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A moment of insanity by Slickhair

It was a beautiful weekend in the middle of the summer. Yann was laying on the sofa watching TV all afternoon with his flat mate. Windows were open, fan on, it felt so good doing nothing while a breeze would come once in a while to refresh the two guys in their basketball shorts, topless.
Summer was at its climax and the temperatures were killing any possible motivation. It was just simpler to stay on the couch than to fight the elements.
Yann and Mark were resting there all afternoon and as the sun started to go down, the motivation came back.
"It was such a beautiful day” Yann told himself, "it would be great to go out to the beach tomorrow, try to get out for a while”.
As he caressed his chest in a non-conscious move, he realized that he would need some grooming first, before he could go expose his fit yet muscular body under the golden sun of Baja California.
He grabbed his phone and in no time, the beach party was organized for the next day. Beach volley, Surf, beer, these were ones of the simple pleasures that Yann liked the most in summer.
But a grooming session was on its way.
Yann stood up and went to the bathroom leaving his mate to his favorite program on TV.
Closing the door behind him he gave a look at the mirror and stared at his brown haired chest. It was not that hairy, Yann had soft partial hair here and there but everything needed to disappear before the party was on the next day.
He grabbed the clipper, removed the guard and started shaving it all. The electric machine was buzzing against his chest, sliding on his firm body. The hair was falling off on the sink. Yann went lower, buzzing his belly under his belly button.
Suddenly he grabbed his shorts on the left hand and lowered them enough to show his pubes. With the clipper still on and with no guard, Yann shaved his pubic hair while he started getting aroused by the vibrations on the buzzer caressing his cock on occasions.
Once no hair was left to buzz down there, he lifted his left harm and brought the machine to his armpit shaving all the small hairs that were left since he last shaved. Changing the clippers in his left hand, he let the buzzer do its magic on his right armpit.
He stopped the clippers in a big ‘clip' sound and reached for the shaving foam and his Gilette Mach 3.
He sprayed a huge amount of foam in his hand and applied on his torso, lower belly pubes, his long basketball shorts were now stuck under his butt, and on his armpits.
He shave smooth all the areas he had previously prepared with the clippers and went slightly lower as he shaves his balls.
His cock was getting harder and harder and he started getting really excited as the razor blades caressed his testicles, up to his ass.
With the left hand he would make sure no hair was left and that the skin was left smooth, like a baby.
His body was shaved and he washed the remaining of the foam with a wet cloth. But he was not done yet.
He looked at his reflection in the mirror, glancing at his hard cock first but soon stared at his messy medium long hair. Yann didn't comb today. What for? It was too hot anyway, and he had no plan on going out.
His brown soft hair was 8 to 10 inches long in the front and top, but shorter on the side. A three weeks growth of a number 1 fade.
He hated his scruffy hair. He liked it slicked. His hair well combed backward showing his superb fade on the sides. Well that's how it looked like when he would come out of the barber at least.
But recently, as his hair was growing longer, he was longing for a change. Still horny after shaving smooth his body, he grabbed the clippers, attached the ¼ inch guard as his body started shaking with excitement, a rush of adrenaline running in his veins, and he brought the buzzers to his temple, just below his sideline, and chopped a stripe of his hair.
His locks fell aside the sink.
Yann stopped the clippers and caressed his newly cropped hair while watching in the mirror. A drop came out of his hard wet cock. He liked it. It was sudden and radical but his body was wriggling with excitement, so it was time to continue.
He took the buzzers, turned them on in a big ‘clip' sound and buzzed a strip from his sunburns to his crown. His scalp started showing through the ¼ inch long hair. Yann folded his hear and took off another chunk of his mane.
His brown soft hair was falling on his shoulders and in the sink below.
Yann was thorough but soon he was done with the sides and back. He stopped for a second and removed the guard. Not short enough for him. "Since I'm at it, better do it right” he thought to himself and he took another chance, repeating the same process, the metallic clippers caressing his skin, balding the sides and back of his masculine head.
His longer hair at the top was caressing his ear. He hated it. Not knowing what to do, he took the scissors and chopped his hair at an approximate 3-4 inch length leaving his bang long.
