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Barbers Surprise by cjd30101

I used to have long hair that slightly surpassed the tip of my shoulders, but I eventually started to get sick of the hassle every morning. One day after school when I chopped off a lot from the front, I almost asked to get it cut, but my bangs still covered it. I admired the short bit every day, until I went to the hairdresser and he said "YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?" He was clearly shocked, but cut my bangs a little shorter, and left the back long. I continued to long for short hair, but I was reluctant to ask. Once again, my hair was starting to get too long, so my mom took me to get a haircut. She told the hairdresser to give me a trim, and then walked away to get her own haircut.

When the hairdresser picked up clippers, I figured he would just clean up the sideburns (which did not currently exist) but he instead snapped off the attatchment and flicked the switch. As he lifted the clippers to my eyes, I quickly got a hard on. The blade was vibrating constantly as he pulled his arm back, shaving a 4 inch chunk of hair. I was so in shock I could hardly say a word. He continued to make wide passes down my scalp, and soon enough I was completely bald. There was only a short stubble remaining.

As he reached under the sink and into the cabinet, he pulled out shaving foam and a straight razor. Making short passes, I was scalped an inch at a time until it was all gone. No stubble left. The hairdresser was pulling the skin around my ears taught when I finally asked why he shaved it all off without asking. He said he figured I would like it. He figured right.

Although I hadnt thought of this while being shaved, my mom walked over, and gasped at my baldness. She was in pure shock, but she eventually got used to the thought of her 13 year old boy skin bald. She would constantly rub my head and remark about how she loved how smooth it is. I couldn't believe that I actually shaved my head, but it felt amazing. When my dad came home, he said that the look makes me more of a man and that smooth is the way to go.
After the haircut, I dramatically changed. I went from wearing stylish sweaters and button ups to wearing athletic clothing and fitted tank tops. Being bald has its advantages, like being able to take shorter showers. When I went to school on Monday, everyone was shocked, but many liked it.
I have since grown it back a bit, and am looking forward to bringing a razor to it soon.

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