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A haircut, ...with benefits! by Slickhair

A moment of insanity: Part 2 – A Cut, …with benefits.
(Continuation of A moment of insanity)
One week had passed since "the incident" and so as to follow the Saturday afternoon tradition between flat mates, Yann and Mark would both lay there on the couch watching TV in their shiny basketball shorts, under the fan.
Yann would scratch his cock now and then through his white shinny adidas shorts and Mark would watch from the side.The dudes didn't wear underwear on Saturdays underneath their shorts. They liked the freedom of their balls dancing and the feeling of the nylon on their genitals. So soft and refreshing. A perfect alternative to hot summer afternoons like this one.
Mark couldn't stop thinking of last week when his flat mate sucked him hard while he had both his hands caressing the freshly shaved head. of his friend He loved the feeling of the extremely short hair on his finger tips. He wasn't gay but never felt such an orgasm before. He knew it was because of the transformation of his friend, all the hair on the floor and the shiny dome that was finally left. As he was checking Yann laying on the sofa, under the golden sunlight of the afternoon, he wanted to get closer and rub his head to feel that same sensation again.
But he was too shy to act on it.
He suddenly thought to himself that he could feel that sensation again without touching his friend's head, if he, himself, shaved his own head too. The idea really excited him. He knew he wouldn't look as good but he closed his eyes to imagine the feeling. An erection started to show.
Soon the excitement was too intense and Mark disappeared in the bathroom. His heart was beating fast, his hands became sweaty, his fear was fighting against his desire. But he was high on adrenaline and too hard to stop now. He really wanted it badly.
He grabbed the clipper his mate used the week before, attached the ½ inch guard, and as he glared into the mirror, brought the buzzer to his forehead and cut off a chunk of his long curly, golden brown mane.
Mark had semi long hair, about 12-15 inches, all over. He liked his Californian surfer style. And his hair was meant to be let loose and curly like that.
Yann got closer to the bathroom when he heared the sound of the clippers and looked at his friend fighting with the machine to get his haircut.
"You look like you could use some help” Yann said with a smirk smile on his face. He couldn't believe his flat mate would go ahead and cut his own surfer locks.
"That'd be great” replied Mark with a redish, surprised face. His hair was a mess. Long chunks of hair were gone, buzzed to ½ inch while the rest was still long and curly.
Yann took the clippers and buzzed all of his mate's hair off. As more and more of the hair fell on the floor, his dick became harder and harder. He had secretly wished to buzz his friend's hair since the week before when he shaved his own head. So acting on it was like a dream come true.
The crew cut wasn't suiting Mark too well as expected. He didn't have the same masculine features as his friend. But it was too late now. All his beautiful locks were gone.
Yann took off the guard and removed the hair stuck between the guard and the blades before switching it off. While he went to get the broom, Mark stayed there, looking in the mirror checking the final product.
He spotted a part that was uneven on the top of his head and as he continued glaring into the mirror, grabbed the buzzer and ran it into his hair to make it even. A huge chunk of hair fell on the sink and Mark look at his hair as the adrenaline rushed into his veins. Why would such a big tuft of hair fall off? That's when Mark realized that the guard was not attached anymore and he had just shaved a bald spot in his fresh crew cut.
Yann came back with the broom and didn't get why his mate looked so shocked and even reder with his hand on his hair.
"What's wrong” he asked. "You don't like your new do?”
Mark removed his hand and Yann's expression immediately changed from amused to shocked.
"What the F*ck did you do?” he added laughing out loud to mock his friend's hole in the hair.
"You know there's only one way out of it, right?”
Mark was worried and tried to find a way not to shave his head completely. But it was too late and the damage was done. His friend was right; there was only one way out of it. They would have to shave him bald.
Yann took the clipper and shaved Mark's head stripe by stripe, letting his white scalp appear as the chunks of short hair fell onto his shoulders.
Yann was so hard and wet. It was a fantasy coming true. He rubbed his cock against his friend as much as he could.
Mark was excited as well as he would finally be able to rub his bald head without asking. He really didn't like the refection in the mirror but he didn't care. He just wanted it all off now.
Soon all his hair was gone and both were rubbing the bald head. They were on fire, hard as never before. But it was time to clean it all under the shower.
Mark let the hot steaming water run on his scalp for a while, enjoying the sensation of not having hair anymore, then asked his mate some shaving cream and a razor.
He wanted to go shiny bald as well.
Yann removed his basketball shorts, showing his wet erection, which made Mark smile, and joined in the shower with the gear.
He wet himself first but then stop the water and kneeled Mark before spreading the foam on his head.
Mark's face was looking straight at the massive cock in front of him red of embarassment and exitement. He wanted it so bad since last week. He started licking Yann's glans and then soon sucked the manly dick like never before. He put his hand on the shaft and masturbated vigorously at the same time.
Yann was moaning while he was shaving his friend bald. It felt so good, that it didn't take him long to come. Spraying the white sperm on Mark's new shining dome.
Mark cleaned up but wasn't done, he forced his mate to face the wall, took some soap, rubbed his cock and started caressing his mate's butt, one hand blocking his neck, the other on his shaft directing his penis to penetrate.
Both were moaning with pleasure, the soap made it so easy to glide. Mark was moving his hips back and forth harder and harder. He new drastic look made him feel so manly. As he felt the seeds coming, he got out and masturbated to ejaculate on his friend's rump.
Both were red of pleasure. This time, there was no way they would ignore what just happened.
They were aroused by the haircuts, and well just helped one another to cope with it. They truly enjoyed it.
It was decided, every Saturday of the summer, both would shave each other's head, and well, deal with the erections that woul come with. A haircut, ...with benefits!

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