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Shaved head and fashionable school IV by ChrisHeadshave

But just in 2007 before moving to study at the university in February got together to taxi to the course , and both we had grown his hair like two months , so it was too long for what we considered usual, our colleagues who joined the brotherhood of bald asked us to afeitáramos us . But to our surprise the room of the house of our friend was a gift that neither reject and it was our farewell , around 01:30 am, the homeowner, Alonso , open the door , and were two chairs , made to sit in front of a mirror, your bathroom out Javier our barber with his trademark bag which brought all his tools including newly sharpened knife , proceeded to spend the oster # 00000 , then shave that was an amazing farewell hence wished us success and gave us two taken basketball complete brand nike ( Two polerones babysitting two short of basketball two pants thermal sweatshirt, sneakers , a pair of T-shirts , two sport coats one with hood and one without a cortaviente of basketball ) to remember him and thus a paper that said " from now on every time you return to your city cuts and shaves will be free for you two " ... hence Javier says "who else wants to shave ! " obviously all shaved ... even though my friend we have not seen since 2007 , we still have contact and both remain bald.

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