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uncle Cat by c.g.devermond

In 1973 I was running with the popular crowd in my school. I was 13 and got away with almost everything I wanted to do. Then Me and my friends got picked up by the police for being drunk in public. the cops took me home as well as My friends that day. My mom didn't know what to do. My dad on the other hand told me to get to my room before he kicked me there. later during dinner my dad told me to pack a suit case I was going to spend the summer with my uncle that lived on a farm, maybe then I just might be able to behave myself for once, and my uncle was not going to put up with my smart ass mouth either. I had never met my mothers brother before. The next morning they took me to the bus station and put me on the bus, 18 hours later I arrived in a town so small you could see both ends of the town just standing in front of the bus stop. My uncle was to meet me, but no one was around. So I walked across the street to call him and let him know I was there waiting for him. when I saw this big black Caddy pull up to the bus stop. Man man got out and called to me, and asked if I was C.G.. I said yes I am who are you? He was my uncle, Tall thin dark hair under a broad brimmed cowboy hat. He said lets get you to the farm and get settled for the night. I had had never been to a farm before. He told me that he and my mother grew up there. and there was a lot to do. We get up at 5 a.m. to start the day, so I better get ready for bed soon, and get some rest. He showed me my room I was going to share with another cousin that was coming in on tuesday for the summer, two hard days latter, He told me to get cleaned up we were going to town to pick up Mike. and we would have lunch at the cafe, and take care of some business at the same time. 11:00 a.m. and the bus pulled in and off stepped Mike. He was a little taller than me With bright red hair about the same length as mine just over the collar. My uncle said well you girls want to have lunch first, or get something done with those mops you got on your heads, I hadn't ever thought about getting a haircut at all. Mike said he sure could use a good cut for the summer, Well I thought I guess I could get a little trim. Well then girls, my uncle said just go on over to the barber shop and tell Rudy I sent you over and he'll take good care of you. We went to Rudy's barber shop, walked in, And Rudy looked at Us and aid you must be Cats nephews, I'm all ready for you who will be first, with that I got into the big antique barber chair, and said just trim it up a little bit please. Rudy said he knew just what to do, Cat had already gave him what to do with that I heard the roar of the clipper start and before I knew it he was finished and I had the shortest hair In my life, He gave me a horseshoe flat top haircut. Then he looked at Mike and said your next. Just like your uncle Cat

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