The soft brown hair was on his shoulders, on his hard cock, at his feet, in and around the sink. It was a mess.
His head too was a mess and he started realizing what he had done. He caressed his bald nape up to his messy yet shorter hair he had wet on top earlier. He loved the feel of his scalp freshly shaved, but he was not sure he could sport a full badly look.
Any which way, his do was simply horrible and he couldn't go outside with a half shaved/long bag haircut.
He grabbed the clippers again, attached the ¼ inch guard he used earlier and ran it on top of his head saving his bang for later.
Yann looked military apart from his long bang.
He took some gel and combed it backward, fixing the strip of longer hair against his buzzed head. He looked like a complete douche. He tried to move the band behind his ear, but looked even douchier.
There was only one solution. Yann took the scissors and cut his bang to a few inches only. With the gel left in his bang, he tried to arrange a "Caesar” cutting it shorter and shorter, to fit the rest of the ¼ inch hair.
This time it was a complete military look. Yes he didn't have the scruffy hair he hated before, but he didn't have the slick hair he had sported previously either.
It was a disaster, he hated it.
In a last attempt to fix it once and for all, he removed the guard, and shaved all his hair off, from the forehead to the back of the head, the metallic clippers kissing his white scalp.
He would go bald after all.
He put back the clipper by the sink and glared at the mirror, only to see his bald white scalp. His body started shacking as he realized what he had just done, out of options to fix his do.
He passed both his hands on his head, caressing his shaved accomplishment. It was the best feeling he had ever experienced and the more he looked into the reflection, the more he realized that it was not such a bad look after all. Radical, yes, but not so bad.
His dick was wetter and wetter as his excitement for his new do was growing. He knew he would have to touch himself later, but first, he was determined to transform his burr cut into a shiny dome.
He opened the door and shouted: "Mark, can you come here a minute I need your help”.
He put back his hairy shorts but his erection was still visible. He shouldn't have gone commando today. "Well, it's too late” he thought to himself.
His mate arrived, intrigued, Yann never needed assistance in the bathroom before.
He stopped at the door, shocked, astonished, as he looked at all the hair on the floor and soon realized what his mate could have done. All that hair was way too much for a simple chest trim. And well, that would explain why Yann stayed so long in the bathroom.
He stared at the friend he didn't recognized and couldn't believe his eyes. Yann was bald.
A rush of adrenaline ran in his veins and he started feeling the excitement inside his basketball shorts too.
Yann came to him to give him the shaving foam and the razor. As he walked, Mark realized that he was not the only one to feel excited by the situation and noticed the hard cock of his mate. He took the materials, grabbed a chair for his friend that he placed in front of the mirror and started shaving his scalp. First with the grain, then against.
He was so aroused to be shaving his friend's head that he would rub his dick against his mate's shoulders every time he had the occasion. Yann pretended not to notice but it excited him even more.
Finally, Mark removed the rest of the shaving cream off of the head of his friend with a warm cloth and applied a lotion. Yann's scalp was shiny and smooth like he had never seen it before.
Yann stood up and thanked his mate for cleaning up his head then realized how excited his friend was too.
Mark stood there, immobile for a second, as he watched his bald friend staring at his hard cock, not knowing what to do. He was so hard and had only one thought, to get over with it.
He wouldn't have to wait too long as Yann stepped forward and slid his hand in his friend's shorts, grabbed his dick and started masturbating him.
Mark became red and felt ambiguous about the situation. He wasn't gay so he wanted to push his friend off of him, but damn it felt so good. He closed his eyes and starting moaning with pleasure.
The skin head was not gay either and didn't know why he started touching his mate. He was probably high with adrenaline and excitement and felt like somebody completely different with his new do.
Seeing that Mark wasn't moving, he kneed and sucked him hard while forcing his friend to rub his freshly shaved head and finally masturbating himself too.
It didn't take long before both came and started realizing what had happened.
Awkwardly they talked it out as they were cleaning up the mess in the bathroom.
They eventually agreed that it was a moment of insanity and that they wouldn't speak of it again.

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