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The cold wind by Paul

“Saggin’” checked the mirror one more time – for the 50’th time that day!. He had brushed all his frontal hair down to his mouth covering his outlook completely in thick light brown hair. His dick was at the point of exploding. He just loved to tease himself by brushing all that thick frontal mop down over his eyes and nose to his mouth. To restrain himself from the outer world. Locking himself inside his own so precious invincible hair.
“Saggin” rubbed the enormous bulge in his pants while breathing heavily inside the thick hair carpet.
“My f***ing dude’s hair. My awesome mane” he whispered to himself caressing and rubbing his hard on from outside the pant.
“Nobody got suck f***ing long and awesome dudes hair like you man. You look so f***ing hot with all that dudes long hair”.
He couldn’t hold himself back and came in his trousers.
After having taken a bath and changed clothes – to a pair of extra slim sagging black leather jeans – and brushing his mane more than a hundred times, he checked himself – again! – in the mirror.
“Dude you look f***ing hot” He threw his long hair around his face and down his back. “Aint no one ever gonna touch this awesome mane of long dude’s hair” he said oh so proud to himself and went down the stairs.
His big brother Sam waited in the living room together with two of his friends. They were all going to a baseball match.
Sam and his two friends all wore their hair VEY short. Sam a nice sharp and sexy HnT recon. The two friends both had their hair buzzed down to extremely sexy flattops. The three guys loved to “take care” of each others hair.
Thus it was no surprise that they HATED Saggin’s overlong mane of provoking hair. They felt utter contempt for the mop on the guy’s head.
“Hey Ronny why don’t you get a haircut” his big brother teased him. “Go get a real man’s haircut and get rid of all that f***ing awful and disgusting sissy look”.
Saggin’ immediately got a boner when someone commented on his awesome long dude’s hair. He blushed and threw his long mane of dude’s hair around – and all the frontal hair landed over his face and covered it completely in a thick carpet of long dude’s hair.
The two other guys laughed at the ridiculous sight of the longhaired boy in his black leather boots and tight black leather jeans covering less than half his ass and his black T-shirt and black leather jacket – and all his ridiculously long hair covering his face and hanging down his back.
“Look at Ronny. If we were in Australia he would be shorn like a sheep”.
“Could happen here as well” Sam said with a vicious grin.
Saggin’ tried to blow of the overlong thick carpet of hair covering his face but without success. His long hair was simply too long and heavy. So he had to move it with his hands like a girl!
“How about hair pins Ronny” one of the marine cut guys suggested with a laugh. “Put it into pigtails Ronny – would make you look even more cute sweetie!”.
Saggin’ struggled with the enormous boner in his pants and the anger over the humiliation from his big brother and his friends.
They went in Sam’s car to the match. They sat down in the middle of a group of marines in their uniform. Saggin’ immediately attached a LOT of attention:
“Hey look guys what the cat dragged in. Aint she pretty. Princess longhair. Hey Rapunzel come here and give us a kiss…”
Saggin’s face went hot red by the humiliation from the marines - but again his boner grew in his pants – he couldn’t help it or control it.
“Look at that sweet ass – come here Honey and let me give you a good spank in that nice ass”.
And it went on with comments on Saggin’s overlong mane of dude’s hair and his tight ass.
Sam and the two friends just laughed their pants of. They enjoyed immensely the humiliation of the longhaired boy. Could teach him a lesson and get him to cut of all that disgusting sissy hair they thought.
After the match Saggin’ rushed to the car.
“Hey darling why in such a hurry. Come and have some fun with us. We will take good care of all that pretty princes hair and that tight ass” the marines grinned.
As they all sat in the car his brother turned his head – Saggin’ sat in the middle between the two flattops. “Ronny really. You need to do something about that mop – now! It’s embarrassing to be in your company with that disgusting mane of yours. You need a haircut bro”.
Saggin’ once again turned red and went hard rock in his pants when someone mentioned a haircut for him.
“Aint no one gonna give me no f***ing haircut. This long awesome dude’s hair is f***ing invincible” He threw his hair around the car and some of it landed on the shoulders of the two flattops. “Yakkkk” they both cried with all signs of disgust. “Let go of that filthy ugly mop”.
Saggin blushed even further and his boner was at the point of explosion.
“Listen Sam why don’t we do your kid brother a favor and stop by Bill”.
“Yeahhhh” the other flattop cheered. “Stop by Bill. That will teach Ronny a lesson”.
Sam smiled a sadistic smile. “Guys I think you are right. Lets pay Bill a visit!”.
Saggin sensng that something was COMPLETELY wrong asked with panic: “Who’s Bill? Where are you taking me? I wanna go home dudes”.
They all just smiled very viciously but kept silent. “Wait and see homie….”
