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Bald as F***- The Beginning by Patrick

Bald As F***

Part 1

Patrick lay in bed. He could not sleep and he just lay there running his hands through his luscious long hair. It was cut in an undercut style that was so popular at the time. A zero crop on the sides and back, and about eight inches on top which he wore either swept back or to the side and falling over his eyes a bit. He knew he was meeting the man of his dreams later that day and the anxiety of the meeting were getting to him. Grant was Patrick's ideal man; he hoped that Grant would think the same.

He met Grant on a dating app. that he had grown to like. Most of the other apps. Patrick had used were just a bunch of guys looking to hook up. What's worse is that these guys were not Patrick's type. They were all young, smooth, twinks that repulsed Patrick. He was into manly men. Men with facial hair, men with furry bodies, men that looked like men, and acted like men. But what Patrick looked for most in a man, was an extremely short haircut, or better yet, a smooth head. The very thought of a bearded bald man would make Patrick's cock jump and start leaking immediately. He knew what he liked, and now he knew what he needed.

So on this new app., Grant struck Patrick as the ideal man. Grant was bald, bearded, full of tattoos, and sexy as f***. The conversations flowed with ease; their sense of humor was spot on. They had the same likes and dislikes, and they found each other very handsome. Patrick thought he was in heaven. A man, who seems like the perfect man, is interested in him? He thought that would never happen, so he knew he had to act quickly. He asked Grant out for a beer, seeing as they lived not too far from each other, and he hoped that Grant would accept the invite. Little did Patrick know that in just a few short days, his life would change completely.

Grant jumped at the opportunity and replied that he would in fact join Patrick for a beer. This got Patrick excited and his cock wouldn't stop leaking. They were to meet the next day, at a gay sports bar between their two homes. Patrick immediately tried figuring out what he was going to wear, do, and act like. He didn't want to f*** this one up, and he really wanted to impress Grant. Among other things, the biggest concern was how was Patrick going to do his hair. He came to the conclusion that a pushed to the side and flowing in the back was the way that he liked it, and hopefully Grant will too.

Patrick and his hair. Now that.s a different story. Patrick cherished his hair. People stopped him in the middle of the street to comment on how beautiful it was. He took lots of pride in it, but secretly, deep down, all he wanted was a forced head shave. One of his deepest and darkest fantasies; to be tied in a chair, tormented, and made to watch as his glory was reduced to nothing; made to look like a real man, not a sissy boy. Hopefully, Grant will like his hair the way it is, and if not, he would consider changing it for the man of his dreams.

Part 2

They met the next day, around 8 pm. Patrick was the first to arrive because he always believed in being early. One thing Patrick was, was responsible. He was a high school teacher and believed in setting good examples. He believed in leading by example and making sure his students knew to be good citizens. Patrick waited at the bar with his back turned to the door. He was holding a beer and about to take a swig, when someone grabbed him by the left shoulder and pulled him back slightly. That moment would change Patrick's life, forever.

Patrick swung around slowly and saw Grant standing there. Patrick must have looked a fool, not being able to say a word and his jaw ajar. He was awestricken by grant's rugged handsomeness. But what stood out the most was the beautiful full beard Grant had, and the shaved smooth head that he wore with pride and confidence. It glistened in the dim lights, as if oiled and buffed to a high shine. Patrick's cock strained against the jockstrap we was wearing and all he could do is stare at his eyes and then his head. The moment seemed to last hours, but it was only mere seconds.

Grant started laughing and introduce himself. He put out his hand for Patrick to shake and all Patrick could see was the most beautiful sleeve tattoo he had ever seen. The work was beautiful and intricate and something that Patrick could admire all night long. Patrick reached out and shook Grant's hand and they introduced themselves.

Grant hopped onto the barstool next to Patrick and proceeded to order a drink before turning to him. Grant Spoke:

"I see you like my head from the way you can't stop staring at it."

Patrick apologized and said that he had never seen a head as shiny as his and it was turning him on big time.

