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My worst fears come true by Jeff

My name is Jeff and I was 17 when this all happened, yes it is a true story. I have always had a obsession with my hair as my girlfriend Jill used to say. I loved getting haircuts, there just something about have the cold steel of the clippers running up the back of my head that I just loved. It relaxed me so much. I love all the haircut sites on the Internet, it gives me a chance to see what other people are doing to their hair these days.

When I was 17 I was a senior in high school and I was my last day. I was so excited. College was coming and I could not wait to live this new experience. One day I got a phone call from a recruiter and he suckered me into letting him come to my house for a presentation. I have even considered going into the military and it is not just because of the induction cut I would receive.

So about a week after I graduated, he came over we talked. He told me of all the wonderful things that the military could offer to me. I told him that it all sounded appealing but..., then he interrupted. He said, I know, I know, it isn't for you. well Ii think it is but I wont babble your ear off forever so lets get some paper work done saying that I was here so I can get paid. So sign a ton of papers and he left. The next week I got a letter in the mail from the US Military. I thought it was just that recruiter guy sending me a letter but it wasn't I opened it and it said, dear new recruit, thank you for signing up to serve you country. Your Induction date is August 29. You get another with more details. The letter said more then that but i was so scared that i did not even care about the rest. i immediately called my dad and told him and he told me to call the recruiting office right away,

I called them and told them that there was some mistake, I did not sign up for the army. The guy in the office said well, it could be a mistake so let me look it up real quick. I was relived that it could be a mistake, I thought this was for real. The guy came back phone and said, son, uncle Sam does not like when you try to scam him, I have your papers that you signed right here and you better show up or else. I just hung the phone in dis belief. There was no way out of it, I was to go into the navy andw as to serve a two year term.

On august 29th, my parents dorve me my induction site at the naval academy. As we pulled up, I was ushered out of my parents car and had to run to some table where I started to fill out paperwork. Next came the uniforms. I was so scared by now that I had totally forgotten what would be next. All I heard was a loud cry saying recruits, follow me to where you will receive your new haircuts. Now I was scared. We were in the same auditorium but behind a huge curtain was about 20 chairs with barbers all around. We all lined up in front of them and one by one got sheared. While standing line my knees began to tremble as I got closer and closer. Finally I was next. I had to watch on of my fellow recruits be shaved bald in seconds. After he was done I was ushered into the chair. The barber said kiss all this good bye as he put his cape on me and in no time, the clippers came to life.

My hair had grown since graduation, actually, I AHD worked very long to get down to my collar through the school year. The barber put the clippers at the front of my and got a smile on his face as pushed them right down the middle. In the matter of 1 minute, I was bald. That was one of the most terrifying experiences ever. After my term in the military was up, I was 19 and since then, I never got my hair cut short again.

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