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The Neighbour's Son by Arthur

Wow what an afternoon! my nieghbour turned up at about 4 with his two sons and another two boys one who is his nephew and the other a friend of one of his sons. I thought wow four boys hair to cut. All four boys had hair down in their eyes at the front and over their collar at the back. The two sons had dirty blonde slightly wavy hair, the nephew had mid brown straight hair and the friend had jet black curly hair, not tight curls but soft random curls. My nieghbour brought them all in and they sat in the lounge while I talked to the nieghbour, I asked him are they all for doing and he said most certainly. I suggested a #1 on top with zero back n sides and he agreed. great! I asked would it be alright to take before and after pictures but he said No certainly not, you must not take any pictures. He was very adamant about not taking any photos so I decided not to push it. He told all the boys to behave themselves while he was out and to do as they were told and he left.

I was all prepared for them, I asked the oldest to come with me and took him to my study, sat him on the stool and wrapped the cape around him, he asked what was happening and I said I am going to cut your hair and he said OH no. I picked up the clippers with no guard on and went to the back of his head pushed it forward with my hand on his crown and my thumb about an inch down from the crown. I switched on the clippers and placed them on his neck and slowly pushed them up into his hair all the way almost to my thumb where i pulled them away to start agian. I continued like this untill all the back was done, I then went to his left and started at his right cheek pushing the clippers all the way up the side to the top before pulling them away. This haircut was going to be a high n tight. i continued all way to the back then went to his right side and did the same there. I put on the # 1 guard and lifting his fringe (bangs) placed the clippers on his forehead pushed them slowly all the way to the back. After doing all the top I then tidied up the crown and blended in the sides and back with the top.

With this one finished I took off the cape and shook all his lovely blonde hair onto the floor wow what a lot there was. I get so excited when I do these haircuts, I cannot describe in words how much. His brother was pretty much the same with loads of hair on the floor the same. The nephew however put up a bit of a fight and got stroppy with me but I reminded him what his Uncle had said and he stopped and sat down. I then wrapped the cape around him and started to cut his hair and he started to cry. i told himhe was a big baby and to stop it, he said i can't your cutting off all my hair, I said yes and it needs to be all cut off to make you look like a boy again instead of a girl. He continued to cry all the way through the haircut. When I had finished him I took off the cape and agian the floor was covered with hair.

OOOH! The last boy, the friend was very quiet I sat him down he never said anything I wrapped the cape around him and looked at his hair, those soft black curls look so gorgeous I wanted to keep them so I put a catch cape around him. I picked up my clippers and buried my hand in those lovely soft curls on his crown and started to slowly push the clippers up into his hair, as the curls came away from his head I watched them as they fell down his back and into the catch cape. I stopped the clippers and put them down, I then went to pick up the soft curls I had just cut off. I felt them in my fingers oh they were so lovely and soft to touch and long too about six inches! I put them back in the cape picked up my clippers and continued to cut his hair like the other boys.

I was having such a great time it was incredible the feelings I got from doing this. I am not going to go into details though. It seemed to last for a long time doing the back and sides of this boy, but eventually I got to doing the top but forgot to put on the #1 guard and went over the top from front to back with no guard, oops there was nothing I could do about it now so I just carried on clipping his head down to nothing. When I had finished I stood back and looked at him and thought wow how good does he look?

The thing is I felt no remorse at all about taking him down to nothing. When I told him what I had done he started to cry again, and I held a mirror in front of him at first he would not look at him self but eventually he did and looked and looked then he smiled and said that looks brill. I then collected up all his hair out of the catch cape and put it into a clear plastic bag so I could view it when ever I wanted and think of this wonderful time I have had. wow what an afternoon.

When my nieghbour came to pick up the boys he saw his sons first and said that's a very good job you have done there I will certainly be bringing my boys back to you each month from now on, the boys groaned, my nieghbour said stop that you will be coming back here each month to have your hair cut exactly like this untill the summer when I will ask this gentlman to shave you smooth OK. yes dad. he looked at his nephew and said well done also. Then he looked at the friend and said oh dear what has happened here and I told him that I was not concentrating and did by mistake. He then said well I dont think that will matter very much he looks quite good from here. I wonder what my boys would look like with their hair like that. I said there is only one wy to find out, he said perhaps next time eh! So we will see what next month will bring. Hope you like what I have writen, I can tell you this really happened and I really wish I had been bold enough to take some pictures but I am sure the boys would have told their father if I had.

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