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Unexpected Perfect Season by burrlypup

"Good morning, boys. As you know, we have an exciting season ahead of us, and we're here to have fun. Let's face it though – we're here to win,” Mitch told his group of 8 college wrestlers.

"I've even decided to up the stakes. For every match won, I will donate an inch of hair to Locks of Love, but you've got to win at least 10 matches to get to the minimum donation length.” Mitch felt secure that this extra incentive would help motivate his wrestlers, yet he found it unlikely that he would lose more than 10 inches. His long brownish red hair, which he kept in a loose ponytail, reached below his waist so cutting 10 inches would leave him with hair below his shoulder blades. It was his pride and joy, but with the team losing every match the previous season, he was willing to sacrifice a few inches if it meant some wins.

The wrestling team was enthused and practice commenced. When practice ended, the coach was pleased with how focused his athletes appeared. The first competition came 2 weeks later, and to his astonishment, all 8 of his wrestlers won their matches. The next meet, it was the same. Mitch realized his hair would have to be cut shoulder length – it had been almost ten years since his hair was that short! He began to bargain with his team but they had a plan of their own. They wanted every last inch!

Mitch was really started to regret offering an inch per win, as the next competition brought another 8 wins, bringing his donation length to 24 inches! That would leave him with less than 6 inches all over. The final meet arrived, and once again, all 8 of his wrestlers won. He had to donate 32 inches, but his longest hair only measured 30 inches. Of course, the wrestling team knew this and had their own compromise. Mitch felt sick to his stomach knowing he would enter the locker room with his amazing long mane and leave bald.

As soon as the doors shut, the octet of muscular wrestlers huddled around their coach, high fives all around and some tugged at his ponytail, telling him to kiss it goodbye.

"I'm so proud of you boys, you really came through. And I have a bet to pay up,” Mitch said as he pulled his ponytail out of the band and let his hair flow freely one last time.

"Well coach, we've been counting, and you owe Locks of Love 32 inches,” stated Rick, the team captain.

"Correct, and I see where you're going. My hair is only 30 inches.”

"Well, during the season, we all wanted you to lose that ridiculous ponytail. But we know how much you love it, how it's your ‘thing.' We're thankful that you put it on the line to motivate us losers to win our first championship. You don't have to cut it.” And the rest of the wrestlers nodded in agreement. Mitch was taken aback.

"Thanks, that means so much to me. However, a bet is a bet. I am a man of my word, and I hope this makes a little girl very happy.” Mitch stated as he bound his ponytail and handed Rick some cordless clippers, taking a seat on the locker bench. The hum of the clippers broke the silence and Rick firmly ran them down Mitch's forehead, again and to the sides. Mitch kept his eyes shut, peacefully and calmly waiting for the process to end.

Rick held onto the ponytail as he rounded Mitch's head with the clippers until every strand was cut and the mass of hair disconnected. Rick held the hair up high for the team to look at in awe. Rick passed the hair around so others could feel how heavy it was, while he cleaned up Mitch's head so it was all one even length: zero.

The team dispersed and Mitch took the hair into his office, sealing it in an envelope. He felt itchy and had not yet seen his reflection, so Mitch headed to the showers. As he took in his drastically altered appearance, he turned on the shower and stood under it. It must have been about 10 minutes, when he heard another shower head turn on.

"Hey coach, thought I'd give myself a trim…” Rick said as he pointed to his freshly buzzed head and smiled.

"Looks great.” Mitch replied.

"Thanks. So, I thought of a way to collect on those final two inches coach.” Rick said as he soaped up his torso and rinsed.

"How so?” Mitch asked quizzically.

"Let me use this on your head.” Rick said as he pulled a razor and shaving cream out of his shower caddy.

"Sure, why not. I don't think you'll get 2 inches though, buddy.”

"I will. Catch is, you gotta shave your head for 4 months. That's how I'll get my two inches.”

"Can't argue with that. I'm a man of my word and I'll honor my side of the deal. My head is yours.” Mitch said as he rinsed off and kneeled down. Rick sprayed some shaving gel onto Mitch's head and rubbed it in so it covered every last stubble. Slowly, Rick took the first stroke, rinsed the blade, and repeated this until all the shaving foam was gone. Rick rubbed his coaches head for rough spots, re-shaving the ones he found, until his hand encountered no friction, just smooth scalp. Mitch noticed after a while that the rubbing was less to find rough spots – Rick seemed to enjoy feeling his freshly shaved head, and he found himself enjoying the head rub.

"Maybe this new bald look will become your new ‘thing', coach.” Rick said as Mitch stood up and glanced at his gleaming bald head, then threw a towel around his waist and walked off to get dressed. Rick eyed the shaving gel and a few seconds later, was rubbing it all over his blond stubble.

"Just like coach,” he said to himself as he pulled the razor down the middle of his head.

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