Grant smiled and took a swig of his beer, then said: "If I didn't know any better, I would say you're a haircut fetisher."

Patrick looked down and turned red. This was the time to tell Grant the truth:

"I just happen to be one. I think that short and extreme haircuts are the best. Nothing is hotter than a guy with a horseshoe flat, a flattop, a recon, a hnt, or best of all, a shaved head."

Grant was impressed at how Patrick knew all of the terminology. They continued talking about hair and how men are sexiest with short or no hair on their heads. Patrick got embarrassed seeing as he had so much on his. Grant noticed the embarrassment and spoke:

"Not that your hair isn't sexy, it's just that there is so much of it. Why don't you let me help you out with that? After all, I am a barber. That's my shop just around the corner."

Patrick felt embarrassed for a second. He knew not to walk past barbershops because there was never any good way to hide his erections. He was speechless, he didn't think this man could get any sexier, but here he is, telling Patrick that he was a barber. This was his wet dream and he bit his lip to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Patrick quickly changed the topic because the fear of his hair disappearing gave him a knot in his stomach. Could this sexy bald, furry, and tatted man be interested in him? Would he be more interested if he shaved his head? The thoughts kept coming and finally he asked Grant if he ever gave a customer a haircut they did not want; a forced haircut.

Grant said he does a lot of work with the leather community and that a lot of the upstanding members of the community come in, and bring their boys in with them. He does special cuts after hours and the men leave with very little to no hair. This news made Patrick's cock throb hard. His jockstrap was full of precum and he could shoot any second.

Patrick said that he really admired the leather men in the city. They were all great guys and actually do a lot of good. He then mentioned that no matter how hot leather men were, he thought skinheads were even hotter. Just the tough looks they had. All the tats and piercings, tight clothes, and shaved heads! Nothing, and he repeated, NOTHING, was sexier or a bigger turn on.

Grant looked away for a second. Then he called over the bartender and ordered another round of beers for the two men. They sat and drank and talked even more. Conversation flowed so easily that they both felt as though they had known each other for years. Then, Grant leaned in and kissed Patrick. Grants tongue exploring the inside of Patrick's mouth and massaged Patrick's tongue with his own.

Patrick pulled back in shock, but then grabbed the back of Grant's head and pushed their faces together again. The whole time, Patrick was massaging the back of Grant's head. It was getting him excited and by this time, there was a very visible wet spot forming in Patrick's tight jeans. Grant looked down and smiled and said:

"We should get outta here. They're going to close in a few minutes anyway."

They proceeded to pack up and made sure they had all of their belongings and walked out. Patrick was going to lean in for a goodnight kiss when Grant slapped him and said: "We arent done with the night yet. Follow Me!" he barked at Patrick, almost playfully yet forcefully.

Grant walked quickly, not even turning around once to make sure Patrick was there behind him, but somehow he knew. Patrick noticed Grant's shiny dome in the moonlight. The street lamps added to the shine. He couldn't help but wonder how he got it so shiny. The shine is what was working him up and he was about to bust a nut right then and there, until they both stopped and Grant turned around to face Patrick.

"We're here. Not a word from you until I say you may speak. UNDERSTOOD?!" Was what grant yelled at Patrick. Patrick nodded, then looked up and to the side. They were in front of a barbershop with no name, bust a barber's pole was spinning in the window.

Patrick's heart dropped and he felt a pit in his stomach, yet his cock had an opposite reaction. He was breathing heavy and started to sweat, until Grant grabbed a fistful of Patrick's hair on the top and forced his face into his own. He kissed him passionately and sensually, and bit his lip a little. Then Grant grabbed a key, still holding on to Patrick's hair, opened the door, and threw Patrick into the empty shop.

Part 3

Grant walked in next, turned around, locked the door behind him, and turned on the lights. Not a word was spoken between the two of them. Grant took to the windows next and rolled down the blinds to the two big windows on either side of the door. He double-checked to make sure the �Closed� sign was in the door, and then rolled down the door blinds.

