All the better to show off the glory that was his long hair anyway. More and more people should get the chance to "see” his beautiful hair because they sure as f*** weren't going to touch it and they sure as f*** weren't ever going to have long hair as amazing as HIS!

Dylan reached the house in no time. There were already a few people there, but not too many - just the way he liked it.
This would give him a chance to get ensconced in the house and scope out escape routes and have a couple of drinks to help him relax.

He chuckled as he entered the house and a few dudes took a second look at the back of his head and the long rope of beautiful blondness that live there.

"this is going to be fun,” he thought.

All was going well. He had scoped out the house, and he had helped himself to a couple of drinks. The host was very nice, and he didn't seem to perturbed about the boy's long hair.
Dylan began to relax. He'd found himself a nice spot on the couch that would show off his long hair to everyone, the braid flung out behind him or even along the top of the couch like a long blond anaconda.
There had been a few whispers behind his back about the "hairboy” but nothing too dangerous, just enough to help tighten his already strangling jeans. The soft threadbare cloth was comfortable, though, and it had enough stretch to let him expand.

He smirked as another dude glared down at the anaconda across the back of the couch - and maybe the one in his jeans, too!

Yes, this was going to be fun.

He noticed that this dude wasn't moving on. He just kept glaring, maybe a little drunk. The guy had one of those f***ing army cuts that made all dudes look like idiots. You could see his scalp his hair was so short!

"What the f*** are you looking at?” Dylan spat. He then stroked the long tail of hair, letting his fingers bounce over each bump of hair tie, like running fingers over corrugated silk.

"I'm not sure,” the shorthair said. "Been trying to figure that out. Some nasty f***ing long hair you got for a boy - and I do mean boy.”

Dylan's face turned red under the swaths of blond bangs. "F*** you. I ain't no boy.”

"You sure as f*** ain't no man,” the guy looked a bit dangerous actually. But he did move on.
Though the longhaired punk felt a bit nervous now, he wasn't going to let that idiot spoil his night. He got another drink and began to relax again.
He pulled the swath of hair bound as it was out over the couch. The eighteen inches sailed down the back of the couch revealing all its beauty.
And Dylan smiled.

Then he heard a couple of voices in the distance. It was hard to hear with all the commotion, but he had special ears for this kind of talk.

"Yeah, the wanker probably wanks into that long blond hair all the time.”

"No f***ing kidding. Did you see him. What a hairball. Totally into his massive mane, too - always stroking it like it's a baby or something.”

"Oh no, it's not like a baby. It's like his cock. That long ponytail is just an extension of his boner. He strokes it like he's gonna cum - and then his jeans tighten - so he really would cum if he kept it up.”

"You're f***ing kidding.”
Dylan realized that one of the speakers was the shorthaired f*** who had been glaring at him.

"No, I've seen the dude in class. When he thinks nobody is looking he starts stroking his tail, running his long fingers down the total length - up and down - up and down - feeling the texture and rubbing his hair as he goes. I watched him. He starts to go faster and faster, then the whole world disappears as he can't control himself. The dude literally wanks by stroking his braid in public. Suddenly his f***ing back arched and you could tell from the look on his face that he'd cum in his jeans.”

"Holy f***, what a f***ing little s**t.”

"Sure enough, when he got up to go, I made like I was just leaving too and nearly ran into him. I looked down, and the hairball had a huge wet patch on his runner shorts.”

"That's disgusting. I think we should do something about that hair. I'm not even from this school, so I could get away with it. Got any scissors?”

Dylan now was full on nervous. Full on hard - but full on nervous. He made a deal with himself that this was the last drink and he was out.

Just as he was about to leave, there was a commotion at the door. He couldn't believe his ears.
Yes, believe it or not, Justin Bieber and his little gang of misfits had arrived.
Dylan couldn't believe it. The Biebs came around the corner, and Dylan got another shock of his life.
Not only did the little dude go back to having the swath of hair he used to have hanging down his forehead, but he had grown it even bigger, and the hair was longer in back as well. Still, all the hair was perfectly coifed and pampered, but the kid was constantly, and I do mean constantly flipping the bangs across his face.

Dylan's boner re-energized at the sight of this little f*** with his leather trousers literally hanging off the back of his tiny ass, waddling around like he owned the f***ing world.
Every time the little sexy dude flicked his hair, Dylan's hotrod would pump.

Flick, pump………flick…….pump………flick……..pump.

Oh my god, Dylan thought.

And got another drink - now feeling quite buzzed, forgetting the talk before, forgetting all nerves as the boner took over control, leading the boy by the mushroom cap.

