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Ethan's Lesson by Mikey

This story contains some buildup, to skip to the action look for the dotted line.

It was a hot june in Florida when Ethan visited Mark. The two cousins were both 18 and had many common interests. Both were conservatives and enjoyed talking about politics immensly; Ethan was more socially liberal, however, reflected by his mop-top haircut. His hair was thick and dark brown; it covered his collar, his ears and his eyes. Mark, didn't approve, and decided to approach the subject in their nightly talk before bed.

"I think we need to talk," Mark began, "about the appropriate length of a man's hair." Ethan was taken aback by this, and replied
"I can have my hair anyway I like it thank you!"
"Stop jumping to conclusions," Mark admonished, "I was planning on talking about guys with LONG hair; isn't it a bit feminizing?"
"Yes, I suppose" replied Ethan reluctantly
"And why is this?" asked Mark rhetorically.
-"Because it makes them look like women!"
Mark was uncontent with the answer and elaborated,
"And it makes them ACT like women! Is it not bothersome to think of a man taking just as long as his wife to do his hair?"
-"Mark, I agree with you, but why is this coming up?"
-"Your hair takes you a fair amount of time doesn't it?"
-"Yes...but I like it!" Ethan whined.
-"It's all in your face too! Part of being male is that your not afraid to put yourself out there, and that includes your eyes and ears."
-"But I 'm ugly with short hair!"
-"First of all, you're not! And even if you were, short hair remains more pratical for a man; surely you're hot here in Florida under that mop!"
-"Alright! I see your point!"
-"then follow me!"
Mark brought Ethan into the garage where he had a chair with barbering tools set up. Ethan sat submissively and Mark bound him via duct tape to the chair.
-"just in case you have change of heart" Mark commented.
Mark then secured a taper around Ethan's neck (under his collar hair of course) and tightly caped him up in a white nylon cape.
- "I'll get started on the bulk now!" Mark announced. And with that Ethan's chin was shoved into his chest and he heard a *click* reminiscent of his childhood behind him. The clippers slowly journeyed up the back of Ethan's head; who was stunned at the mounds of hair removed only from the back! Mark was clearly taking his time; he enjoyed this incredibly. Soon the back of Ethan's head was no longer a place where a stranger's hand could get lost but a #4 taper. Ethan's head was cocked left and the clippers plowed up his right sideburn. Mark then proceeded to clip the rest of the side, exposing a very pale ear. The process was repeated on the other side, and the clippers were put down.
Mark grabbed a comb and spray bottle and matted down the upper part of Ethan's mane. Ethan 's bangs managed to touch his nose! Mark traded the bottle for scissors, which he placed above the middle of Ethan's forehead. With a few snips, the wet bangs were on the cape.
-"This is quite the haircut" Ethan commented
-"Not even halfway there!" quipped Mark.
Mark began a lift and cut process on top; taking off about an inch and leaving just enough for Ethan to run his hand through. The scissors and comb were brought to the sides to even them out. Mark put the scissors down and sprayed Ethan down once more. Then, much to the dismay of Ethan, Mark reached for some thinning shears and thrashed at the top of Ethan's head for about 15 minutes. Ethan started to squirm in anticipation, Mark told him to sit still as there was more tapering to be done.
Ethan's head was again forced down and a sharper buz filled the room. These clippers moved halfway up the back of Ethan's head and to the same height on the sides. These clippers were traded for a small guard-less pair. Mark spent about 5 minutes shortening and shaping the overgrown sideburns. Mark also shapped some arches arouns Ethan's newly exposed ears and bent Ethan's head down one last time to neatly square the back. Mark had inherited a straight razor from a relative, which he used to lather shave Ethan's nape and sideburn region. Finally the comb and bottle were picked up and Ethan's hair was styled into a combover.
Mark showed Ethan a mirror and after an initial shock, Ethan began to enjoy his new look. It was certainly easier, as Mark had suggested.

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