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From long hair sissy to flattop real man by Longhair

From long hair sissy to flattop real man

I had my mane grow longer and longer for 5 years. From shoulder, down mid back to the top of my ass and today covering my ass completely! Extremely long, thick, blond hair. Looking all like a woman from behind (I'm 51 years old), with my mane flowing freely in the air. And mistaken for a woman almost all of the time in restaurants, bars, shops yes everywhere – and I loved it!
Because even though I found it extremely embarrassing it also turned me on very much so I must admit. I often got a very visible huge bulge in my pants and blushed all red. I tried to hide it the best I could but often to no avail. Men and women noticed my "reaction” immediately. Some of them asked me directly, if I got aroused and excited being mistaken for a woman. Others made fun of my reaction. And quite often people told me to get a haircut!
That phrase was the one making the biggest impact on me. I almost exploded whenever someone told me I needed a haircut and that my hair was far too long for my gender and age.
I used to flip my mane and make it even bigger to "provoke” further comments about my need for a haircut – and very often succeeded in that. People asked me why I would have so long blonde hair covering my ass and making me look so feminine? Was I gay? Transgender? Transvestite?
Well even though I sometimes did dress up in stay-up black nylon stockings, stiletto heel black shoes, a small black dress with no underwear, a black transparent blouse and a small black leather jacket – and all of my long blond hair freshly washed and brushed freely down around me to below my ass and went to a local bar just to attract the attention – which I got!!! – in everyday life at work I kept my long mane in a HUGE high ponytail swinging from side to side as I walked.
Sometimes I leaned forward over a college – man and woman – letting my enormous ponytail swing down over them and cover their faces in my thick long blond hair.
In particular one guy reacted very, very excited to this. I saw the enormous bulge in his pants as I covered him with my ponytail – on purpose. He started breathing very heavy and then grabbed my tail and held it in a very firm grip!
Now it was my turn to get aroused! Being held forcefully in my huge ponytail felt extremely good – and dangerous and excited at the same time.
We held that position in what felt like hours but may have been no more than 30 seconds. Then he released my long blonde tail and I threw it behind me – hitting a woman passing by at the same moment. She complained about my far too long hair and told me I needed a serious haircut!
Once again when the talk was about me getting a long needed haircut I reacted immediately and the guy at the desk noticed it immediately but said nothing.
Well I went back to my desk, and I didn't make any further "hair provocations” that day. As I was about to leave the guy I "attacked” with my huge ponytail earlier in the day – his name was Matt – stopped at my desk and asked if I would join him for a drink. He was a nice guy – and immediately I thought of another possibility to tease him with my ass long sissy hair. So we went to a bar close bar. And had a couple of drinks.
To tease him and hopefully make him horny I released my ponytail and let all of my long blonde locks flow down all over me over my lap and below the seat of the chair. I knew how fabulous I looked all drowned in a sea of extremely healthy, thick blond hair. And Matt again started breathing VERY heavy and the bulge in his pants very soon became VERY visible again.
I smiled at him. "What do you think of my hair?” I teased him.
"It's it's …eh very very long and very very beautiful” Matt succeeded in saying all red in his face and the huge bulge in his pants.
"Some people say I need a haircut. What do you think?”
Again Matt could hardly say a word being so immensely excited. But finally he whispered: "I think you need a very serious haircut. You look like a woman and you are far too old to have long blonde hair below your ass”.
Now it was my turn to turn red and react in my lap! I went over to Matt's sofa and placed myself VERY close to him – and threw all of my exceptional long and thick and beautiful blond hair all over him!!
Matt couldn't say a word! He was completely overwhelmed by my mane!
He reached for it and grabbed a big fist full of my feminine long hair – and pulled it, smelled it, rubbed it against his huge bulge in the pants!
I leaned close towards him and whispered in his ear: "Are you sure you want me to have a haircut?”
Matt was breathing very heavily but succeeded in whispering: "Yes. Your hair is far too long for an old man. You should have a nice short haircut that will take years of your appearance”.
I couldn't help it any longer and let my hand reach down to the huge bulge and as I started rubbing – which made Matt sigh very loud! – I kissed him. Matt grabbed all of my overlong sissy hair into a huge ponytail in front of my face and let it all go so we both were covered in long blonde hair down to the laps.
Matt then surprised me by saying that he knew a place that was just right for me. He smiled and kissed me, and I said that this sounded good to me. We left the bar – me with all of my long blonde sissy hair flowing behind me down below my ass.