Sam drove into a small street and stopped the car. Saggin’ had never been to this place before. They pushed and dragged him out of the car.
Then he saw where they had taken him: “Bills traditional barber shop – men only” the sign read.
Saggin’ was at the point of fainting.
They three guys grabbed him by the arms and pushed him to the shop door.
“No f***ing way I’m going in there dudes” Saggin’ cried in panic. They just laughed and pushed him further towards the door.
Saggin’ tried to struggle against the three guys but to no avail. He slipped in his black leather boots. And his skinny body was no match for the very fit men.
“Now stop guys. Listen. I aint going in there. So stop it now and drive me home”.
“Easy now Ronny. We will drive you home – after your haircut!!! Ha ha ha”.
Saggin’ started to panic for real. He was realizing that this wasn’t just another of his big brother’s teasers.
His big brother often had threatened to cut of his overlong mane of f***ing beautiful dudes hair – snipping with a scissor in the air close to Saggin’s ear or turning on his Clippers close to his head. Each time leaving Saggin’ with a boner of his life – and sacred to death. Saggin’ knew that he lived his hair life dangerously by provoking his big brother all the time with his overlong mane of dude’s hair. At night he placed a pair of scissors close to his bed for his brother to see – and he got a huge boner by the thought of his brother grabbing the scissors and his overlong hair and force cut it while he was asleep.
But until today the threat to his awesome mane had never been carried out in real life. And Saggin’ had enjoyed provoking his brother with his long long hair taking it to the limit but never really thinking that one day his brother would take it beyond that.
But now in the strong arms of the flattop guys and his brother and their evil grins and the door to the old fashioned barber shop just in front of him he wasn’t so sure anymore whether this was just another of his big brother’s “hair plays”
And within seconds his last doubts disappeared. Sam opened the door to the barber shop and Saggin was pushed and dragged inside!.
The salon was a one-chair-only. A beautiful old fashioned barber chair in red leather and crome – and straps attached to the armrests and footrests.
In front of the chair was a HUGE mirror and a table filled with barber equipment. The smell in the shop was overwhelming. A heavy sweet smell of barber’s perfumes and shaving creams. It gave Saggin an instant nausea adding to his dizziness from all his fear.
The barber in a traditional white barber’s cape greeted them.
“Hello boys – what are you bringing me this time”.
“Hello master Bill. We hope you are free for a long needed serious haircut. This is my kid brother. He needs a haircut very badly. And after that we will take him to a store and buy him some new decent clothes”.
Bill inspected Saggin’ who was still held tight by the two flattops. Bill slowly moved all the way around Saggin’ with a face turning more and more angry and at the same time expectant.
When he had been all around Saggin’ he said: “Now boys. This is really the most disgusting, filthy ugly head of hair I have ever seen in my life. It makes me wonna vomit. Place that awful hair monster in the chair and I will attend to him immediately.
“NO NO NO” Saggin cried – his eyes filling with tears of anger and despair. “I will not let you cut my awesome hair of f***ing dude’s long hair. It’s far too long and beautiful to be cut. Let go of me” the poor guy struggled – but without success.
They pushed and dragged him to the chair.
“Het bros listen stop now. It’s not funny anymore. I will NOT have a haircut. OK?”
They just laughed at the skinny longhaired guy on his way to his destiny and ignored his pledges completely.
Once a the chair they pushed him down into it and while they held him tight in the chair Sam quickly applied the straps from the arm rest and foot rest so Saggin’ couldn’t move.
The poor longhaired guy with all his precious overlong hair now sat helpless in the barber’s chair.
During his struggle his frontal hair had fallen down over his face and covered it completely. He tried to blow it away – but alas in vain. The heavy strands of overlong hair kept falling down over his face and cover it like a thick carpet of long hair.
The barber moved behind the chair and gathered all Saggin’s overlong hair in his hands, twisted it and fastened it on the top of his hands with hair clips in a huge bun. He looked ever so cute with all his face covered in hair and the rest of his long hair in a huge bun on the top of his head.
The barber then applied a neck paper VERY tight around his neck and went in front of the chair and grabbed a huge cape. He opened the enormous black and white striped cape and put it around Saggin’. The cape covered the skinny boy completely from neck to his boots.
Bill then removed the hair clips and all the overlong hair streamed down all over Saggin’.
With all signs of disgust Bill started to comb through Saggin’s mane with a large comb.
“Ohh my God” Bill said to himself. “That I should live to see such an awful nest of hair” He struggled to get the teeth of the comb through the impressive mane of thick long hair.
“What a delight and relieve you will feel boy once this mess is gone”.
Saggin’ just sat paralyzed in the chair with all his long frontal hair covering his face. He couldn’t see a thing – just feel the comb through his precious locks.
Under the huge cape and in his pants the huge bulge threatened to grow out of his pants. He couldn’t even rub it due to the straps on the arm rest.
