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Yup - That Just Happened by Yup - That Just Happened

A few weeks ago I was driving home from work in Tampa, Florida and I was just feeling the URGE to get a haircut. It had been 3 weeks since my last cut; but the urge was just over whelming. My hair wasn't that long - a few inches on the top and I believe the last barber started the fade with a one and worked up to a three or something.

Anyways - I was in a area of town that I didn't know very well - at least in terms of barbershops but I pulled onto a side street desperately looking for a shop. I found two shops within a few blocks of each other. I parked in each of the shops parking lot to get a good look at what the barbers looked like and what types of haircuts they were getting. I think a good 45 minutes actually passed. I was still trying to convince myself NOT to get a haircut.

Finally I left the parking lot of the one shop and pulled into the parking lot of the other. I bailed out of my car and marched right in. The shop had four chairs; and the one barber I could see was finishing up on a guy that he was clearly giving a VERY short skinned/Faded haircut too. He told me to have a seat; and that he would with me shortly.

The wait wasn't long and before I knew it I was caped up. When he asked me what I wanted I said a SKIN Fade but that I didn't want it too high; and I actually wanted sort of U shaped - meaning it would outline my Nape and Ears and blend into the top. This guy literally cut my hair with clippers for almost 30 minutes. He finished off the cut with warm shaving cream and scraped above my ears and nape. When he showed me the back I was simply amazed at the how well the blend was. He literally blended the 1/2 of skin into the gradual fade to the top ; and it was probably one of the best fades I have ever seen.

I thanked him and left him a 5 dollar tip - the cut was 15.

When I got home I was horny as hell - the cut was awesome and I needed to relieve myself - so I did.

I decided to do something where; and I logged into my Amazon Prime account and sent the barber a tub of LayRite Pomade. I left a gift receipt that simply said - Great Cut - Thank you so much. Loved the straight razor effect - very chillax. Next time I might let you cut a HNT on me that was so relaxing. If you ever switch shops - text me - you are my new barber.

I forgot to mention - the barber actually texted me a thank you note when the Pomade arrived. It was a nice text that said - very proper thank you - that was kind - please come back anytime and he signed his name.

Wow several weeks passed as I actually had a week off of vacation and was back at work.

I texted him today; and said I was about 30 minutes away and how bad was the wait - He said it was fine; and he would keep his chair open for me. So I came in - no nerves - very relaxed - after all the last cut was FANTASTIC. He caped me up and said HNT today right? I just laughed and said yeah the guys at the office will really rag me for that so prob not

Before long the clippering started and I closed my eyes - I always do that. He spent a good 20 to 30 minutes working on the sides - going over and over them with bare metal and clipper attachment's etc. When he spritzed the top of my hair I sort of came out of my fog. He was started to blend the sides; but not really cut too much off the top - I just closed my eyes again bc it was clear he knew how to cut my hair.

FInally the cut was over and he unwrapped the neck wrap and folded my shirt collar down and placed a towel around me. I knew the warm shaving cream was about to start - YEE HA - I always get a nice twinge downstairs when the cream is applied. As he went to the machine I noticed he was putting a lot of shaving cream in his hand. The next thing I know almost the entire side and back of my head are being rubbed with WARM shaving cream. Before long the scraping started and OMG what a wonderful feeling that is. If I could have my head razor scraped on a daily basis I would. It simply is the most relaxing feeling.

When the cut was over - I thought - hmm seems like he went shorter this time.

So I paid him and left the shop. BTW _ he didn't show me the back of the cut this time - he did the first time.

I finally got home an hour later and went into bathroom to check out the cut. - as I turned around to see the back my jaw almost dropped - YUP - you guessed it - He gave me my first HNT - plenty of length on the top - but the sides were white walls.

I grabbed my phone and texted him and said the following

Good for you - you didn't let me chicken out and put a smiley face

He texted me back and said is everything ok with the cut.

I texted back and said yup - just didn't really have the balls to ask for the cut myself. But boy that was pretty close to a HNT.

He texted me back and said - no worries - I am patience - we can take time to get you the perfect cut. I will see you in a few weeks; and we will shave in a part line next time.


ALL TRUE _ happened over the last few weeks with the 2nd cut today.

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