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The gay headshave by abhishek

Finally after so many incidences I had began to realize that I find men with great body and short hair so sexxxy ... once while cleaning up our hostel room I found out my gay roommates magazine ..it wasn't an ordinary one.. Those pages had pictures of the men who posed in the bare chest with a clean shaved head and wearing swimming trunks.. Some of them din't wear those either .. Yeah they were fully naked ...and were locking their lips with each other .. It showed various sex positions for gay men ...I soon got aroused and kept the magazine with myself ..for the first time I got so horny .I looked at those pics watched some mens headshave videos read some stories and began to think about gay men their haircut and their hard erect long penis and this thought started to arouse me out and I masturbated ..no sooner did I spill my cum all over the bed .. I felt so relaxing that I forgot to hide the magazine and slept naked with just a bed sheet over me ...

The morning one of my friends came to my room ..surprised me out by giving a wake up call ... He told me to get ready and come downstairs . we were going to the pool near by ..luckly he didn't see me naked as I had the bedsheet over. .. I quickly hided the magazine and wore my new trunks and a pair of floaters and went down. All the four of us were ready ... Andy rode us to the nearest club where we could enjoy swimming .. To my surprise it was a GAY club where people come for sensual massages and sex .. My friend saw me and told there was nothing to worry ..they have been there many times ..it was the first time for me ... As I entered I saw huge hunks walking around naked .. As it was only for men and a gay club too there was no such problem ...

Then a voice came.. hey Andy hws u ?? They smooched each other .I was surprised .they told me they were his friends ... They introduced me to the guy .. He touched my bare back chest ...ouchh pinched my nipples too ... It felt awesome though I din't show the feeling on my face ..we headed for swimming where we saw tall dark handsome young gays who were swimming too .. After swimming they told
Me they were going to groom their body and get a close crop ..I was reluctant and accompanied them there was a guy there too. The three of these guys knew him too .they told that guy to give all the three a full body grooming a headshave and a sensual massage .. He called up his assistants and all my friends got a barber for them .. He asked me if I wasn't getting a headshave and a massage .he winked his eye . my friend whispered something onto his ear and he kept quite .. Jack the barber told my friends to remove their trunks and feel comfortable.
They got naked in front of me .. I saw them and giggled a lot .. To my surprise All of them had such long penis ... It was so erotic I couldn't control .. But to keep hiding from My friends and not letting them know that I'm a gay I stayed quiet. The barber started his work he started of with the chest ... Luckily I had a clean chest . but my friends had it very hairy ..the barber slowly removed all of their chest hair and made them look hottt... Then came the arms he did it very carefully made them look so very sexy did the armpits too ... Here they were without chest hair and armpit hair. I couldnt control myself and told them that they looked so very hot .. They asked the barber to do their legs as well the barber agreed soon they were totally shaved just with their hair on their head they got them shaved took so nicely full shinny looking head .
The barber then told them to sleep on the bed down they did and one by one they got massaged .. They got so erect that I could see their 14 inches hard penis standing straight the barber saw it that I was loving it .... He told me to enjoy it too ...I refused. After all this ..to my greatest shock ..my friends told me to get prepared for the full body grooming ..they told that they saw all those gay magazine in my room ..they even saw my laptop where I forgot to delete the history ..I was surprised .I was exposed now .. They removed my trunks and saw my hard penis. ..I had got one erection after seeing all this ... They told me that they knew I enjoyed this procedure and that's the reason they brought me to this gay club ..I was totally naked and I sat on the barbers chair .. The barber told me to be comfortable as the people over there all were gays my friends told the barber to leave as they could handle this.. The barber understood and left the place... .. Now I could sense it why were my friends calling me out ... And as they title suggest my friends shaved my head so smooth with the razor and made me bald ... They did it 6 times again with the foam so that I don't get hair at least for some weeks ... . they slowly. Moved my hand and did my arm pits it was very hairy tough I hadn't shaved that anytime before ... They did my legs for the first time and to my surprise my public hair too .... They again did all the parts with the foam ... And then all the 4 of us looked the same. We all thanked the barber came home .. I was still erect ... They undressed me and got undressed too aand we all had a hot shower sex .. .in the shower all the four again forced and shaved my body and my head ... They told me to keep quiet .. All the four cummed over me on my head face body and mouth all over ... I told them I enjoyed it very much . we all kissed each other and I f***ed them hard with my cock .. Now its a daily routine that they shave my head and do sex ..n I enjoy that too .....

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