Bill moved in front of Saggin and started to comb through the enormous amounts of dude’s overlong frontal hair. Saggin looked all like a sheepdog.
The barber left Saggin in the chair with his hair covering his face completely and all the rest of his overlong hair brushed out freely.
He turned to the three guys in the chairs in the waiting area.
“Now guys what will it be with this disgusting hair creature”.
Sam answered: “Bill take Ronny down to stubbles. All of that long girly hair has to go. Don’t want no sissy brother – want a real guy as my brother”.
From the chair behind all the frontal hair a cry was heard: “NOOOOOOOOOOO. NO way you’re gonna cut my awesome mane. Aint nobody but NOBODY gonna touch my mane of awesome dude’s hair”. The poor guy tried to move in the chair and throw his hair around – but all it resulted in was even more hair joining the already overwhelming amount of hair covering his face.
They all laughed at the poor helpless creature in the chair.
“Listen Ronny – when Bill is finished with you, you will look short, sharp and sexy. Not like a princes Rapunzel or a god damn sissy boy. Go to work Bill. Let’s see what’s hiding behind all that disgusting filth”.
Bill went back to the chair and combed down Saggin’s mane once more. Then he took out a pair of extremely huge and sharp scissors from a drawer.
He snipped with the “hair weapon” a few times over the head of his “victim”.
Then he moved in front of Saggin’.
“Now son I’m gonna do you a big favor. I’m gonna cut those disgusting bangs into a set a straight ultra short bangs that will allow you to see the world – and the world to see your pretty face and beautiful eyes.
“NOO NOO NOOO” Saggin cried behind the hair carpet.
"DON’T TOUCH MY BANGS!!! It has taken years to grow them so long and beautiful”.
The barber ignored the longhaired guy in the chair and took a firm grip of his head holding it completely still.
“Now you sit still boy. These scissors of mine are extremely sharp. Wouldn’t risk hurting you boy would we now. Wouldn’t like to see them in your eyes would we boy?”.
And by these words the barber placed his enormous shears into Saggin’ famous long frontal locks in the right side. And he moved the shears upwards – slowly – to drag out the pain of the poor longhaired guy in the chair.
“Better take a good bite of. Those locks are awfully long for a guy” Bill grinned as he kept moving the shears upwards. Saggin’ could feel the cold steel from the blade on his skin. It sent shivers down his spine.
Finally Bill stopped the shears – and slooooowly squeezed the sharp blades together. Saggin’ held his breath. His dick was hammering on his pants. Ohhh if only he could have wanked his cock now.
And then the blades met each other – and hair started to fall!
Saggin heard the sound of his long frontal locks sliding down the cape and into his lap.
Bill slowly moved the scissors across Saggin’s forehead very high up – 2 inches above the eyebrows!
TONS of frontal hair raced down the cape and joined the already huge pile of shorn hair in Saggin’ lap.
The shears had cut its way to his right eye and Saggin now for the first time got a glimpse of himself in the huge mirror in front of him.
He looked AWFUL!! Caped with half his frontal hair cut extremely short and the rest covering the other half of his face and the rest of his long hair brushed out freely.
He saw his brother and his two friends in the mirror. They all had HUGE grins on their faces.
“Wow Ronny – how does it feel to let go of all that disgusting hay” his brother laughed witn an evil smile.
Bill kept cutting his way straight across Saggin’s forehead leaving an extremely thick straight cut line of ultra short bangs.
Whe he was done he stopped to pause and enjoy the result.
Saggin looked at himself in the mirror. And couldn’t believe what he saw: His pride and glory the precious overlong frontal hair laid in a huge pile in his lap. His face was all naked now except for a pair of extremely short straight cut thick bangs well above his eyebrows. He looked AWFUL! Like a little school boy.
The three guys laughed so much of the awful looking boy in the chair that they almost peed their pants.
Bill returned to his task.
“Now boy you are able to see. I will then make you look sharp, short and sexy on the rest of your head liberating you from this disgusting wool.
Bill went to the front desk. Several clippers were placed in holders. He took out the biggest one!
And showed it to Saggin who were again at the point of fainting.
“Look son. This is my finest pair of clippers. They have served me well for many years and shorn many a head. Now you have the privilege to submit to them!”
Saggin’ couldn’t but whisper all dry in his throat and legs trembling: “Pls. no sir. Not the clippers sir. No that. Don’t apply the clippers to my awesome mane sir”.
“Hush hush Son. Now you think your hair is all so important. But you will soon find out that it is merely hair and that you feel free and liberated without that mess. Feeling like a REAL man short, sharp and sexy”.
And Bill then once again took a firm grip on Saggin’s head leaving him NO room for movement.
