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Better Next Time by Jack

Better Next Time

When Tyler stepped out onto the sun drenched deck he immediately spotted his latest boyfriend and elbowed his way through the sweaty crowd to meet him. He tugged on the bill of his cap and flashed a smile. Matt glanced up from his beer, took another gulp and yanked Tyler's cap off. He glared into his watery blue eyes like he was looking deeply into his soul, "that's not what we agreed to. He looked back down at his beer, "not even close.

It was hard to hear Tyler's voice over the music. "I was so ready. I wanted to. Honest. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other and crossed his arms over his chest. "I chickened out. OK. But next time. I know I'll be able to do it next time. The guy he'd been so anxious about showing the haircut to poured what was left of his beer over Tyler's head and shoved the empty into his gut. He watched Tyler whip off his tee and mop his head with it before maneuvering through the throngs of bare chested beauties toward the exit. All the way Tyler was tight on his boyfriend's heels. The late afternoon sun blasted in their faces as Tyler struggled to keep up with Matt's long, accelerated stride. By the time he got to the car Matt was already inside, had put the top down and was backing out of the parking space. The car hesitated and, almost like magic, the passenger door swung open. Tyler hopped inside.

They couldn't have driven more than a mile when the car lurched then screeched into a parking spot on the street. Matt's hand pawed at his friend's thigh, "you know you want this as much as me. You been f***ing beating off thinking about it since you figured out how to f***ing beat off. He reached across Tyler's chest and swung the door open again. "This is where I go. You need me to go in with you, or can you handle this on your own, boy?

As Tyler lifted his chin to face Matt his lower lip was wrapped over the upper one and his teeth were gnawing into it. He was beginning to tear up. "No. I got it.

"You sure. Matt looked his boyfriend directly in the eye, "don't disappoint me again.

"Okay, Tyler shot back. "I said I got it.

Matt stroked the stubble on the sides of his head, "and you remember what we talked about. Right?

The circumspect one jerked out a nod and looked down at his boyfriend's hand. By now it had moved to the front of his camo print board shorts and was encouraging his uneasy dick. Meanwhile the other hand tugged on the clump of hair covering his forehead. "Ask for Luke. As Tyler started to pull away Matt grabbed his cheeks and spun his head back around to face him then gave him a long, deep kiss. "If you get a move on we can still head back to tea dance. You can show off your hot haircut. He nudged his best bud along, "don't f*** up this time, okay. Don't want to have to take you back in.

Matt watched his boyfriend stumble out of the car and inch toward the barbershop like some death row convict heading toward the executioner. He got out of the car and lit up a smoke.

The bell sounded as Tyler reluctantly stepped over the threshold. Three ominous chairs lured him inside; three pair of eyes shifted toward him. Even in his frenzied state Tyler took a second to size up the firing squad. Barber #1: Burly bear, mid to late fifties. Cue ball bald. Nose ring. Full beard. Grateful Dead tee. Shortest of the three. Barber #2: Twenty-something marine type. Strong jaw line. Tall and slim but definitely not scrawny. Crisp white smock. Clean shaven. Precise low & tight. Barber #3: Handle bar mustache. Tight tank exposing big guns and major sleeves running up both arms. Shaved back and sides, slicked hair on top. Pushing forty.

The newcomer's voice pitched up, "is one of you guys Luke? The marine type smiled and stepped forward. Tyler nodded his head now understanding why Matt had suggested Luke, an almost exact replica of himself. He tossed back his shoulders then grimaced and grabbed at his bare chest. His faced reddened as he remembered tossing the beer soaked tee into the back seat of the car.

The marine type approached and extended his hand, "Luke. I'm Luke. His eyes clung to Tyler's abs. "Something I can do for you?

"Haircut. The one without a shirt ran his hand through his hair, "wanted to get a haircut. My, umm, friend, said to ask for you.

"My lucky day. He squeezed Tyler's bicep. "Did your friend happen to mention that we only do reg cuts here, man?

"That's pretty much why I'm here.

