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The Stranger by Barbie Girl

The stranger sat at the bar, sipping a Guinness silently. He was a lone wolf and gave off an aura of confidence that was incredibly sexy. I could tell he was eyeing me;
his huge, green eyes were easy to read. I shyly gave him a half smile. I wasn't quite used to the attention, especially from attractive men. I turned to my best friend, Amanda.

"I think he's looking at me,” I nodded off to the guy at the bar.

"The guy with the beard and long hair?”

"That's the one…”

"Oh! He's cute! Go say, ‘hi',”

"No way…”

I turned around and suddenly there he was, standing right behind me.

"Hi, I'm Daniel,” he said, extending his hand.

I took it as I felt the butterflies in my stomach go haywire.

"I'm Emma.”

"Nice to meet you. Could I buy you a drink, Emma?”

"I don't actually drink,” I said.

"That's fine, no judgment. It's not for everybody.”

"Glad you understand,” I said with a smile.

"So…what brings you here tonight?”

"Just playing DD for my friend, Amanda here. What about you? Scouting out the ladies?” I asked with a smirk.

"No, no. I'm not that shallow. Was just in the mood for a beer,” he said, taking another sip of his brew.

I raised my eyebrow.

"A guy as good looking as you…sure…”

"No, really!”

I laughed.

"I'm just teasing.”

"Yeah, I know how to tease, too!” he said with a small chuckle.

And so our conversation went on that way for what seemed like ages. Amanda came hobbling over after a few hours.

"Arrreyou readddy?” she slurred.

"Yeah, let's go. It was nice to meet you, Daniel…” I said, turning to leave.

"Wait, can I get your number?”

I hesitated.

"Um…” Shoot.

Daniel's smile turned into a frown.

"It's not a big deal. Don't feel obligated.”

"No, no.” I quickly rattled it off to him.

"You can call me,” I said and I hurried to rush Amanda out the door.

"What was that about?” she asked, "Do you like…HIM?”

"Nothing, it was nothing.” My cheeks flushed.

Nothing was me actually thinking about his well kept, long, brown hair and how badly I wanted to see it on the floor. Not something you usually brought up in first meetings. I heaved a sigh.

"Let's go, drunkie,” I said, helping Amanda walk to the door. Luckily, I knew she wouldn't remember this tomorrow.

When I got home I had a text. It was from Daniel.

"Hey Emma, it's Daniel. Sorry if I was too forward about your number tonight.”

I quickly replied.

"No, no you weren't too forward, I was just being weird.”

"I thought you seemed completely normal.”

"Well that's a relief. I've got to be honest, though. Right away.”


"I'm not sure that you're my type,” I quickly texted.

"Oh, why do you say that?” he asked. I got the reply almost instantaneously.

"I don't typically go for long-haired guys.”

"That's it? You won't even consider going on a date with me because I have long hair?”

"Well, I would probably go on a date with you but…”

"But what?”

"I don't know how to say this.”

"My ears…or in this case eyes…are open.”

"I can't go on a date with you because, all I'm going to think about is how much I want to cut your hair.”

"Um…okay. That's pretty weird. Why?”

"Call it a quirk, call it a fetish…I don't know.”

"Well, we all have our things. I probably won't let you cut my hair, though.”

"Yeah, I know.”

My phone rang in my hand. It was Daniel.

"Hi,” I said quietly.

"Hello, Emma. I was just calling because I wanted to ask you on a date, but not through text. What do you say? Tomorrow for dinner? 6:30.”

My heart lept.

"Yeah, I guess that would be alright.”

Dang it. Why did he have to be so cute?

I closed my eyes. How those striking green eyes would stand out with a #1 buzz cut all over. If only he'd let me cut his hair.
I quickly shook the thought out of my head. This is going to be torture…why am I torturing myself?

"Excellent! I will text you the place. Goodnight, Emma.”

I lay down on my bed and slowly drifted off into a stupor.

I awoke to the sound of my alarm buzzing. I suddenly realized what had happened last night. I checked my texts. I was supposed to meet Daniel at a local pizza parlor downtown at 6:30pm.

The day went by sluggishly, but soon it was time to meet Daniel. I had settled on a pair of tight, black skinny jeans, a tunic top and a scarf with my favorite pair of boots.
I looked spectacular, but Daniel even more so. He showed up sporting nice jeans and a striped v-neck shirt, all topped off with a leather jacket. His long hair was slightly tousled.

"Hi,” he said with a smile.

"Hello,” I said…suddenly becoming shy. He didn't tower over me, but there was definitely a dominant stance to his presence that I really liked.

"Shall we sit?”


We found a booth in the far corner of the restaurant.

We continued our small talk and then ordered.

