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Shaved head and fashionable school III by ChrisHeadshave

He lit the oster with closer than normal # 00000 position left stunned on the first pass to end this says " touch your head ", and says something that makes me wonder " I leave it like that or continue? " word as I am , I said " continue " , proceeding to shave my term and then apply the shaving cream and the razor slides after 30 minutes ended with me and nothing to say , it was an even better experience than the first shaved . My friend sits down, asks to touch my head and says " like him ," took the same time , he finished his court exchanged touched plaque , as was our tradition , we paid and went home, finished the job, the other were bored day I went looking and went play basketball with our peers and overhead that we covered with the hood , no one wondered , since we were all in the same way , at 10 minutes into the game and take a break we went to the bathroom to get wet and bald face , in addition to taking samples and fill bottles with water ; when we left the bathroom were all just stunned they approached congratulate our bald and played nonstop.
At that moment we both looked and gave them a challenge , we both told them " if we lose a game we shaves daily ( not monthly ) and if you lose at the end they go with us to the salon to get our bald head " We were 10 to 2. few chances , but the minute dunks the last 2 points that we win, obviously we enjoy this moment on Monday that it was the talk of the whole school and everyone was fascinated all wanted to have our haircut , plus our friends kept his bald head for the rest of the year, and to our surprise all the remaining years in the course we were bald.

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