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A Proud Dad by Ray

My name is Ray. I am 47 years old. I have a shaved head and have been shaved since 1999. I have 2 great sons. The younger one is Jake, age 12. He is my book boy. He tends to keep his hair in a shaggy type style. My oldest is Jeremy, age 13. He is the sports kid and tends to keep his hair neat and short. Both boys get crewcuts when the weather starts to get warm. This is a true story and wanted to share it.
Just before February school vacation, my sons were getting ready for school. I could hear Jake and Jeremy talking in the bathroom getting ready for school.
"Jeremy, has dad shown you how to shave yet?”
"Not yet Jake. Why”
"I noticed that my mustache is starting to grow in and I have fuzz on my cheeks.”
"I do too Jake.”
Well, I guess that it was time to show my sons how to shave. I wanted to make their special time a one for them to remember.
On the Friday before school vacation, I decided to surprise them and excuse them early from school. Before I picked them up, I went to the store and bought each son a razor, shave gel, and an assortment of after shaves for them to try.
So I picked up the boys. I told them that I had a special afternoon planned for us. I told them that the first stop was the barber shop for haircuts.
We arrived and entered. The boys picked out magazines to occupy their time. When it was our turn, I went first. I told the barber that I wanted my head shaved as well as a facial shave. The barber shaved my head smooth and shaved my beard and mustache.
As I was walking away, I told the barber that his next client was my younger son, Jake. I told him that I wanted Jake to get a #1 crewcut and a facial shave. He asked me how old Jake was. I told him 12. I told him that this was his first shave and wanted it special. I told Jake that he was first. I told Jake to relax and enjoy himself. I watched as the barber put the cape around Jake and grabbed the clippers. He started to trim his hair to a short #1 crewcut. When he was done, he shaved around his ears and neck. He then told Jake to relax and he reclined the chair to give him a shave. Jake looked at me. I smiled and winked at him. The barber started by placing a warm cloth on his face to soften his mustache and beard. He then applied the shave cream over his face. He then started to shave Jake's face with a straight razor. He took his time and was careful. He finished the shave and applied an after shave to him. Jake got out of the chair with a large smile on his face. He looked in the mirror and rubbed his beard and mustache to feel nothing but smooth skin. He came back to Jeremy and me.
"Thanks dad for letting the barber shave me”.
"I am glad that you enjoyed it Jake. You look really great with your new crewcut and shaved face.”
Jake sat down. I walked over to the barber and told him that Jeremy was next.
"I want the same for my other son with the shave. As far as the haircut, he is old enough to decide that he wants”.
Jeremy walked over to the chair and sat down. The barber placed the cape around him.
"So what will it be today son?”
Jeremy paused, looking back at me and smiled. "I would like what my dad has. I want to have my head shaved”.
It took me by surprise that Jeremy wanted his head shaved. The barber looked at me. He asked me if it was all right. I nodded and said, "It is his choice. If he wants his head shaved, you have my permission”.
So the barber picked up the clippers and proceeded to clip his hair almost to the skin. Jeremy reached up and felt it. He smiled.
The barber completed the clipping. Jeremy looked bald after the clipping. The barber then wrapped a hot towel around his head and kept it on for a few moments. He then removed the towel.
He went to the lather machine and got an amount on his hands. He then asked Jeremy, "Are you ready?” Jeremy nodded.
The barber then applied shave cream to his entire head. He then picked up the straight razor. He told Jeremy to stay still. He started to scrape away the stubble from his head. After several minutes, he went back to the lather machine and got more cream. He reapplied more cream and them shaved his hair against the way his hair grew. He completed the shave. He clean off his head with after shave and wiped it down.
Jeremy reached up and felt his smooth shaved head. He smiled as his rubbed it.
The barber told him that he was not done. He told Jeremy to relax. He reclined the chair. He went and got a warm towel and placed it over his face. After a few minutes, he removed the towel. He then got more lather and rubbed it over his beard and mustache. He took the razor and proceeded to shave Jeremy's face smooth. The barber finished and applied more after shave to his face to clean it up and wiped it.
Jeremy got out of the chair. He looked in the mirror and again rubbed his head and then his cheeks and upper lip. He then came out smiling.
"Thanks dad. This was the best surprise ever. I have wanted to shave my head for a long time. I just never had the nerve to ask you”.
"It's ok Jeremy. You look great with your new hair style. And I am glad that you both enjoy your first shaves. I wanted this to be very special for you”.
Looking at Jake, he looked a little unhappy.
"What's wrong Jake?”
"Dad…..since your head is shaved and Jeremy is now shaved, can I get mine shaved too?”
Are you sure that you want your head shaved Jake?”
"Yes dad, I am sure”.
I looked back to the barber and asked, "Can you do one more head shave today?”
He replied, "Sure”, with a smile.
So Jake jumped back in the chair. The barber caped him up. He asked Jake again if he wanted it shaved and Jake said yes. The barber got his clippers and proceeded to shaved his crewcut down to stubble. Jake reached up and felt it. He smiled.
The barber then got a hot towel and applied to Jake's head. The barber then removed it. He went to his lather machine and got lather for Jake's head. He applied it all over Jake's head.
He then got the razor. He told Jake not to move. The barber shaved his head with in a few minutes. He then got more lather and reshaved his head again. When he was done, he cleaned Jake's head off with after shave and wiped it off. Jake looked in the mirror and smiled.
"I can't believe I just did this. Thanks dad for letting me shave my head.”
We left the barber shop. We went to get some lunch. I watched as both boys ate their lunch and at times rubbed their smooth heads. When we got home, I told both boys that there were a few gifts for them on their bed. Both opened the bags to find their razors and shave gel and the after shave.
During school vacation, I shaved both boys' head after seeing they had stubble. Jake asked me if he could keep his head shaved to go back to school.
At the end of vacation, both boys wanted me to shaved their heads before going back to school. I did. They have not had any problems with the new hair style. Their friends liked their new haircuts.
I am so blessed to have two great sons.

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