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Fragments treatment by Chris

Jason was about 19 years old and was in college. He had decided that he really wanted to join a fraternity. Jason was about 19 and was very muscular with huge arms and a ripped chest. Jason had looked at a few fraternities and decided on one that the house was nice and the guys living there seemed really great and athletic like Jason was. They had their own gym and all had similar styles in clothes and hair. Jason had more than shoulder length hair and looked almost like Fabio. He kept his had most of the time in a pony tail so it was out if the way when he worked out or when he was just hanging with his friends. After the tour of the fraternity, Jason was told that he could come on Saturday night and be a candidate and if he survived he would become a part if the fraternity!

Jason was very excited and decided to go. He was wearing the usual cut off t-shirt showing off his huge arms and tied back his hair. Him and the 5 other inductees were there too. They were told that if they could withstand this entire night they would be in. The new boys were told to immediately strip down naked and they were each given a white jock strap and pair of branded basketball shorts. The candidates were good to be a fratmen you had to be in shape and be clean. So the new boys were led down the basement stairs and into the gym. They were told to immediately start working out with the rest of the guys to make sure that they would have the look that they wanted. Jason had no problem with this however one of the other boys did and he was dismissed. The rest plunged on as they had now been working out for hours. Really showing who had what it takes and who didn't.

With muscles bile grimy on all the dudes, especially Jason, and then they were led into a dark room single file. A small group of meme era followed and shut the door and locked it. Then the lights were turned on, revealing a home barbershop with 5 barber chairs and stations. Listen up men! You must now have your haircut to meet our credentials. There is no escaping this room you all will get a haircut and you will like it. You all WILL have the back and sides of your head buzzed off to stubble and then immediately razored away to smooth skin. The top will be faded into the back and sides with a 1/2 guard. You all have long enough hair for this style to be possible. All your hair is considered gone at this point, there is no reason to fight with us.

Jason looked around in shock. He had the longest hair. The other dudes hair were shaggy but not as long as his. Get into the chairs NOW they were told. Time to let the hair fly! Jason stiffly walked to the barber chair and looked at himself in the mirror. All his muscles large and bulging he knew he was hot and he was scared to sacrafise his locks. However soon after that moment a jock came up to him and put a cape around him. The man whispered into Jason's ear and said: your hair is history my man. I'm clipping this mane right off your head so you look like a man. A real. Man. Not a sissy boy like you. And he fired up the clippers. Closed them up to 000 skin and began shaving the back and sides. Hair was falling as was everyone elses. Raining on his cape and going to the floor. Within minutes Jason was transformed from fabio to army man. He looked up at the mirror after the buzzing was over and saw at how good he actually looked. His barber whispered: you know you like it. All your hAir shorn off. That's right you better like it recruit.

Jason did like it. He was then entered into the fraternity and stayed a me ever for the rest if his college carrier. All the me here's enjoyed haircuts in their barbershop weekly. Jason never again bad long hair Nd kept his military look.

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