We walked for around 10 minutes when Matt said that we were nearly there. I was surprised since I couldn't see any bars or nightclubs which were what I had assumed Matt would show me.
The only thing in sight was an old fashioned barber salon. And Matt stopped just in front of it.
I nearly had a heart attack!
Matt smiled at me and kissed me and then gathered all of my long hair and wrapped in around his arm and into his hand. He had a VERY grip on my long hair now and I couldn't go loose.
Now the door to the barber salon opened! And an elderly barber dressed in a white kitel with comb and scissor in his breast pocket!!
"Hello John” Matt said. "Here's the customer I told you about. He is in VERY dire need of a haircut – a SHORT haircut” and with that Matt dragged me by my own long feminine hair into the barber salon!
My heart was beating at a race like never before, my head was all red, my legs felt like gel, my mouth all dry. I felt dizzy and extremely scared. This couldn't be true. This wasn't for real. Even though I had VERY often dreamed about this situation – and had loads of cum accompanying med – I NEVER wanted it to happen for real!!!
Still helplessly held in my own hair by Matt I watched as the barber shut the door, locked it and pulled down the blinds!!
"Guys listen pls. This has gone far enough. Pls. let me go” I begged. But Matt – who was a former swimming champion and so much stronger than me – just dragged me towards the old fashioned red barber chairs! I felt like fainting!!
"You have teased enough people with that ridiculous long feminine mane. Walking around with hair below your ass and showing it to the world. If you knew how many guys in the office and even more women -who are jealous of your ohhh so pretty long hair – who want you to have a haircut you would be amazed.
You think that everybody love your precious long blonde locks as much as yourself. Well here's the truth sissy: They DON'T!”
Matt asked the barber in which chair he would like me to sit and the barber pointed to the chair in the middle.
Matt dragged me by my long hair to the chair and pushed me into it.
I hated the feeling of sitting in an old fashioned barber chair. For the past 5 years I had only been seated in women's beauty parlors to have a ½ inch trim twice a year – and I HATED it!
Matt kept me prisoner by my own mane with one hand while strapping me in to the chair and with duct tape over my mouth!!
He lifted his arm with all my hair around into the air and the barber quickly applied neck paper and caped me with a HUGE black and white striped barber cape. I watched myself in the mirror – in complete disbelief. This was a bad, bad nightmare and time to wake up.
Matt unwrapped my hair and let it loose all over the cape down to my lap and behind the chair to below the seat of the barber chair!!
The barber then turned on the camera in the salon and Matt also placed two pocket cameras in different positions. They were gonna film me – in my extremely humiliating haircut! Would this never have an end?
I desperately tried to scream but to no avail – the duct tape was very tight. And the straps on the chair kept my arms and legs completely tight.
With all signs of disgust the barber started to comb my long blonde hair. He looked at my wonderful hair with almost hatred. And my mane grew larger and larger as he worked his way through it and it filled the whole cape in front and the back of the barber chair completely down below the seat.
I watched in the mirror – embarrassed to notice that the barbers handling of my beloved mane immediately had caused a huge erection. I looked so beautiful in the mirror. So much hair. So long hair. Nobody could in earnest make themselves cut it I convinced myself. The barber and Matt would just play with me for all the times, I had played with Matt with my huge mane – and scare me from teasing ever again. So probably I told myself as I looked at all my lovely blonde hair covering the huge cape the barber would only give me a small trim of ½ an inch and then release me.
How wrong could I be!
Matt placed himself in one of the chairs in the waiting area and I could see that he was already rubbing the immense bulge in his pants in anticipation of what to come.
The barber finished combing my immensely long frontal hair reaching to my lap down all over my face so I couldn't see a thing!
He then put down the comb at the desk.
I felt extremely humiliated with all my long frontal locks covering my face and all the rest of my wonderful mane brushed out freely all over the cape and chair.
I tried to get all the long hair out of my face but immediately I felt a very firm grip on my head. The barber held my head like a vice and then I heard the awful sound of scissors open and close VERY near to my head.
"What, what are you doing” I asked in panic behind the duct tape but not a word slipped by.
Matt laughed and said: "John is your friend. He will help you see again instead of that sheep dog look you've got now. Let's start the party John!” Matt said to the barber and laughed.
"Pls no, pls. don't cut my hair pls.” I tried to beg but the barber was merciless!!