The barber grinned and motioned toward his chair then asked Tyler how he wanted his hair cut.
Tyler wavered. He looked up at Luke's low & tight. "Umm. Like yours. I guess, like yours. He tugged on his bangs and squinted, "maybe a little shorter, I mean, tighter, like on the sides. His body shifted in the chair, "and higher up. Tyler's voice became more confident as he placed the side of his hand just above his temple, "yeah, definitely higher up.

"H&T? The marine type laughed, "you want a high and tight, dude? Sweet.

Tyler's eyes lit up and his dick lunged forward. His voice eased back to its normal range. "Yep. A reg high and tight. Real high. Real tight. He hesitated and looked over his shoulder at the barber, "umm, and even shorter than yours on top. All Tyler could hear as he saw Luke's thick forearm reach for his clippers and rip off the attachment was a firm, "you got it, man. Without further conversation the clippers roared to life and pounced down on the left sideburn. Tyler watched them devour it then shoot straight up the side of his head. This wide strip of hair rippled to his bare shoulder exposing stark white scalp that extended all the way up to the crown.

The barber's fingers scratched the clean cut, "this gonna work for you, man? He grinned into the mirror, "tight enough? He saw Tyler shudder then smirk back at him and look down at the erection clinging to the front of his snug fitting shorts. Luke took that for a definite yes. He eased Tyler's head into his shaved chest and held it in place. The clippers went back to work and eradicated any trace of hair on the back of his head then made fast work of the other side.

Tyler was beaming as his hands stroked his fresh whitewalls. "Been wanting to do this for a long time. Since I was a kid, actually. His dick was at the point of breaking through the velcro on his board shorts. "Awesome. He kept grinning and rubbing his head. He shrugged his shoulders, "finish it off, Luke! Nice and close on top. His hand reached for the hair clinging to his forehead, "just leave like a shadow. This time as Tyler watched the clippers charge through the first thatch of hair he gritted his teeth and winced. The scant eighth inch of stubble stood out in stark contrast to the much longer hair on either side of it. Tyler raised his eyebrows and laughed, "maybe too late to change my mind, huh?

"Could start a whole new trend, dude. Luke rubbed the stubble then let his hand glide down Tyler's taught abs and onto the front of his shorts. His thumb rested on the fly and began ripping at the velcro, "looks like you're about ready to bust, bud. The stubborn velcro held tight. Luke motioned with his eyes, "we could head to the back for a little privacy once I'm done here. His hand moved to the waistband and slid comfortably inside. It latched onto Tyler's stiff dick while the clippers precariously swayed in the barber's other hand. Tyler's thick eyebrows arched up as he grinned at the barber. His wide eyes zeroed in on the clippers. Luke took the cue and placed them back on the top of his customer's head. Tyler watched in amazement as they expeditiously cleared away the last of his precious hair. He stared in the mirror stroking his scalp barely noticing the barber changing attachments. Luke took his time blending the stubble into the sidewall; his eyes shifted back and forth between his clippers and the outline of Tyler's big dick. Just as Luke finished he saw Tyler twinge. It was pretty obvious from the condition of his shorts that his happy customer was no longer in need of any further service. When Tyler went to pay him Luke shook his head, "next time, man. This ones on me, figure I'll be seeing a lot of you. He stepped toward him and rubbed the fresh high and tight, "good look for you, dude. Two weeks. See you in two.

Luke edged toward the big window. His cock was rock hard as he watched the perfectly executed H&T emerge from the shop. When Matt caught sight of Tyler's shiny head he sprinted toward it. His hands zipped back and forth over his boyfriend's scalp as their groins gyrated in unison. He turned Tyler's chin up to face him, "good job, boy. Real proud of you. Way shorter than even I've ever gone. He stepped back to get a good look at him then grabbed at the front of his boyfriend's shorts, "couldn't wait, huh?

Tyler grinned as Matt fondled the high and tight, "sorry, may need to head home for a second so I can clean up.

"Once I get you home, bud, there ain't no way we're heading back out.

This time Tyler leaped into the convertible without even opening the door.

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