He turned around and faced Patrick. �This is where the magic happens,� he said. �Time to make you into a real man.�

Patrick was in a haze from all the beer. Was he imagining this? Did he pass out and was dreaming? Then another yank on his long tresses made him realize that it was in fact real life. Grant kissed him again passionately. He told him that he was the perfect guy for him, except for all that sissy hair.

�STRIP!!!!� Grant barked at Patrick

Patrick obliged and just left his jock on. The jock that was soaked in precum and protruding towards Grant.

�Very Nice,� Grant said, �Get in the chair� NOW!�

Grant pointed at a red leather, old fashioned barber�s chair. The chairs were all a mix of different styles; all vintage, and all classic. The chair closest the window was Grant�s.

Patrick sat in the chair. Not knowing what was to happen next�.. he saw Grant rummaging through a drawer behind him. The room walls were covered in mirrors, which made it easy to see everything that was happening. There was Patrick. Naked, except for a jockstrap, in a barbershop in the middle of the night, with a sexy bald, bearded, and tatted barber. What would happen? What was next? Then he realized and shock began to set in.

Part 4

Grant turned to Patrick and showed him his phone. On the phone was something Patrick had never seen before. It was a wheel; a wheel that looked like a Wheel of Fortune wheel. Patrick saw that around the wheel were different names of haircuts. Everything from an undercut and businessman�s cut, to extreme cuts like a shaved recon and horseshoe flattop. One thing that Patrick noticed was that there were a few �Baber�s Choice� options on there. Patrick smiled and realized this is the man of his dreams; a real take-control barber that will have no mercy.

�Spin the Wheel� was all Patrick heard from Grant.

Patrick spun the wheel with a trembling hand. It took a few seconds for the wheel to stop spinning and low and behold, it landed on one of the three �Barber�s Choice� spots.

�Interesting� Grant said, then turned back around to his workstation and took something out of his drawer.

Grant stood behind Patrick and just said�. �Now, time to be a real man. If you trust me, and go with what I decide, you and I will have a great future together.� Patrick yearned for Grant at this point. His cock spoke louder than Patrick ever could. Patrick just nodded, then felt a yank that brought his head back in a sharp motion. Grant kissed Patrick one last time, then slapped a piece of duct tape over his face. Patrick�s eyes bugged out, but before he knew it, Grant handcuffed Patrick�s hands to either side of the chair. Patrick�s cock was about to explode and Grant slapped it saying �Not yet.�

Tied, immobile, naked, and helpless, Patrick started to panic. He squirmed and tried resisting, but he knew it was useless. All he could do was watch and wait, and follow Grant around with his eyes to try and figure out what was next. Then Grant stood in front of him, bowed his head so Patrick could see the reflection and shine, and then raised his head again.

�Since you landed on Barber�s Choice, and since you love my head so much, I think I�m going to give you the same look I have, but with a slight twist.�

Patrick protested but to no avail. He couldn�t move and he couldn�t speak. His head was doomed for the same look the man of his dreams had. What would people say? What will his students say? No matter what, he had no choice and it was going to happen.

Grant saw the thought process in Patrick�s eyes and said: �Don�t worry, you�re in professional and capable hands.� Then Grant bust out into a deep and sinister laugh, one that echoed eerily through the empty shop. Then he grabbed a handful of Patrick�s forelock, and snipped off a good chunk right at the root. Eight inches of hair gone.

Grant threw the severed locks right onto Patrick�s bulging, throbbing, and leaking cock. The fun was just beginning.

Part 5

Grant spun the chair around. He took his shirt off to reveal his fully covered torso with tats. The sight was amazing. Patrick saw himself�� immobile and with a butchered forelock. Behind him was the bald, bearded, tatted, and furry God that was going to make him a real man. Patrick closed his eyes, then he felt and heard it.

�Keep your f***ing eyes open, and don�t you f***ing dare stop watching, or else you lose your eyebrows too!� Grant roared as he slapped Patrick across the face.

