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Two bald heads by Thebarbered1

For some time, I had kept my hair reasonably, but not strikingly short – Usually, a 3 or 4 around the sides and back, and about an inch to two inches on top. I remember, about 2 years ago now, talking with a friend of mine, and in the conversation, he said "Do you know what? I've heard it said that at least once in their life, every male should have their head shaved bald”. "Crickey”, I responded, before rubbing my hair and smiling, saying "Oh, I don't know about that!”. After that, the conversation moved on to other things, and nothing else was said on the subject.
Anyway, time went by, and it was now about 10 months ago (it was about two weeks into the new year), I saw him again. I stood there astounded. He looked at me and smiled. He said "If your jaw drops much more, it will hit the ground”. After a short pause, he said "yes, had it done just after Christmas”. He was completely bald. We went for a coffee, and he said to me "yes, after that conversation before, I thought about it and eventually decided "Yh, go for it”. I thought it looked really good actually and suited him. He seemed to guess that ‘s what I was thinking, and said "Yh, I was pleased with it. Quite an experience. I'm growing it back out now though to how it was”. He then asked "Have you not thought about it since we spoke before?”. I hesitated and stuttered before saying "errr… no not really”. Anyway, as we finished our coffee, and as he had to go off somewhere, he suddenly said "I'll tell you what. Get yours done, I'll get mine done again”…. "errr, oh, I don't know… I'll see”, I nervously called out. The thing is, my mind was already in overdrive and I couldn't stop thinking about it.
Anyway, time went by, and at my next trip to the barber a couple of weeks later, I was still thinking about it, but in the end, just had my usual. The next time I went, just over 2 months later (about 6 months ago), the same thing happened. This time however, the barber (the same one as my last few visits, a young guy, in about his early 30s) said to me as he was cutting my hair "You've got something on your mind haven't you?” Was it that obvious? I thought to myself. I hesitated, before telling him what my friend had said to me. He replied "It's surprising how many times I've heard that…. and you're thinking about it are you?” I replied "mmmm, well…. Yes”. Anyway, he finished, I paid and thanked him and went off.
The next time I went in there, about 10 weeks ago, I walked in the door. Still thinking "shall I or not?” The guy who had done me before was just finishing another customer. The other barber who was in there and who was free started to get up, but the other one said "It's alright, I know this guy, and I think I know what he wants”. My bones shivered for a second and I sat down. A moment later, another customer walked in. The other barber stood up. The customer gestered me to the chair, but the barber said "It's alright, he's waiting for him”.
Eventually, my barber finished his customer and directed me to the chair. I sat down nervously. He got a tissue from the dispenser on the counter as he normally did, wrapped it around my neck, before covering me in the dark blue cape. I then felt him snap it in place at the back of my neck. As he asked me what I wanted, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was still thinking about what my friend had said to me that time. I wasn't sure – but what I was thinking and what came out of my mouth were 2 completely different things. I was thinking "I can't do this”, but out of my mouth came "… errr. Go for it”. He replied "Our chat before? I wondered if you were going to say that. Are you sure?”. I thought to myself "it's now or never” , so before changing my mind, said "Yh, go for it”
He turned around, and picked up some clippers he had next to him. "Right, here we go then… Head down please”. I did this, and the clippers screamed into action.. He hesitated one more time and looked at me, I think, to see if I wanted to change my mind. I didn't want to and just smiled nervously. He acknowledged, and I felt the clippers on the back of my neck. He ran them up the back of my head and up over the top. I could see bits of hair rain on to the cape in front of me and on to the floor around me. He said to lift my head up, and he repeated the process all around the sides, and again, up to the top. My ears were now completely clear of hair, and my head, except for a small amount of stubble, was bald. Looking in the mirror, I was a bit shocked, but that initial reaction was to be expected. The barber asked me how I was feeling. It was actually, an amazing feeling and I said so. He smiled, and said "that's good. Right, next stage coming up, but would it be alright if I left you a few moments”, to which I said that would be fine.
While I waited, I could see in the mirror, a waiting customer watching on. He saw me looking, smiled, got up and came over to me and we chatted. He asked how is it, and I replied it's good actually..
After about 5 minutes, my barber returned, and thanked me for waiting. I replied "that's OK. Th other customer sat down again, and he picked up a container, with a brush in it, and lathered up all of my head and down all around my ears and back. He then picked up a razor, and started to scrape away at the top my head, before going down the sides and back. Slowly being cleared of the lather, my completely clean bald head re-emerged.. When he finished, he got a warm towel and dried it off. before then rubbed a sort of soothing lotion into my scalp. It was very calming.
Finally, he unsnapped the cape, removed the tissue and took away the cape. To be honest with you, I loved it. He could see that and was pleased. "you pleased with it?” to which I replied with "Thank you. It's great!”
After I'd paid him, and as I left the shop, I felt absolutely amazing. I thought to myself "I've done it. I've done every male should have done at least once in their life”. People I know generally, were shocked, but at the same time, really positive about my new bald look. A week or so later, I saw my friend again, and on seeing me, freshly shaven, he was ecstactic. He said, "come on, I'm going to keep my promise. I'll get mine re-done”. We went to his barber shop, which, low and behold, was the same one I'd been to. My stubble had reappeared just a little, so I had mine redone too. Two bald heads left the shop! It's now 2 months later, and both of us, our hair is growing out again. We've no plans to have our heads shaved again…. But you never know.
Do you know what it is about this story? It's not a story… It actually happened – just those few weeks ago, and it was amazing experience.

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