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The bully taught a lesson in class by Thebarbered1

It's just a week to go now to Christmas. I've just had my "Christmas haircut” – #2 back and sides, scissor cut on top, but about the equivalent in length to a #4. I absolutely love it, and everyone's been telling me how much it suits me and makes me look much younger. I had it done in the barbering section at a trainee college near me this time. Great relaxed atmosphere in there, and they're really good, and really look after you. They take their time over it to make sure it's "absolutely right”. I was an hour and a quarter in the chair, under the cape, which was fine. Really relaxing and enjoyable (Hey, I'll have to make a story about it in it's own right!)
Before I go offline for the final time before Christmas, here's a story which I hope you'll enjoy.. It's an alternative story, based on the characters from the story, "The Bully” written by Mike/Originally told by Greg. I have used some of the phrases, descriptions and quotes from that original story, which I hope is alright… Anyway, have a great Christmas everyone, and I'll be back afterwards……………

Jason, who was about 15, was well known, but not for his good qualities. He was a bully by nature and got off by picking on kids he knew were afraid of him. A favorite victim was Tim, who was also about 15. He was a gentle kid however, who wouldn't harm a fly. Jason had long brown hair parted in the middle, long enough to fall over his eyes. He loved his long hair and thought he looked really cool, like a rock star. It was his pride and joy. Most kids had long hair at the time - in the 1970's, however, Tim had somewhat shorter hair, not covering his ears, which made him easy target for Jason, who loved to ridicule him and call him a nerd. He was smaller than Jason and slight of build, and tried to avoid him as much as possible.
On this particular day, a Friday, after school, Jason, as he so often was, was picking on him and pushing him around when he noticed a guy looking at him through a window. It was the front window of Mike's Barbershop, just up the road from the school. He looked back, as if to say defiantly "what are you looking at?”. He looked back at Tim, went "huh!”, pushed back once more and walked off grinning.
Monday morning came along, and everyone returned to school. In the classroom, it was loud and roudy. Jason was still taunting Tim, as the teacher, Mr Jones, entered the room. He looked sternly at Jason for a few seconds, before calling out "Come on everyone, settle down, settle down. To your places please”. Everyone went to their seats, and slowly, but surely, it went quieter. "Right everyone, before we start lessons, there's something I need to sort out here”. Everyone listened intently. Pointing to an empty chair in the corner of the room, he said to one of the boys sitting towards the front of the class "Peter, can you go and get that chair please and put it on those newspapers on the floor here, facing the door, ”. The boy obliged and then returned to his place, and Mr Jones thanked him. "Right, there is one thing I'm not going to tolerate in my class, and that's bullying. There is one person here, who's being doing this for long enough now, and it's going to stop”. Everyone turned round and looked at each other, although most had a pretty good idea who he was talking about. Jason was looking very worried.
"Bullying is totally unacceptable, and I now intend to teach this person a stark lesson”. After a pause of about ten seconds, he said "Jason, stand up”. He did so. Mr Jones then said "Right, come forward, and sit down on that chair”. Jason was now looking extremely worried. Mr Jones then said "Some of you will recognise this person, but I'd like to introduce to you, my brother”. He went over and opened the door. In walked this man, holding a case. Jason recognised him instantly. It was that guy from the barbershop. "Yes, you know who this is don't you?” he said to everyone, but directing it at Jason. "This is Mike, my brother, he owns the barber shop just up the road”. Jason looked absolutely horrified.
"You're very proud of your trendy, cool hair aren't you?” Mr Jones asked. "Yes Sir” Jason replied worriedly. "Yet Tim here, who has neat, tidy, but shorter hair than you, actually cut by my brother, you like to ridicule, don't you?” Jason stuttered and stammered. "Mike has told me all about Friday and what you were doing, and that's certainly not the first time you've picked on him, and others, is it? "No sir” he nervously replied. Mr Jones continued "…so, we've talked about it decided enough is enough, something needs to be done about it and you taught a lesson. I've spoken to your parents, and they're not happy with you, and have agreed to what I'm about to do”. Mike put his case down on the desk at the front, and opened it. It looked like he'd bought his barber shop with him. There was an array of clippers, scissors, combs, brushes, and other items.
"Right, we need to put a stop to this once and for all. Like he has done for Tim, Mike's now going to give you a nice haircut too. For you however, it's going to be one just like we used to have when we were boys. That way, you won't have any reason to ridicule Tim anymore will you?". There was a pause… "Well?” Mr Jones said sharply. "No sir” Jason replied stutteringly. Everyone was watching intently, as Mr Jones then said "OK Mike, I'll leave him with you”. "Right” (Mike said), "let's do this”.