Then Grant went over and picked up a pair of clippers Patrick had never seen before. Grant oiled them up and inspected them. Then Patrick saw what he was fearing; the clippers had �balding clippers� written on the side. Grant showed Patrick the clippers and waved them in front of Patrick�s face.

�This is happening, and this is your new life; your new look. Get used to the experience and to the feeling because you�ll be feeling this for a looooong time.�

Grant held the vibrating clippers and walked behind Patrick again. They stared into each other�s eyes and then it happened. Patrick moaned out load when Grant brought the clippers to the middle of Patrick�s forehead.

�Here we go boy. No turning back. You�re turn to be a man now!�

Then the clippers were drawn back. They felt like butter. Devastating everything in their path. Patrick�s jaw rattled with the feeling. Tears were welling up in his eyes. Then he broke down. Tears flowed down Patrick�s face. His pride and joy was disappearing before his eyes.

Grant laughed and just when he saw the tears and just said: �Bye sissy boy!�

One more pass next to the first, then another� and another. Before long Patrick looked like he had a severe MPB. A look that aged him severely, yet he found so extremely sexy. He couldn�t hold back and came right then and there. His body went into convulsions and the stream of thick white fluid seemed to never end. Grant looked down and was impressed with what he saw. Then it happened.

�I said not yet, boy. You�ll be punished for that. We were going to use your load as a polishing cream. Looks like we will need a plan B. Now we are going to have more fun.�

Grant finished clipping off all of Patrick�s hair with the balding clippers. Not a hair was left on Patrick�s head. He went over it a good four or five times making sure he got it all. Patrick looked different. White scalp and tanned skin. His head shape was perfect for the look but still the change was drastic. The tears were still flowing, but it was over; or so he thought.

Part 6

Patrick sat there as Grant rummaged through his drawer. Then Grant turned to Patrick and showed him a tool Patrick had never seen before. It was short and wide, and looked like a shaver. Then Grant spoke:

�Do you know what this is? It�s an epilator.�

Patrick�s eyes bugged out of his head. He didn�t know what that was going to be used for but then Grant spoke again.

�Since you came when I told you not to, I need to punish you. I was going to shave off your eyebrows, but realized you have students and that may creep them out. Instead, we are going to give you an MPB haircut which will force you to have to shave your head for at least three to four months.�

Patrick started crying again. He didn�t understand how a night of drinks had turned into this. He knew Grant was the man of his dreams and that he yearned to be bald, but how did he allow himself to be given this cut? Especially without thinking it over. He cried even harder and this infuriated Grant.

Another slap to the face and the epilator was turned on. The teeth moved back and for and then he felt it. Grant placed the epilator in the very center of Patrick�s crown. It hurt like hell. Patrick shrieked under the duct tape and bucked back and forth in the chair.

�Sit the f*** still or it�ll hurt more!� Grant barked, and Patrick calmed down.

Grant worked in a circular motion. The pain was unbearable, but Patrick�s skin became numb after a few minutes. He sat there and stared as Grant worked meticulously to dip the MPB down all the way to make it look like advanced male pattern baldness. When Grant was done with the top and back, he worked forward. Literally ripping all of the hairs out of the top of Patrick�s head until nothing was left but pale pink skin. Not a trace of hair was left. No one would ever think that just an hour ago, Patrick had eight inches of hair where there now was nothing but smooth pink skin.

Patrick bowed his head in submission because there was nothing he could do or say.

�Good boy,� Grant said, as he finished with the epilator. �Maybe next time you�ll pay attention to my orders.�

Grant threw the epilator back in his drawer and went to a small machine on his counter. He pulled out a towel that was steaming, and wrapped it around Patrick�s head. He turned around and faced Patrick, looked him in the eyes, and said:

�Now that I have you looking like a real man, I think we are great for each other. I will be in control of your appearance from now on. I will control your hair, your clothes, your facial hair, piercings, and tats. No question. By going along with this cut, you are showing me that you are a good boy and that you want to be with me.�

He removed the hot towel and the rest began.

