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the vow fullfillment by abhishek

This is my true story about 2years back when I. Was in 12 the grade I had to get my Head razor shaved .here it goes.... One fine day my mom called me up (I stay in a hostel) and told me that if I get good grades in my Exam I have to get my head shaved completely bald with a razor. I initially did not agree with it .but then my mom contacted my friends and told them to convince me to get it shaved .they made several attempts to convince me out but I din't agree .. Finally one day my room mates (that's my friends ) brought the barber home itself. I asked so as to why have they brought the barber here .they told me to get my head shaved from this barber .when I refused all my friends came forward n caught me and one of them bought a scissor and cut my forehead hair.now when I saw in the mirror I had a patch on my forehead .I could not do anything but to agree for a headshave .I had long locks of hair up to my shoulders .since I was home the barber told me to remove my shirts and pants n sit in my underwear as hair myt fall on my shirt . as instructed I sat on the floor .I had always fantasized by headshave videos and stories but now I was myself being shaved .the barber opened up his tool box he had a pair of scissors a blade and a razor my friends told him to remove the pile of s**t off with the razor and apply foam and clean shave it .he agreed and poured water on my hair and massaged it nicely I was enjoying it .he put a new balde in the razor and started .the sound trrrr ...trrrrr came and my hair from my front fell on my thigh I was about to cry as I admired my hair a lot .. Now all was gone ... He started with the left and then the right tufts of hair were fallen down ... I was bald from the front I felt the bald patch ..my friends were laughing... Then within 5 mins the barber made me bald and did the foam shave also .... My friends told me to get my underarms shaved so the barber lifted my hand n did my under arms ... My friends paid the barber handsomely and told him to come everyday to make it smooth for a month I took bath and then one by one all my friends rubbed their hands over it ..it was indeed a great feeling I admired my bald head on the mirror for hours ... My friends told me that I looked handsome like a tough macho man n I should keep this look on ... So far its been 2 years and I mantain my look very well and keep mybald head shining...

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