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Shaved head and fashionable school I by ChrisHeadshave

It started one year 2003. For several years he saw classmates in high school and later with cropped hair mostly and some with his shaven head, one of them is a close friend and was encouraged to do accompany her to the salon ( which was only for men ) to rapáramos us together in those years he wore # 4 gradually coming over the years to use the # 1 during the school year and the # 0 or # 000 in summer. I must admit that I refused , but I kept the idea of attracting and do not dare to tell the other , especially when my friend made me to pass his hand over his newly shaved head , the feeling was amazing and I came to bristle the hairs of her arms.
A year later , specifically in 2004 , the day of the last week of February before returning to school I approached the salon regularly we went , I got to talk to our hairdresser, as she reached my friend , the minute this he opened the door, the barber tells meSit !, which I agreed to , then my friend saysyou're ready ! .... at that moment heard a resounding silence in the place, the sound of irrumpiéndolo oster with position # 000 , just closed my eyes and I fall for this experience ... for about 10 minutes while we talk about other things, when I finish the master machine saidI hope you like it! ... obviously I opened my eyes and my smile left alone and my hands ran through my head instantly , just thanked him and paid ... then my friend sat up ordering the same thing at the same time I was ready, and proceeded to exchange hands shaved another ... in that moment was already 21:30 , with a moderate cold, went with shorts and a shirt . We were close to home we went to this and lent me a pair of black thermal sweatshirt, sneakers basketball black with white and a sweatshirt with hood all nike , I must admit that with that taken and shaved I looked amazing , because my board says " I give you the taken as a reminder of your first experience in the vice shaved " which thanked him .

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