Part 7

Patrick stared in shock ahead of him. He was permanently bald on top. Grant pulled a mirror out and showed Patrick how the back of his head looked. He looked a good 10-15 years older, but very hard and masculine. Patrick loved it.

Then Grant began smearing hot shaving foam all over Patrick�s head. He changed blades in his straight razor and got to work. He scraped cautiously and methodically. Every scrape echoed in Patrick�s head and his cock was responding again. Grant took his time and made sure all was clear of hair and of foam. Patrick�s new fringe disappeared and he looked like a cue ball.

Next grant went for more foam and spread it around Patrick�s head again. This time he used a Gillette Fusion and shaved against the grain. Patrick never had this feeling on his head and he was loving it. Grant noticed Patrick�s cock start leaking again and thought of a great idea for the cum building up in Patrick�s balls.

Grant was finished�.. all traces of hair had been removed from Patrick�s head�. Grant toweled off Patrick�s head with another hot towel and then went back to his drawer. Patrick stared at himself in the mirror. He would have never recognized himself had he not been living this experience as it happens. Duct taped and shiny bald�. Not a single hint of fuzz anywhere on his head. Then Grant showed Patrick one last machine. It was small and dark red and looked like a facial shaver.

�This shaver shaves closer than a razor�. You will LITERALLY have no trace of hair on your head after I�m done with this machine.� Grant said.

The machine was flicked on. The noise was high-pitched and annoying. The foil blades slid across Patrick�s head with ease and he heard little remnants of hair the blades left behind being shaved off. Grant went over and over, and over and over, Patrick�s head for a good ten minutes. He turned off the machine and threw it back in the drawer. He grabbed some aftershave and threw it on Patrick�s head. Patrick screamed under the tape as Grant just laughed. Grant bent over so they were at eye level�. And said �It�s like looking in a mirror, you�re staying like this forever.�

Part 8

Grant, still looking into Patrick�s eyes, grabbed at an edge of duct tape and yanked it off quickly. Grant spoke: �NOT A WORD FROM YOU!�

Patrick sat there, speechless.

�Time to thank your barber,� Grant said, and reclined the barber�s chair back with Patrick still cuffed to it.

Grant undid his pants and revealed the most perfect skinhead cock. It was pink and meaty, veiny and pulsating. It looked like it could do some damage and Patrick instantly began salivating over it. Without notice, Grant shoved his cock down his new boy�s throat.
�Suck it dry and thank your barber for your new life, sissy!� was all Grant could say.

As Grant pumped, Patrick gagged. The noise drove Grant wild and he pulled out immediately and erupted all over Patrick�s freshly shaved head.

�Get used to that, you�re head is getting creamed on every night,� was all Grant said as he breathed heavy and wiped away his sweat.

He took his hand and began rubbing his warm load into Patrick�s head. Patrick�s head still stung a bit and he flinched, but was loving it. Grant started slapping Patrick�s head and making sure it was well coated.

�We need more,� Grant spoke. He put the seat back up and kneeled in front of Patrick. He started stroking Patrick�s leaking cock again. He knew Patrick wouldn�t be able to control himself much longer and started telling him how proud he was of him for taking his transformation like a man. �We�re going to make the ideal skinhead couple,� He said.

Once Patrick heard those words uttered, he couldn�t control himself anymore. He bucked in his seat again and unloaded. Torrents of white cream started flying all over the place and the breathing was getting heavier than it�s ever been. Grant managed to catch most of the load in his other hand and stood up. He came around the chair again so that he was standing behind Patrick and looked him in the eyes in the mirror. He then brought his hand that housed Patrick�s warm cream and smeared it all over Patrick�s head.

Patrick�s eyes shut in pure ecstasy and he felt their two loads mingling together, and christening his fresh new look. Grant kept smearing and smearing. Then he did something that Patrick wasn�t expecting. He licked the top of Patrick�s head, cum and all, and kissed Patrick. Their joint cum being swapped back and forth in their mouths, all while still rubbing Patrick�s freshly shaved head.

