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The new school by Jajko

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In 1974 I was 14 years old. It was a time when young men tried to convince my parents to have the longest hair. Even I was no exception and I had hair overlapping ears and above the shirt collar. We have the power not like my long hair, but I managed to convince her that it is modern.
We moved to a new city and I was like that from the beginning I have found a good friend in school who lived just a few houses away from us. His name was John and he had about three years younger brother Peter. both had shorter hair from me, had about 4 cm on the sides and about 6 inches in the rear. I was with John when his father rebuked that did not meet the regulation and could not be cut with his brother. John argued that the class has the shortest hair, which was also true. The father was not too excited about his son's response, but did not comment further. About 2 days, again I was at John when he came to his father, even with the old master, who had a large leather bag. Jano turned red and in it was seen that there is an enthusiastic arrival of the old man. John's father asked for a phone number from me to my parents and went telephone, returned smiled about 2-3 minutes.
Meanwhile, the old man picked a bag of white coat, who donned a pair of scissors and began to collect, locomotives, razor ..... there is no doubt that it is a barber. Who will be first? asked the barber. Jano pushed to Peter who, head down, sits down on a chair. Before long, brown hair Petrov were on the ground and head of the Belene, just stay on top of about a centimeter hair. I remembered that I was like haircut last about a 5 -6 years ago, and since then I have succeeded more and longer hair. It has sat in a chair John, barber him wrapped in a white sheet and tied it around his neck, leaned his head and accompanied by fighter scissors neck ended up on top of the head. I carefully watched the barber and John's head, which was already Belene as Petrova. Barbers let sail from Genoa neck. Jano tearfully getting up from a chair.
Go on, John's father showed me a loose stool. Thanks for the answer, but I do not need a haircut. I agreed with my mother that I would last until the end of school. Just come sit down, I called to my mom and gave permission for your haircut. His answer did not please me, but I did not have the courage to protest and I succeeded John. When I sail barber clipped to the neck, I asked him to just shortened my hair about an inch, as I was accustomed to in recent years. Barber leaned my head until my chin into your chest. The neck, I felt cold metal shears that I felt as progressing along the scalp to the top of the shoulders and across my bosom fell about 20 centimeter black hair. Barber scissors easily for about 5-6 times. I head back taste this cold breeze. Barbers my head tilted to the right, lift the hair above the ear, I've felt the cold metal chops and directed to the center of the head. I had closed his eyes, as if I just dreamed it all and I did not want to wake up from this dream fearsome.
To me already barber cocked his head to the left and metal teeth scissors feel on the skin right side of the head. After the head tilt feel attached metal forehead and proceeds towards the rear. Barber takes me to the fact that when I cleanse her head bold brush shaving cream is applied to the back and sides of the head, sharpen your razor to shave my head, which sustains cream, as it did for John Peter also. When the barber gave me the sail down, I went back over the head, which was perfectly smooth. At the top of the head palms tickle tiny hair. Quickly I politely thanked and I ran all the way home and I rubbed his head as if I was looking hair. My first road led into the room to the mirror. I stayed horrified when the mirror staring at my small head with short bristles on top of the head.
Mom came into the room behind me, I do not so fast at home?
Come to the show in which he was a friend. I enjoyed the way that mother admonishes Genoa father, as I had a haircut.
But after greetings, his mother warmly thanked that I had, together with his sons cut and that it called. She gave him a free hand, that whenever his sons will cut I will come to them. With open mouth I looked at my mom and I did not want to believe what I hear. John flashed in the eyes and on his face appeared smile. His father promised that from now on all three together, we cut.
The next day on the way to school Jano asked me that if I really had a promise from mother to go to the barber at the end of school. I nodded, yes. Well even met, because at the end of the school year, we will again cut. At school we were the center of attention and besides taunts, you many want to try and have until smooth shaved ........

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