"So this hair thing…” Daniel started.

"Oh no…” I started.

"Oh, yes.”

"We're in a public place!” I said, firmly.

"What? Are you turned on or something?”

I shifted uncomfortably.

"You are!” He laughed, a rich, vibrant laugh.

"Stop!” I said, earnestly.

"Well, tell me more.”

"What do you want to know?” I asked.

"Everything you're willing to tell me.”

"Well, okay fine. I am turned on by guys willing to let me cut their hair extremely short.”

"Any idea why?” he asked, intrigued.

"None. I just know it started when I was younger, that's it.”

"Interesting. So you really want to cut my hair?”

"Desperately so.”

"Yeah, it's not gonna happen. This hair is what gets me the ladies!”

I laughed and slumped my shoulders in defeat.

"All but this one!” I smirked.

Daniel quickly leaned in and kissed me.

I sat there with what I'm sure was a stunned look on my face.

It was his turn to smirk.

Our pizza came and when we finished eating Daniel paid for the bill.

"What would you like to do next?” he asked.

"Would you like to come to my place for a movie?” I asked.

"Sounds great.”

We picked up a redbox and drove to my apartment. There we cuddled and mainly talked through the hilariously heinous D-list film.

Not long after we started kissing. I ran my fingers through his hair, but they got tangled. I was immediately turned off.

"What?” he said, pulling away from me.

I made a face.

"Oh,” he replied.

"Could I…cut your hair?” I asked in a whisper.

"What's in it for me?” he asked.

I slowly unbuttoned the top two buttons of my tunic.

"Oh.” A sly grin spread on his face.


"Please?” I asked again, ready to give in to defeat.


"Wait. What?”

"I said okay,” he replied as he cleared his throat.

I got up and grabbed a chair.

"Have a seat,” I said patting the stool.

I knew I had to move fast. These offers don't last long. He sat down rather reluctantly.

"I haven't had short hair since elementary school, I'll have you know.”

"Are you nervous?”

"Um…f**k yes. It's a good thing you're really adorable.”

"Oh you think so?”

"Yeah, because there is no way in hell I would let anybody else do this.”

"Well thank you for trusting me,” I said, meaning every word.

"Wait here.” I said. I went to my bathroom and rifled through the drawers until I found my comb, scissors and clippers.

I came back to the kitchen to see Daniel with his shirt off.

He was really going to let me cut his hair. I giggled nervously.

"Ooh la la, " I said, coming up behind him and stroking his chest.

He looked at me anxiously.

"So…how short are we going, exactly?”

"Just relax. Your hair will grow back,” I whispered into his ear.

I started by gently rubbing his shoulders. He was tense and understandably so.


I slowly combed his hair back into a ponytail and secured it with a holder that was on my wrist.

"You ready?”

"As ready as I'll ever be.”

I sliced through the ponytail with my scissors, but not without some resistance from the thick hair. He winced. It finally gave way with one last crunch.

"Shhh*t, F**k me,” Daniel said as his hair swung to his jawline, "It's been a very long time since my hair was this short.

"And we're just getting started!” I grinned.

Daniel felt his hair.

"Can I change my mind?”

"Nope.” I unbuttoned my shirt and threw it to the ground.

He looked up at me.

Can I at least get a kiss?

I nodded and leaned in for a gentle peck.

"You're about to get crazy sexy!” I said as I combed through his shorter hair. I gave him a short head massage and then picked up the clippers.

I put on the number one attachment and flipped the switch; they sprang to life with a loud Bzzzzz.

"We're going for a number one, all over.”

I placed the clippers at his hairline and slowly slid them back. A large swath of hair landed in his lap.

"Oh god, I think I could cry.”

"But you won't.”

"You're right, I won't.”

He felt the strip of shorn hair.


"It's going to take some time to grow back,” I said mowing down another patch of hair, watching as the hunks fell to the ground. I was getting so turned on.
I came around to the front of him and straddled him as I continued pushing the clippers back through his hair.
In a matter of minutes his hair was gone and I could clearly see those shimmering green eyes of his.

"You look amazing,” I sighed, a little out of breath. My heart was racing.

I felt him unhook my bra.

My hands immediately went to his head. It felt like velvet. I pushed my body closer to his.

"Hey Emma?”


"Do I look hot?”

"Hell yes,” I said rather loudly.

"Good, because now it's my turn to show you what I like.”


He grabbed my hand and started pulling me down the hallway and tugging on his belt with the other.

"Let's go,” I said, turning the knob to my bedroom door.

"Yes, let's,” he said, as I reached to touch his hair once more.

A shiver of excitement raced down my spine.

"I'm more than willing to do…whatever…

Our voices trailed off.

This would be the perfect end to a perfect night.

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