He made every effort to keep the Biebs in view so he could admire the flipping hair. Also, his waddle seemed cute, too.

At last, he sat back on the couch and pulled his tail out along the top of the couch. Nobody else was sitting there at the moment, so he wanted it to be displayed at its best.

Much to his delighted surprise, Justin plopped down beside him.

"Hey dude,” the kid said. Dylan was surprised and had no time to fling his rope of awesomeness out over the back of the couch before the little brat grabbed it and pulled it down into his lap. Dylan could hardly believe it!
Justin Bieber had his precious long long tail in his hands and it was curling toward his sagging lap!

"Ahh,” Dylan began to try to speak, but Justin was a quick f***.

"Pretty hair, dude,” the Biebs giggled. "I mean, really, man this is the best f***ing hair I've seen for ages. You really know how to take care of long hair. I can tell. It is so cool.”

The kid could talk!
But, he also was saying all the right things. Dylan verily glowed with pride, he sat straighter and sighed with delight.

"Thanks, I do my best.”

"Your best is f***ing fantastic. I LOVE this hair, dude. I would love to have this hair.”

Dylan was now so boned up and so in ecstasy that he didn't catch the double meaning of the last statement.

"I bet this hair looks f***ing fantastic when it isn't all caged up in the chastity belt,” the Biebs giggled like a girl again, but that flip of all boys hair could make any dude melt.

"Huh,” was all Dylan managed. He was so excited in his threadbare jeans that he could hardly stop from cumming.

"I mean this hair would look so f***ing cool out of these ties,” Justin flicked the ties and tried taking the bottom one off.

Dylan finally found a small part of the brain in his head with what little blood hadn't flowed to his cock.
"NO!” he shocked himself. He can't yell at the Biebs. "No, dude, sorry. I don't let anyone touch my long hair.”

"Hey, you've been letting me touch it. I've been f***ing stroking this hair for five minutes and you didn't say nothing.” the little rock star f*** actually pouted.

"I'm sorry, Justin. Maybe if we go into the washroom, I'll so you my hair loose.”

The Biebs eyes lit up and sparkled, hypnotizing Dylan.
"Really, you would do that for me,” he said.

Yet again, the blood flow to Dylan's pants sucked the life of his other brain. He didn't hear the sarcasm in the Biebs voice.

"Sure, let's go.”

The two boys walked to the washroom. One barely able to walk because his boner was stretching his jeans beyond compare. The other waddling like a duck in his sag so low it was ridiculous - but ridiculously exciting, too.

Once in the washroom, Dylan began to undo the massive long blond strands. They fell in waves, flowing, waving, undulating, cascading - the blondness never ending.
The Biebs laughed and said things like "Wow!” "I Never !” "So pretty” "F***ing awesome, stud dude!”

Dylan was enlivened by the comments, particularly the last one.

"Can I take the last tie out, pleeeeeeeease,” Justin begged.
Dylan would NEVER let anyone touch his hair - but this was Justin Bieber - and he was begging - and he LOVED his hair, too!
The Biebs bangs fell in a single huge wave swatch from one side of his face to the other - completely concealing his eyes and almost his nose - at least until he …..swoosh…..did the hair flip……did the hair flip……did the hair flip.
This kid is going to need a chiropractor, Dylan thought - but throbbed at every swoosh of soft hair wave gone by.

"I don't know man,” the cocky boy said, rubbing his thin jeans.

"Pleeeeease,” Justin begged again. "I won't tell anyone.”

He was so sincere.

Dylan relented.

"Okay, but be careful. I don't want you to shred my hair. You gotta pull nice and gentle like.”
For some reason, Justin giggled at this comment.

"I'll be careful,” the Biebs promised and flicked his hair three times in succession. This made Dylan almost lose his grip.
The little dude reached up to the blond hair and released the last tie, pulling it down and tugging very gently on the massive long blond waves as they literally tumbled in sex down his back.

"oooooohhhhhhhhhhh” Justin said. Dylan preened and absorbed the admiration.

Justin Bieber didn't ask but quickly began to stroke his fingers through the long silky blondness. The long hair tangling around the fingers that had been in and out of his sagging leather jeans all night.
If it had been anyone other than the Biebs this would never happen.

"How long have you grown this long hair ?”

"About 6 years,” the college boy bragged proudly. "Six looooong years, avoiding all pitfalls to keep my long hair.”

As it was, Dylan knew the Biebs was just as horny over his own long bangs as he was over his hair.

Still, he had to stop him before things went too far.