“Ready son – enjoy the ride” and then Bil turned on his Oster76 clippers – using NO guard!!.
He pushed Saggin’s head to his chest and placed the clippers at the base of his nape. And then VERY SLOWLY moved them upwards sending TONS of long hair to the floor and leave nothing but skin behind.
He moved the clippers all the way to the top of the head and then started all over sending new TONS of hair to the floor.
The three guys in the waiting area couldn’t believe their own eyes. SO MUCH hair falling for the merciless clippers – WONDERFUL!
Bill moved around Saggin’s head with great efficiency and experience and soon nothing but skin and stubbles remained of the previous invincible mane.
Bil turned of the clippers and the salon was all silent except for Saggin sobbing in the chair.
“Now son. See how much that helped already. Now we just have to do the finishing touch”.
Saggin’ couldn’t believe neither what he saw in the mirror nor the comment of the barber.
But soon he got wiser.
Bill applied shawing foam all over his head till it was completely white.
Then with no hesitation he grabbed Saggin’s head in a frim grip and started to move his sharp razor over the sandpaper stubbles. Whe he had shaven Saggin all bald he polished his head.
Saggin looked in the mirror. His crowning glory was spread all over the lap and the floor. Instead of hair all over he stared at a complety smooth shaven head.
The three guys went to the chair and Bill uncapped Saggin and removed the neck strip.
They freed him from the straps and saggin left the chair in complete disbelief. He could hardly stand on his feet.
“Now kid brother – no more Ronny. Now you are my kid brother and I’m proud to be your brother and to be seen in your company”.
They paid Bill and left the salon.
The first thing Saggin’ noticed outside was the cold wind embracing his bald head. A whole new feeling!!!

Finally, the clippers stopped. She could only stare at the ponytail in her lap as she reached around to feel her hair. But Glen stopped her and told her that he was almost through. She then heard a snapping sound and the clippers came back on. Kathleen tried to cover her terror with humor. "Is there anymore left to cut back there?"
Oh, lots! Don't worry, I am only using a #1 guard at the base." That meant nothing to her, but she hoped that it meant she had two inches left. However, she knew better.
When the clippers stopped, Glen finally placed the clippers back on the hook. Kathleen lifted her head and really could not tell a difference. Maybe it was not as bad as she feared. He undid the clips and tossed them on the counter. He picked up a comb and scissors and said, "Let"s get rid of this extra length!" Her blood ran cold again. Glen combed her hair straight down and placed the scissors at her jaw and angled sharply upwards. He carefully started cutting. She could feel the metal of the scissors just below where the clippers had been moments before. "I am cutting the hair so it falls just over the top of the shorn hair. Gives more of a bounce." Shorn hair?" A few more tears fell with those words. Kathleen just wanted to run away and hide.
After what seemed an eternity, Glen put the scissors down but grabbed the clippers. "I just need to shape the neck area and you are done. Do you want a blend from the neck or for the hair line to be obvious?" Not knowing the difference, and at this point, not caring, Kathleen told Glen to choose. He removed something from the clippers, turned them on and said, "I think the blend looks better. You can't tell where the hair really ends. But you will need weekly touch ups to keep the look. Tell the person who does you hair not to use a guard."
No guard " what does that mean?"
He laughed over the sound of clippers removing hair. "That means there is nothing between the clippers and your hair!" Kathleen started looking around for a trash-can as she felt it was now a matter of WHEN she would throw up, not IF. But suddenly the shop was silent and Glen rubbed the back of her head. "All done! Here's a mirror. See, I did not cut too high." Kathleen stared at nothing but stubble past the top of her ears. When she touched it, she could not tell when her hair started on her neck " it was that short! And she could see so much skin though her hair! There was some length that fell from her crown, but not much. The only saving grace was that from the front, it appeared to be chin length.
As she got up from the chair, her legs almost gave way, but she managed to pay, exchange some final pleasantries and get to her Jeep. She got back to I-64, but was forced to pull off at the next exit, as she could no longer hold back her tears. After several minutes, she finally collected herself enough to drive the rest of the way to Somerset. She arrived at the agent's office and followed the agent to her new house where two middle-aged women were already in her driveway. As expected, one was the current owner and the other, her attorney. After a thorough inspection, they closed on the deal and Kathleen was left alone in her new home. She spent the rest of the day cleaning and arranging the few items she brought with her. Since she had pinned her front hair up, she really forgot about the events of the morning until she stepped into the shower. The water running across her freshly shorn neck sent a quiver throughout her body. She fussed at herself when she put the normal amount of shampoo in her hand and realized it was way more than she needed now. But she did find the novelty of the short hair enticing and only stopped washing her hair as the hot water began to run out. Kathleen had another new and unexpected sensation as she climbed into the sleeping bag and her head hit the pillow, tonight without the weight of two feet of hair. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

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