Part 9

Grant broke free� and Patrick kept yearning for more. He stood back and examined Patrick�s head. The shape was amazing. There was already a hint of shadow due to the color of Patrick�s hair and how pale his scalp was. Something was just not right, and then a light bulb went off in Grant�s head.

�Get ready for the final touch,� Grant said.

Patrick had a puzzled look on his face, and Grant disappeared�. He came back with a small jar. The jar contained some sort of hard substance inside of it. Grant started smearing the waxy substance all over Patrick�s head in a circular motion. When he was finished, and every inch of the freshly shaved head was covered, Grant decided that it was time for Patrick to thank his barber again. This time, Grant undid the cuffs and made Patrick kneel before him. As Patrick got to work worshipping this beautiful skinhead barber�s pole, Grant took out a rag he had in his back pocket and began polishing Patrick�s head.

Patrick was great at giving head and brought Grant to the point of eruption almost immediately, and the final destination of this second creamy warm load�.. Patrick�s face.

�F*** boy�.. no one�s ever made me cum that fast before,� was all he said.

Patrick smiled

Grant picked up his new boy and walked him to the mirror where he stood next to him. The only similarity they now shared was the glisten of a shiny dome. Patrick�s was shiny and pale, while Grant�s already had the faint sense of a shadow.

�Pretty soon we won�t be able to get told apart, boy. Tomorrow we�re getting you inked up and pierced,� Grant said

He placed his hand on Patrick�s head and slapped it hard. Patrick flinched and all Grant could say was: �Bald as f***�. And staying that way. Now get the f*** outta my shop cause I need to clean up for tomorrow. Meet me at my place bright and early at 8:00am tomorrow.� Grant handed Patrick a card that had his address and pulled him in and kissed him one last time�. Still swapping some cum between them that was left on Grant�s lips from when he licked the loads off of Patrick�s head.

Part 10

Patrick woke up with a huge headache and in a haze. He didn�t remember getting home, nor what happened last night. All he saw was a card on his nightstand and realized that his head was lighter. He reached up to run his hands through his mane and stopped dead in his tracks when he felt it�� nothing. There was nothing on his head. It was absolutely bare.

Patrick jumped to his feet and stared in his dresser mirror. There he stood, bald as f***. He inspected his head from the top and from the side, and noticed that he was still polished and shiny, except for what appeared to be an MPB shadow around the fringe. He freaked and ran to the nightstand and saw the card. On it, it said �Barber Grant.� It had his phone number and address and said to be at his place promptly at 8:00am. It was already 8:05.

Patrick rushed to get dressed and ran out of the house. This may be his only ticket to find out what happened to him last night, he thought. He rang the buzzer and the door swung open. There he was, the God of a man Patrick remembered talking to. Shaved smooth, bearded, shirtless, and covered in tattoos.

Grant grabbed Patrick by the shirt and yanked him in.

�STRIP� NOW!!!!� he barked.

�You were supposed to be here 15 minutes ago, boy. For this you will be punished.�

Grant walked Patrick into the dining room where he had a barber�s chair set up. He shoved him down and proceeded to lather and shave Patrick�s head. Patrick was terrified and was starting to piece together the puzzle that was his night. Grant spoke:

�Now, if you�re going to be my boy, and my lover, you need to be more obedient. I don�t want to repeat myself and when I say to do something, you do it�. UNDERSTOOD?!?!?�

Patrick barked back: �Yessir!�

�Good, now put on the t-shirt, jeans, and boots that are on the chair in the living room�. We�re going to go get you inked up a bit. As your punishment, you�re first tat will be a pair of swallows on your neck. Nice and visible.� Said Grant.

Patrick started tearing up, a pit but was met with a hard slap across his face.

�Man the f*** up and stop being such a pussy!� grant barked, and off they went.

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