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Curly bush hacked off by Nicholas Sandell

I had always loved my hair. Long, black, thick, curly, it reached just below my collar, and it was about 9" inches on top. My mother on the other hand,was not such a huge fan of my hair. She was always telling me that she was gonna sit me down and chop all of the curls off. Getting a forced haircut has always excited me, whenever my mom told me she wanted to cut my hair my palms started sweating and I'd get really excited. I always would wish I had the balls to get a pair of scissors and cut my 9" inch forelock right then and there. But I was always too afraid to do that. I had hopes of growing my hair down to my shoulders, but fate had other plans.
It was a hot July day when I was mowing the lawn. I was drenched in sweat. It got so hot I ended up stripping down to my boxer briefs (We owned private land so this wasn't a problem.) I had a pretty impressive body for 19 years of age. I worked out 5 times a week just to make sure I stayed in shape. I continued mowing the lawn until I heard my mom call me to come inside. I went inside and she told me to sit down, she then sat down across from me. "Honey, you looked miserable outside. That mop of yours is way too long for this weather and it needs to go. I'm gonna give you a trim later." I then saw my mom look down at my crotch, I had pitched a tent just listening to her. She then told me to go "Relieve myself" and be back by 5:30 for my trim. I quickly ran to the bathroom and locked the door.
I pulled down my boxers and noticed my 7" inch rocket was already throbbing. I began to think about my mom cutting my hair.. Was she just gonna cut an inch or two off? Or was she gonna bring out the clippers and shave me down? I immediately came just thinking about it. I looked at the time and it was already 5:15. Great, I got enough time for round two! I started thinking about her picking up my 9" inch bangs and placing the scissors right at the base of my forehead and slowly start to slice, slice, slice, until there was nothing but stubble left. I let out a big moan then I heard a knock on the door: "Honey, come on out, it's time to trim that bush on your head!" Goosebumps ran down my back, I was ready.
I open the door and notice my mom standing right outside "Come on honey, I don't want to see that big black blob on your head for another second." I could already feel myself getting another boner.
Mom had set up a chair in our front yard in preparation for the haircut. "I figured it'd be better to cut it outside so birds could use the shorn hair as a nest!" She acknowledged. I was about to sit down until my mom told me to drop my underwear because she didn't want me to get hair on them. Apparently I looked nervous because my mom started telling me that "she understands that I'm a man now and I don't have to be embarrassed of something so natural" I started blushing and dropped my undies. I sat down and my mom asked me if she wanted me to start from front to back or back to front, I told her to "Surprise me."
She picked up her big paper cutting scissors and grabbed my bangs. "say goodbye!" I suddenly heard the "crunch, crunch, crunch" Of the scissors and then 8" inches of my bangs landed in my lap!!! "I thought this was just a trim!!" I screamed. "Oh, I just told you that to get you to let me chop that bush off your head." I looked down at the long black curly locks blowing in the wind. I let out a little wimper as my mom continued. She suddenly picked up some clippers and put them at the base of my neck and slowly push up into the long jungle that is the back of my head. i felt the hair immediately blow away. She went up the back of my head about 10 more times to make sure all of the hair on the back of my head was gone. She picked up the scissors again and picked up the hair on the left side of my head, and started chopping it all off. I felt a breeze on the side of my head. She moved over to the right side of my head and hacked the hair off there too. I felt the clippers turn on again but this time more hair came off. "I put a number #1 on the clippers to make sure you won't sweat too much and get your hair dirty." After about 15 more minutes I heard the clippers shut off. She handed me a mirror. I looked like a completely different person! I can't believe I just chopped off 9" inches of thick, black, curls. But I gotta admit. I looked GREAT! "Okay, now go clean up and finish mowing that lawn!"

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