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DC Buzzcut by Cjd30101

As the bell on the salon door rang and I walked inside, I immediately got nervous.

I was just days from my school field trip to Washington DC, and didn't want my hair hanging in my eyes, as I wouldn't have much time to actually brush the shoulder length mess. So I was going to have it buzzed, even though my boyfriend kept telling me not to.

After waiting for about a minute, the hairdresser motioned to me to come sit down, and asked if it would be just a trim or a new style.

I almost backed out and said to trim the mop, but then overrode the original thought and instructed her to buzz it to a number 4.

She smiled and pushed the pair of wahl clippers up the right side of my head my long locks falling to my chest.

She moved towards the back, shearing the length, a medium buzz left.

The 10 inch fringe that formerly hung in my face was lopped off as the hairdresser closed the scissors, positioned in a straight line a centimeter from my crown, leaving tiny bangs in the front, that she promptly spiked into a short bumper.

She turned on the blow dryer and made sure all of the hair was off of the cape before removing it, but I quickly asked for more.

"Thank You, but I've changed my mind and don't think it's quite short enough” I said "please cut it to a number one.”

"that's pretty short. If you're going to cut it you might as well go all the way. You've already gone this far” advised the hairdresser, as she removed the guard and brought it through the middle, leaving just a trace of stubble.

It was all gone. She quickly finished up, and as I rubbed my hand on my scalp, I knew I would be keeping the cut for quite a while. The minuscule bristles brushed on my hand, and felt so amazing. But I still had not looked in the mirror, and asked the hairdresser to turn around the chair. When she did, I was in shock. I looked -and felt like- a completely different person. The lack of hair made my eyes really stand out and I was a huge fan of the new buzz.

No one else had seen it yet. I practically sped home, quickly parking and walking into the apartment to surprise my mom. When she saw me in my typical under armor tank top and skinny jeans, she did not seem surprised until seeing my hair, letting out a squeal before feeling the rug like texture. She said she was shocked, but loved the bald look and said it would feel nicer in DC.

The next day as I boarded the bus, everybody was shocked. The hair that formerly hung on my shoulders was chopped off.

When we arrived in DC and we settled into the hotel room, I went to take a shower. I was shaving my face (I could grow a beard at 16) and decided to drag the razor over my head as well. I was now skin bald and my head was completely smooth. It felt completely different and much sexier, and all of my friends said it looked amazing.

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