Ritschhh ritschhh ritschhhh the horrible sound of the scissors in my hair. I was at the point of fainting.
Ritschhh ritschhhh ritschhhh the barber made the sharp blades cut through my huge frontal curtain.
Now I could see light with my left eye as the blades squeezed its way through my hair – VERY high above my eyebrows straight across my forehead like a little schoolboy. Ohhhh this was bad, very very bad – this was so humiliating.
Ritschhh ritschhhh ritschhh the barber now cut his way across my forehead and past my right eye.
I looked in the mirror in horror! SO much of my wonderful, beautiful long feminine hair piling up in a huge mountain of cut long blonde locks in my lap.
I got tears in my eyes. I couldn't take it. I loved my long hair SO much. I didn't want to loose it! It was so horrible.
Finally the barber had finished my new freshly cut extremely short, sharp thick bangs and put the scissor into his pocket.
I sensed a bit of hope. Maybe he would let me go with my new short bangs – horrible yes, looking awful indeed but they would grow out soon again and most important I would still be able to feel my soft, thick, wonderful blonde hair on my ass when I stood naked in front of the ceiling-to-floor mirror in my bathroom wanking over my amazing mane and cumming in a handful of my own long sissy mane – the best conditioner I used to say.
So I started to feel more comfortable. After all I didn't look that horrible with my new very short sharp thick bangs – actually it looked kind of sexy. I decided in the chair that I could well live with this if I just didn't look at the sea of cut blonde hair in my lap.
But my hopes very soon vanished!
Matt said: "Huge improvement John. Now sissy boy can actually see! You have done sissy a huge favor John. Now do him an even greater favor”!
I saw how the barber reached to the desk in front of the chair and picked up …. Clippers!!!!
"No no no no”I tried to cry. I tried to move but in vain. I tried to shake my head around but the barber just made his firm grip on my head and held me very tight.
"Now sissy boy. You think your beautiful long sissy hair is so important. Well you know what! The women in the office have asked me if I couldn't persuade you to have a short haircut. They are sick and tired of you parading that ass long blonde mane around the office making all the men stare at you and not them. And you know what? They can't stand it any longer. They want to see all your awesome blonde hair on the barbers floor. And you know what? This is exactly where it's gonna be! Take him down to the woods John!”
I was in sheer panic now. This I couldn't stand. I couldn't go through this. I had to get away NOW.
But there was no way of escaping.
And now the barber turned on the clippers! The room immediately was filled with most horrible sound of all: The metallic merciless sound of the clippers.
The barber said that I should welcome Mr. Oster76 Classic. He was my friend the barber told med. He would relieve me of all that ugly filthy feminine s**t on my head and make a nice and clean real man out of me taking years of my apperance. I could see and hear Matt laugh his ass out.
As the barber held my head in a firm grip and moved the clippers at my right side and started moving it upwards I bursted into tears.
I couldn't take it. My long long lovely blonde locks surrendered with no resistance to the awful clipper and tumbled down the cape to the huge pile of my shorn frontal hair in my lap.
I watched in the mirror and cried as the barber continued moving the merciless clipper up and all around me – unbelievable amounts of the most beautiful thick, long, blonde, feminine locks fell all around me – in my lap and on the floor around the barber chair.
I could see that Matt now had his huge dick in his hands wanking madly while watching all of my pride and glory be destroyed. As the barber started "cleaning” up my neck and passed the clippers from the nape to the top of my head I saw Matt nearly at the point of cumming.
He moved to my chair, grabbed one of the still extremely long locks and with a huge smile came in it! "Uhmmm sissy boy one last time. Felt good. Soon there will be no more sissy hair to cum in”:
The barber finished me of and gave me an ultra short flattop! The barber held a mirror at my back so I could see how extremely short my previous ass long hair was cut – I cried.
Matt then released me and the barber took of the cape and all of my fabulous long blonde hair joined the rest around the barbers floor. I could hardly stand on my feet. I had to lean to the desk as I saw all of my shorn locks at the floor!
I couldn't see the floor! It was all covered in my lovely cut long blonde locks all around the chair!! A mountain of freshly cut sissy blonde hair.
Matt laughed at me and said that I should thank the barber for taking years of my appearance. But somehow I just couldn't bring it on myself to thank my hair executioner!
Matt gathered all of my lovely hair and put it in a sack and gave it to me. You should donate it you know but you will probably take it home with you to remember, morn and cum in like in the good old days…..

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