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caught chatting with gf by abhishek

Yes ... I was caught with my girlfriend ...chatting on my phone ... My dad saw it and kept quite ..I knew he would do something ..he's Very strict ..... I kept on chatting that whole night ..seeing that my dad dint even respond ... He asked me who the girl was n how we fell in love n blah blah ... The next morning .... There the village barber came ..with all his equipment ..I thought. Dad had called him for his haircut ..but he pointed out to me ...he told him ..make him smooth as a silk cloth fully shiny ..nicely bald ..I was shocked ..my dad told me it is because of my beauty that girls fall for me... He just wanted me to get rid of my beauty ..and that was my hair ... I was helpless....he told the barber to go backyard and do the needful ..I pleaded to my dad but that was of no use ... I had it ... I went to the backyard ...the barber was fully prepared to do it ... I was very sad ... He asked to come forward go and take a bath so that my hair is wet ..I did so and sat cross legged crying .. He asked me the reason .. I told him that my dad is not wanting me to have a gf so hes doing this ..he told me it was OK ..it is hair and after all it'll grow back ...so I stopped crying ..he patiently did my forehead with the razor and heap of hair fell down ... He did my front once again ...he shifted me to my back and did the process slowly ... Whenever he touched my hair I had a great feeling ... He slowly ... Did it ... I saw his head and was very much impressed ... He maintains. A normal headshave ... I felt his hair when he was shaving mine.... He told me " dekha beta kitna chikna lagta hai aisa ganja rahega toh ....mai Kehta hu aap ko bhi yeh look suite karta hai aap mehssoos karlo mera sarr ... Mai toh haat k neeche aur apne laude pe bhi Baal nikalta hu ... Aap bolo toh apka bhi karu ?? ) eng :(see sir how good u look with ur headshaved ..feel my head nicely. If u want to ...not only do I shave my head but also my underarms and my penis ... Shall I do it for u too ...) I agreed as the backyard was closed and the door was lockedd its a small place which is covered by walls ..so there was no problem ... He removed my shirts and pants and slowly did. The underarms and penis ... It felt so great ... The barber told me to maintain it as I look much better without hair ... He told my dad everything was done ... My dad came and saw my head and told the barber that he did a great job ... I thanked him personally for his best services. ... The next day on seeing me my gf totally started to ignore me ... I don't know how my dad knew this and he calls up the barber Every week and the barber shaves my head and feels me ...from head to toe ... And I love the feel of his Midas touch ....

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