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son and dad haircut bonding part 1 by baldvenom

It was late evening,Robert was returning home from work and as he was walking back home which was at the of end an alley,he decided to call his son harresh(adopted child) to ask he want as he dropped by the minimart.

Harresh repiled "nothing dad,but......(hesitating)......but i want to cut my hair????"dad was confused and asked him to come to the minimart.Dad mind was confused and had thoughts flying around like"why would he want to get a haircut which he usually hates and i thought he loved his black thicked hair which he always shampooed everyday?"

Robert mind was interrupted when he heard the voice of his son.And so they proceed to Bob barbershop further away from the minimart,while walking Robert asked harresh why he wants to cut his hair?Harresh told that he want to reborn his hair as his hair was so thick and he found this way better.Upon arriving....... (continues in the next story)

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