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Shaved head and fashionable school II by ChrisHeadshave

At that moment we were coming my way home , gets her breast and I found myself with the cap on the head and take it out, touched my head and I congratulate my decision , hence we went together to my house and did not receive very good way my new cut, but while I feel comfortable no problem doing , minute entering class arrived , receives pure praise and so maintained monthly with my friend that we were on the third Friday of each month to keep our beautiful head with that trail textured sandpaper ...
Around the end of September , a Friday my friend posed me an idea that has long , and did not want to do it alone . I was used to having my head uncovered , but not as we wont " shaven " , I commented on how the process is done , along with that we had some beard and had to shave for school, so I said no problem was , all was already hot and "it nearly an inch between having hair and nothing, no difference ! " .
We agreed that we would get together on Saturday to finish a job for Monday and we agreed that we would do to finish it. It turns out that half the work tells me , "and I can not wait " to which I replied " I'm the same, so let's do it immediately ," unfortunately did not have a hair cutting , so we headed to the salon , and we get a surprise they had hired a hairdresser in his 20s with his utterly brilliant , smooth head , that identification " Specialty: male barbershop, military and shaving cuts with knife " he said, left with his mouth open, in that minute our hairdresser always tells us that must be removed by today for a family problem and asked that we would do , so we told him about our project, and said the best we could hear in the day " I leave you with Javier , he is the specialist they want ," he invited us to sit in the chair waiting while he finished with a neighbor of his passage, I comment we were making the best decision in the world, Cundo finished with him, came up and said " touch my newly completed bald " were struck in that moment Javier calls us and as always the first to sit me, but before I said " let me touch your head to decide otherwise I 'll do the usual " was not a problem, " I nodded my head and mention the magic word , LET'S DO THIS . "

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