He picked up a white pinstriped cape from his case, and, with the whole class watching, threw it around Jason, before putting a piece of tissue around his neck and, tucking the cape in, used a clip to hold it in place.. Jason never having had his hair cut by a barber like Mike before, and certainly not in front of an audience, felt absolutely numb as he heard a click, followed by the whirring of the Oster clippers as they came to life. He could sense everyone watching, as he felt the cold blades touch the right side of his face and move upwards. "Nooooo!!" Jason screamed to himself, but there was nothing he could say or do. The clippers were efficiently mowing down the hair on the right side of his head, now going over and around his ear, exposing it for the first time he could remember. With that side facing the way it was, he could hear gasps from the class, and the odd quiet smirk. Jason wanted to beg him to stop, but before he could speak, Mr Jones looked at him and (emphasising the "don't”) said "Don't say a word….”
Mike then repeated the process the left side, before putting on a new blade and going to the back. With his hand moving Jason's head forward so it was bowed down, he made his neckline shorter and shorter, creating a nice taper. Jason was now feeling ill. "This can't be happening, and everyone watching!!!" he kept saying to himself. "I'm gonna look like a freakin nerd!". Mike finished with the clippers and, moving his head back again, picked up scissors and comb and went to work on the top. He could see piles of his hair, sliding down his cape, and building up on the newspapers on the floor below him. Next Mike combed down his bangs over his eyes. Jason heard the snip snip snip of the scissors as Mike reduced them. He could see again, and he now had short, angled bangs. "Oh my God I look 10 times nerdier than Tim!" he thought. Mike was now tidying up, and, bringing more gasps from the class, put some hot lather on Jason and, producing a straight razor, shaved his neck and around his ears.
After he was done, Mike grabbed a jar of Royal Crown pomade, which this time bought a spontaneous chuckle from the class, and took out a dollop. Spreading it evenly in his hands, he then applied it to Jason's hair, distributing it all over. Feeling a mixture of anger inside, and total humiliation, "God no, please make him stop!" Jason thought, but it was all to no avail. Mike then combed Jason's short hair straight down and made a perfectly straight part on the left and combed his hair over. Jason then felt the comb in front, combing his hair back into a neat quiff.
He didn't know where to look, and was having to hold back tears. Mike finished up, and said "There you go son, you now look a nice clean cut young man " Jason looked like he just stepped out of 1956 with his slicked perfectly combed back short haircut. The assembled class, sat there, open-mouthed.
Mike and Mr Jones had decided Jason needed to learn a lesson in humility, but now felt this was enough, and they needed to end his distress in receiving this haircut, and in front of the watching class as well. Mike said to him "Son, I saw you bullying that other boy (looking towards Tim), and felt it was time it stopped. He himself has not said a word about it to either of us, but after Friday I simply felt I had to speak to your teacher about it, who, unfortunately for you, you didn't realise was my brother” Mr Jones then spoke, saying "We're going to move on from this now, but first, I want you to stand up, shake hands with Tim, and apologise to him - and then to the rest of the class, and then I want you to thank Mike for the haircut he's given you”. Jason, absolutely stunned by the whole thing, stood up, and shaking, walked over to Tim, shook his hand and said "I'm sorry for the way I've been towards you”. Tim smiled, and replied "That's OK Jason”. With Mr Jones eyeing him and then the rest of the class, Jason turned to them, and stammered out slowly "I'm really sorry everyone. It won't happen again”. After that, he turned to Mike and said "Thank you for my haircut sir”. "That's OK, no problem” Mike replied.
Mr Jones then said to whole class "Right, thank you Mike from me too. This has been a lesson for Jason, and a very harsh one, but it's a lesson he needed to learn. I want it to also be a lesson for all of you too. Bullying is unacceptable, and I expect you all to be courteous, polite, and respectful of others. Do you understand? "Yes Sir" everyone called out.
He then said "Right. This hasn't been easy for Jason, I applaud him for keeping his dignity, and I hope it really has taught him a lesson, but as far as I'm concerned, the matter is now closed. He's one of us, a welcome member of this class, and you will treat him normally, and not taunt him about his haircut, or what's happened either today or in the past in any way whatsoever. Anyone I find that has, will receive the same treatment.

It was indeed, a lesson well learnt by the class, and the ironic thing in the end was, quite a number liked Jason's haircut - Five, actually going to Mike's shop and having it done themselves within the next week – including Tim himself - who outside, immediately after Jason's haircut and the Maths lesson that followed, went up to him and said "I'm sorry. You were picking on me, and it was horrible, but that was harsh, and I felt so sorry for you. Hey, I'll tell you something though, I really love that haircut you've got now. It's better than what you had before, and you look really good. With my simple short back and sides, I'm really the one that looks the nerd still”. "Are you serious?” Jason asked. "Absolutely, it's looks really good” Tim replied.
After that, they became good friends, Jason did become a popular member of the class – and as for his hair, when it had grown after that?.... Well, I'll leave it to your imagination. This was one humiliating experience in front of the class however that was never repeated on Jason or anyone else.

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