"Gotta get my hair back in the ties and go home, dude,” Dylan said.

"Really, ahhh,” Justin pouted and flipped his massive bangs that promptly fell back over his tiny nose and covered his eyes.
"I will help you.”

The two hair boys worked on the super long blond pride and joy - getting the chastity belt back on the blond beauty.

"That is one f***ing beautiful head of hair,” Justin said. Dylan blushed.

"Thank you.”

Just as they were about to leave. Justin said, "Whoah, dude - hold on.”


"The tie at the top of your pony is not holding right - there are loose hairs.”

"F***!” Dylan didn't want to start all over.

"I can fix it, dude, don't worry. I'm good with hair,” Justin bragged. "I wish I had this hair,” he said again.

Too late for Dylan, he began to catch the drift.

"Grab him,” Justin commanded.
Just then, the unlocked door burst open and two burly bodyguards towered into the bathroom. Before Dylan could so much as raise his voice in protest, they had his arms behind his back and his massive tail hanging prone.
"Dude, what the hell are you doing!?” the ponytail boy screeched.
"Well, it's like I said,” Justin responded, a gleam in his limpid brown eye. "I'd love to have this ponytail.”
The Biebs flipped his hair and withdrew a pair of long-nosed scissors from his sagging leather jeans.
"And I always get what I want.”
Dylan's full pink lips curled back in a grimace of terror.
"Wait—" he stuttered. "Not that—NOT THAT!”
He writhed and struggled, causing the ponytail to fly this way and that through the air, but Justin's delicate hand reached out to catch the blond rope and the battle ceased.
"Justin,” Dylan stammered, desperate. "Biebs, dude, let's talk about this—"
Justin pulled the tail out from Dylan's head, admiring the thick python of hair that undulated 18 inches from Dylan's head to his lower back.
"So long,” Bieber whispered. "I believe that this took six years to grow.”
He stroked the massive tail and Dylan shivered involuntarily.
"But here's the thing.”
Bieber's adolescent voice dropped to a scrappy baritone and he looked at the terrified Dylan, making sure to let the gaze go through his chestnut brown bangs.
"My hair is famous. And no one upstages it. Sorry, Ponytail Boy. Enjoy your last few seconds with a tail.”
Bieber opened the scissors and moved them towards the tail anchored securely in his fingers.
The blades found the base of the swirling long tail, the rope of pride grown for an entire adolescence, and closed over the first hair tie with a satisfying THWACK.
Dylan began to sob as the crunching grew louder, then quieter, until finally with a clean click of metal on metal the whole massive ponytail snapped free, an 18-inch monster severed in ten seconds.

Dylan screamed. His back arched and the cum creamed his sexy thin jeans.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, what have you done!!! MY TAIL !!”

Justin just waddled away holding the awesome stud's sex tail up in the air. "NO My Tail!” he laughed and waddled back out to the others to show off his new pride and joy.
His little entourage knew the whole time and surrounded him to protect him and enjoy his new toy - a long blond rope of tail - the likes had never been seen on a boy before.

Dylan was immediately in the mirror. The tail was gone GONE !!

He immediately started to cry. The blondness that was left was shaggy, but he had lost years of proud long hair.

Suddenly the f*** that had glared at him came in along with some buddies of his from another school.

"well, well, well,” he said. "Lookie what we have here. We might as well finish the job, shall we. You did know this was a haircutting party, didn't you?”

Dylan tried to leave, but he was surrounded. Within moments they had the clippers plugged in and the shaggy blond hair began to fall around him. The sheared one half of his head, up around his ears, all the way to the scalp.
They left the other half for him to remember how he used to have longer hair - not army boy hair.

The boy sobbed, tears springing from his eyes and running down his snotty nose as he sniffled and sobbed.
Suddenly, he could hold on no longer and he peed his own sexy skintight threadbare jeans - warming down hi leg and spilling out over the floor.

All the tough dudes laughed at the silly little blond college boy who now looked to be about ten years old - shorn and sobbing like a wee kid.

The proud long tail and shaggy blondness reduced to stubble on one half of his head, the swagger and strut gone from the hair dude - hair dude no more!

He was blubbering, but then some word crossed his memory as the blood began to get back into his upper brain.
"You did know this was a haircutting party, didn't you?” Visions assaulted him as he saw Justin Bieber's little swaggering ass hanging out of his leather jeans, and his smirking little face, and his gigantic swath of hair hanging over his face - ultimately tended and molded to perfection - to perfect flipping accuracy -
Flip, flip, F***ING FLIP !!

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